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by Dr Adrian Klein and Dr Robert Neil Boyd PhD.

In the last issue, our readers have had the opportunity to witness Dr. Boyd's first initiation steps on his long way of close interface with non-physical forms of consciousness.

During our attending last year the "Quantum Mind" Conference in Salzburg (where we've presented our Subquantum sentient model of Reality), we've had the chance to witness a teleportation event performed by his Cherokee Guide, where a personal letter from her was teleported between Tennessee and Austria, as well as several hours-long personality take-overs of a young Lady in our group (a neuroscience researcher at Kings College, London), from across the Atlantic Ocean, where his Guide's personality temporarily occupied the body of our researcher so as to have conversations with Dr. Boyd.

Such instances are a routine for Dr. Boyd, just like his smooth informational interface with non-biological forms of Consciousness. I've been not surprised when walking together in a park (between two lectures at the "T.S.C. Conference" in Budapest), my friend suddenly made a break in our conversation just in order to remove from the way a small stone that "asked" him doing so. It was in Budapest, too, that Dr. Boyd got from a tree, in my presence, the correct pre-acknowledgement of a drizzle in the mid of the summer, four days in advance.

What is at the background of these kinds of events?

All these kinds of things have to do with emotional/informational resonance, which is the core linking-mechanism, along with attention, and intention. All forms of Consciousness, including the non-biological and non-physical Beings, have the capacities of attention and intention, along with the ability to register emotional and informational resonances. Emotional resonance, results in informational resonance, for all forms of Consciousness. This is the basis of the vast majority of "Extra Sensory" awarenesses. Attaining such resonances requires the attention to be fixed on the Being of interest, until complete resonance is attained. We will discuss the physics of this, and related Consciousness factors in more detail, in future installments.

For now, we will focus on Information storage, as intimated by Dr. Boyd's interfaces with non-biological entities. The Information storage capacity of stones, minerals, and crystalline structures is overwhelmingly documented both in folklore and scientific studies. Stones are able to beneficially or adversely affect their environment according to the kind of Information they radiate.

Among the best documented cases of this kind, are incidents involving the 1800 year old Celtic-carved Hexham Heads stones, first exposed in 1972 and extensively investigated by Prof. Anne Ross (Southampton), who reports many extremely strange incidents, directly related to the stones' malefic radiation. The famous Koh I Noor diamond's long and weird history, spanning centuries-long interferences with its various owner's fates, is another similar case. There are more recent incidents, such as the events surrounding the Carlisle "cursing stone". (2001).

Certainly not all such radiations are malefic. In the Celtic tradition, the presence of true ruler of Scotland is marked by the "Wailing Stone" parked under the Scottish Throne. When the correct person sits on the throne, all those present distinctly hear a clearly audible wailing sound, easily discovered as emanating directly from the stone. Also related to Scottish tradition, is the famous Stone of Scone, long held in high regard as bringing forth good luck, prosperity, and true love, to all who will dangle over the cliff where it dwells and bestow a kiss upon the rock.

The lore of remedial gems is rooted in practical astrophysics and Vedic astrology. Ancient sages of India and China referred to the ability of high-quality gems (above two carats), that are touching the skin, to be efficient in counteracting malicious influences, by their harmonic balancing of disturbing or potentially destroying tendencies, some of which originate as planetary and cosmic energy influxes. White Argon Phantom crystals are frequently used to balance subtle energy flows correlated to the Crown Chakra, having thus an awareness expansion effect. Similarly, "Laser" quartz crystals are used for energy clearing purposes, associated with the various aetherical energy centers of the human body. These crystals are believed to contain Lemurian healing Information.

At a macro-physical level, magnetic interactions of different ordered magnetic states seem to explain the formation of energy/Information-encoding magnetic contours, inside crystalline lattice structures, with such contained ferromagnetic islands acting as memory cells, storing Information. When acoustic pressure waves are incident on the surface of such stones, electron discharge effects result at the magnetic nodes of the mineral, which are coupled to the soliton-acoustic waves set up in the crystalline lattice. Potential wells of energy trapped in lattice defects of ionic mineral arrays, may release pre-encoded Information patterns, provided the energy input exceeds the energy of the information trap. The required input may be implemented in the form of a Quantum entanglement, by focusing attention targeting the crystalline lattice (a form of psychometric detection).

