The Book

5. Discovering Non-Physical and Non-Biological Forms of Consciousness
by Dr Robert Neil Boyd PhD.

by Dr Adrian Klein

Before proceeding with our scientific adventure, let's relax for a few minutes in a short empathic contemplation of Life and Life Forces at work in nature's various kingdoms.

Nothing can be more convincing then a first-hand experience in penetrating such elusive realms.

This kind of directly experiencing hidden realms of Information structures expressing themselves in myriad manifestation forms in the visible and invisible spectrum of Nature requires special awareness bands operating at an inborn or auto-training basis.

It is a highly fortunate circumstance, that Dr. R.N.Boyd has developed to unbelievable extents his inborn ability of perceiving and interacting with generally inaccessible bands of organized life-forms and non-corporeal Information structures evolving along parallel world-lines to the one of our species.

We are sure that keeping in mind a few exemplification data in this regard will enhance the readers' further receptivity for our explanatory theoretic model.
Let's give the word to Dr. R.N.Boyd, PhD, for a brief recollecting of his start on the amazing way of interconnectedness with All Life.


Dr Robert Neil Boyd writes....

More than 25 years ago, a Cherokee (Native American) Holy Woman of my acquaintance decided to start blessing me with some of her vast knowledge and abilities, deeming me a suitable candidate for eventually realizing some of the amazing understandings which have followed on her guidances.

Early on, we used to play a game together, a variation of "hide-and seek". The first time we did this, she got in her pick-up truck and told me to count to 100 and then come and find her. Then she drove away. That first time, I didn't even bother to count to 100, as I knew that the task of finding her was impossible, especially after a one hundred second head start, since there were so many intersecting roads she could have turned on, and gone down, in the direction she'd gone, with further bewildering array of intersections available after any first turn.

After about 15 minutes, she returned to her home, to find me waiting, right where she'd left me. She said with a smile, "Couldn't do it, huh?". I said, "No. How could I? It's impossible!". She said, "OK. We're going to try again. Only this time, pay attention to the birds." With a teasing smile on her face, she said, "Don't forget to count to 100!" And she drove away again.

For some reason, I didn't think it was so impossible anymore, and dutifully counted to 100. Then I got in my car and drove in the same direction I had seen her go. When I got to the first intersection, where she could have turned left, or right, or gone straight ahead, I was stopped at the red traffic light, trying to guess which way she might have gone. It was intellectually hopeless. Then I remembered her saying to "pay attention to the birds". So I started looking around for some birds.

Eventually, I spotted one on a telephone line, across the road from me. It just sat there on the wire, seemingly oblivious to my presence. Not knowing what else to do, and helpless otherwise, I had an instinct to send a mental picture of her, to the bird, along with the request that, if it had noticed her, would it be so kind as to point its beak in the direction she had gone. I decided to try the experiment.

To my surprise, the bird turned on the wire, to face towards my left, where before, it had been pointing exactly straight ahead. Thinking that maybe this was merely a coincidence, I searched for another bird, and repeated the procedure. I got exactly the same result. The birds seemed to be responding to my picture-sending methods and to my request. Thinking that, at worst, I might be in for a long and random drive, I decided to turn left, in the direction that had been indicated by 4 separate birds, by the time the light had turned green.

As part of the experiment, I decided to repeat this procedure at each and every intersection I came across. After about an hour of this sort of thing, I eventually found her, parked in a corn field, many miles away from where we had started, by a route that had involved many turns. I was amazed beyond words. "It worked!" I exclaimed to myself, with a happy smile.

I eventually realized that the birds always directly responded to my projected mental pictures and to my projected emotions. We did this game for several weeks. I got better at it with each repetition.

Then one day she changed the rules. She said, "We're going to play the "find me" game again. Only this time, you won't be able to use the birds. You're going to have to find some other way to find me this time. And don't forget to count to100.", she said with a smile. And off she went.

She went off in the same direction she usually did. So as a matter of habit, when I got to that first intersection, I immediately started looking around for birds to point the way for me. I rapidly found some birds. I performed my usual sending of pictures and the polite requests. And the birds ignored me. All of them. None of them would change their facing, at my request. I was crestfallen. It wasn't working. Then I remembered that she'd said I wouldn't be able to use the birds today. So I started wondering about what other resources I might be able to use, since I couldn't use the birds for guidance this day.