In spontaneous cases of specific Information recall, there is no need to apply the Spearman-Brown prediction formula in order to assess the reliability of the given Informational output. (This has been the case in Dr. Boyd's report, where subsequent actions, based on the Information received, led to amazingly accurate results.)

Of course, such macro-physical informational contexts, directly reflect informational patterns already present in the subquantum fluxes, which are - as we clearly postulate - at the background of any form of quantized energy. A more in-depth exploration of these subtle regimes will be provided in next Issues.

For the moment, let's accept that crystalline structures, quasi-crystals, and any kind of material structures, are able to store complex Information matrices, which at proper quantum tuning instances, can be released and transferred, to equally quantum-driven bio-systems.

(For an example of technology which has been implemented along these lines, see http://www.rialian.com/rnboyd/harmonizer.htm) Brain is such a detecting device, able to couple the so-retrieved Information, to internal SubQuantum awareness structures, which activate corresponding neurological events, for environmental integration purposes.

Specific Information-related Quantum potential entanglements of stone and Brain, act as a composite transmission link of the given Information, linking with the individual's detecting/processing awareness field, where the nonlocal and atemporal replications of the Information's comprehensive parametrical data occurs.

The stone/brain quantum-coupled system of replication processes, results in the totally symmetrical presence of the same Information content, at both ends of the Information chain. Hence, ascribing identically complex consciousness features to both mineral and bio-energetic mediators, at the given instant of the Information replication, is fully justified. The same conclusion applies to vacuum-stored, and vacuum-mediated Information fields, the same ones that allowed for their retrieval in Dr. Boyd's experience, from the "thin air", at the third stage of his initiation, as earlier described. Such Information-driven Subquantum flux phenomena are widely enhanced by the natural embedding of all the components in the Information chain, into multiple scales of energetic environmental integration systems, which operate on a planet-wide scale.
As a next step in our exploration, let's take a brief look into some aspects of the Brain's vibrational interconnectedness into its energetic environment. The various biological structures present on Earth, are embedded in a highly complex and energetic, vibrational network. The ionosphere, our planet's outside boundary, acts as a spherical-shell electromagnetic waveguide cavity, whose inside boundary is the Earth surface. The fundamental frequency of this spherical shell, known as the "Schumann Resonance" (SR), is easily computable to be at the frequency of 7.5 Hz . In actual instrumented observations, Schumann resonances occur in a wider range of frequencies, specifically at 7.8, 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 Hz. Schumann Resonances provide orchestrating pulses for life on our planet.

The solar 11-year sunspot cycle, electromagnetic storms from the Sun, and electromagnetic properties of the Earth, may modulate these frequencies between large-scale geomagnetic reversal intervals, such as those which have occurred about 120 000, 1.8 million, 6.5 million and 11 million years ago. At the other hand, a daily periodic variance in the East/West and North/South magnetic-orientation components of the Schumann Resonance has been recorded. Some of the geomagnetic fluctuations of this kind occur in the Brain's natural activity range (1-14 Hz). Obviously then, Schumann resonances couple to neurological activities. Brain, as physical integration tool, has been originally structured for its various tasks by higher-order enfolded fields of Information (known as morphogenetic fields).

Some of the frequencies occurring in nature, which correspond to Brain's Delta (1-3Hz) and Theta (4-7Hz) frequency waves are related to the Earth's Plasma sheath and the magnetopause (0.8 Hz); the radius of geosynchronous orbit (1.4 Hz), the Van Allen belt (2-4 Hz), and the Inner Van Allen proton belt (5.7 Hz), etc. The 0.125 Hz frequency, as associated with the Moon's orbital radius, can be safely related to an observed 5 second delay between the onset of 1 to 2 milli-Tesla Lunar magnetic field emanations, and corresponding bursts of brain activity, as the brain is responds to lunar-radiated magnetic field variations. Microscopic crystals of (bio)magnetite are evident in dolphin and human Brains, and in birds. This substance is obviously involved in providing a physical link between individual life-forms, and various electromagnetic phenomena, well beyond Schuman Resonance frequencies.