Across the intersection was a gasoline filling station, which displayed a large boulder in front of it, as part of the landscaping. For some reason, it crossed my mind for the first time, that maybe rocks might have some sort of awareness. Since the birds weren't working for me, I decided to go across to the gas station, and park, so I could get close to that big rock and try some experiments along the lines of what I'd been doing with the birds for weeks-on-end.

I parked at the neighboring pizza shop, so as not to cause any inconveniences at the gas station. Then I walked over to where the boulder was in the gas station lot. Instinct had me go to the boulder and arrange to place both feet and both hands on it, so that I was completely off the ground. Having accomplished that, I then wondered if maybe the boulder might be able respond to me in some way, like the birds were accustomed to respond. So I sent out a feeler message, an emotion of directed inquiry, similar to what I'd done with the birds. To my utter shock, I got an emotional response, from the rock! By this time, I was used to having emotional interactions with birds. But never in my wildest dreams had I ever imagined I could get the same kinds of responses from a rock! So I started projecting mental images, and to my complete surprise, got mental pictures back from the rock, in response.

Well, upon realizing that the rock I was on, actually had Consciousness, my curiosity was aroused. I started thinking about what I might be able to explore this way. Then I made the mistake of asking the boulder to tell me its Life Story, its history. It started sending me pictures of how it had once been part of a magnificent, tall, ice and snow-covered mountain. How then after thousands of years of snow and ice and water and wind, cracks started splitting the mountain face. Until one day it parted from the mountain, to fall to the ledge below. Then from there, this and that and the other happened and happened and happened and picture after picture after picture, until I was overwhelmed. Not wishing to be impolite, I stayed with the barrage of information for quite some time, until I was eventually forced to interrupt its cascade of information, just to get a break. It stopped. Thank goodness.

"Whew! Well, that worked." I said to myself. Then my curiosity got started again, and I started wondering if it recorded any living things in its memory. I made another mistake of asking for its history of observations of Biological Life. Picture after picture after picture of living things, including dinosaurs and mastodons, to deer to lizards to birds and on and on. After my curiosity was more than satisfied, I asked it to stop, since I was still involved in the "hide and seek" game, and still wanted to find my Spirit-Teacher/Friend. It obligingly stopped for me.

Then I asked if it had ever seen any people. I got its entire history of its observations of various human beings, including the first Native Americans it had ever seen. I said, "Stop. What about today?" And I got pictures of cars and people and cars and people, in an endless stream, passing before the rock's inner vision. On realizing it could see this way, I said, "Stop. What about this one?". And I sent a picture of my friend to the rock. It sent me back an exact copy of her face and her pick-up, and I saw that she had turned left at the last intersection. I said "Thanks!", to the rock, with a great big delighted smile, and went back to my car. I eventually found her by using the rocks, similar to the way I had previously found her, by using birds (though not as convenient).

I got good at this, as we repeated the practice. Then one day, she said, "Today, you're going to have to find another way. None of those material things are going to work for you." And off she went. I got to that first intersection and tried the usual birds and my boulder-friend. Nothing. Not even from my rock friend. How could this be? But I'd realized at that first intersection that I'd gotten an urging, from the very air, that she had gone straight ahead this day. A very mysterious feeling it was.

I decided to go that way, since nothing else was working, and look for more such urges from out of the air. As I proceeded along that road, unsure of myself, I eventually came across a very strong sense of energy in the air. As I was driving, I could sense an energy in the air, well before I got to it. When I got there, a very clear mental picture came to me, of her being at a specific restaurant, in a specific shopping center. I could see the name of the place, the advertising sign, displayed clearly in my mind's eye. I selected to go straight there, rather than look for any more signs from her. We had lunch together that day, in that very restaurant. She had placed the information about it, into the air along the road, the vision of which had appeared in my mind's eye, as I was seeking after her. So I found her.

Later on, she and I made adventures of finding haunted houses and unhaunting them. This was all in preparation to have many future encounters with many varieties of Non-Physical beings, such as Dralas and Devas, and Angels.

For example, eventually, by exploring the non-physical forms of Consciousness, for many years, I discovered exactly how crop circles are made, by Devas. This has been substantiated by a German researcher who has published a peer reviewed article in a respected Journal, regarding instrumented observations made during the actual formations of crop circles.

I have discovered over the years, that without the proper prep work, as given above, personal interactions with Non-Physical Beings are difficult-to-impossible, because the proper openness and sensitivity will be lacking. Due to more than a decade of such interactions, the principles Klein and I have been expressing have been developed on an empirical and scientific basis, supported by many years of innovative physics research. This basis will become even more empirical as our new SQ information-based instrumentation packages come available.

16th October 2008