The Earth's ionosphere system is resonant at specific Brain frequencies in the theta, alpha and beta bands. These are bio-electrical domains, geared to the brain's (thalamocortical) generations of rhythmic activities. Such brainwaves and biorhythms may be entrained by strong external ELF signals, such as stationary waves in the Schumann Resonance, which lead toward the observed coherent large-scale activities, internal to the Brain's structures. Resonant standing waves emerging from this brain activity, result in internal and external, nearly instantaneous, bio-information transfers, by way of ELF connectivities.

Though the alpha rhythm is so placed that it can suffer no extensive perturbation interference from naturally occurring signals, Schumann Resonances can amplify brainwaves in the alpha range, by entrainment, enhancing their peri-neural transmissions, via ELF pulses (This is known as Frohlich excitation). As a result, by reconfiguring the liquid crystal orientations of certain cell membrane components, specific intracellular responses are triggered. Further on, interhemispheric connections in the Brain allow, by rapid cycling of resources between the hemispheres, a down-shifting of the normal 10Hz olivocerebellar frequency, thus facilitating waking dreams. This observation is related to the fractional hyperspace components of the emotionally-indexed holographic memory functions of biological entities.

Frequencies related to the Schumann Resonance frequencies, act as a substrate for Extra Sensory perception mechanisms, where Extra Sensory information is absorbed, stored, and re-radiated, in unique Subquantum and Quantum informational patterns, by all objects and by all physical fields. These patterns can be frequency modulated by conscious intent, in order to yield specific information matrix blueprints, which are quantum-decoded by a transduction mechanism in the brain. Mental intention, coupled with attention, acts as a transmission/reception window in such Extra Sensory information exchanges. From there, by subsequent frequency relations to the Schumann Resonances, bio-regulating Information can eventually be conveyed to distant targets, by way of intervening chreodic channels of SQ non-locality.

The body's ubiquitous liquid crystal arrays, with infinite configuration possibilities, may function as a primary Information detection system - all the way down to the genetic units of the DNA. By phase conjugation properties, the DNA can function as a multimodal antenna, transmitting and receiving the surrounding signals and fields of the environment, according to implicate regulatory environmental informational programs. DNA has to be understood as a holographic projector/receiver, where genes are encoded via light, radio waves and acoustical holography. DNA can also function as a liquid crystal, emitting a weak laser-like light which is subsequently converted into electro-acoustic signals. The delocalized interference patterns of these signals create calibration fields for our body's space-time organization. Liquid crystals in brain ventricles, and in cellular structures, are capable of detecting and decoding, global and local Quantum correlates of Information-carrying ELF signals. Proteins are extremely sensitive to ELF in the 10Hz region. Let's mention that the brain wave activities of healers, show identical EEG signatures (7.8-8Hz), phase and frequency synchronized with Schumann geoelectric micropulsations.

M. Pitkanen's Topological Geometrodynamic Theory (TGD) allows for the possibility of assigning to someone's body-field, a topological field quantum-identity. His notion of topologically quantized dipolar magnetic fields, which embed the personality's (sub)Quantum identity, in the form of ambient Information fields, supports our expressions of information-enfolding mechanisms in the Informational domains.

In subsequent Issues we will follow increasingly refined and more subtle correlation topics, related to the ability of matter and fields, to store, process, and carry, Information in the SubQuantum range. We will also discuss, how Information fields have proved to be the ontologically pro-active core essence for all physical manifestation forms (biological ones included), while preserving their absolute functional autonomy from energetic correlates. Our readers are kindly invited to follow our presentations in their chronological sequence for optimal explanatory resolution.

24th October 2008