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by Dr Adrian Klein and Dr Robert Neil Boyd PhD

In the last Issue, we briefly examined how physical objects (including Brains) are harmonically integrated into our planet's energy systems.

Keeping in mind that any quantifiable energy is coupled by its SubQuantum structure, into Information fields, we are becoming increasingly more familiar with the fundamental concept of Information-driven phenomena, in the physical world.

Let's now make a further step down into the more subtle background of the connections that matter can establish to the Information realm, by way of microphysical structures, where the actual energetic coupling modalities reside.

The crystalline structure of matter itself (which we previously referred to for exemplification purposes) is defined in terms of an advanced ordering of its atomic "cell structure", seen as periodic arrangements at the microscopic level (known as the atomic lattice structure). Where does such order in the atomic lattice (an Information-related concept par excellence) come from? Are crystalline structures to be seen merely as objects displaying flat surfaces, intersecting at some characteristic angle? Even were we to limit our understandings in this manner, a given crystalline angulation constant, specific for each kind of "regular" crystal structure, inevitably requires that some definite Informational background, must already be in place.

In 1982, on observing a new kind of diffraction diagram, Shechtman put in evidence an internal crystalline structure with icosahedronic symmetry along with 10 axes of threefold symmetry and 15 axes of twofold symmetry. Such quasiperiodical crystals posses an aperiodical rotational symmetry yielding 5, 8, 10 and 12-sided prisms, with such crystals displaying unique physical properties, which properties are obviously directly related to the underlying Informational blueprints which are producing these discrete diffraction patterns. In a quasi-crystal there are more then three basic wave vectors, which act together to index all the internal diffraction peaks. Quasicrystals are thus physical manifestations resulting from a different degree, or type, of Informational matrix, being distinctly differentiated from regular periodic crystals.

In matter, wave trains propagate in the infinite one-dimensional Fermi-Popov-Ulam (FPU) lattice, creating branching patterns. Using invariant theory as applied to different symmetries in the FPU lattice, mathematical bifurcation equations may be found for these branching patterns, where a generic nonlinearity selects a specific pair of two-parameter families of mixed-mode wave trains (S.Guo & All). Such selection occurs at the background of Information control, supplied at the sub quantum level of the given vibratory event. Information gradients appear as basic proactive agents in structuring matter at its fundamental levels. This gets still more evident when we examine the symmetrical arrangements of chiral compounds.

Non-superimposable stereoisomers (enantiomers), result in complete mirror images of each other. In symmetric environments, they rotate polarized light by equal amounts, but in opposite directions. If in equilibrium with optically active isomers, enantiomers yield a "racemic", producing a zero-value net rotation of interacting plane-polarized light. Such fine-tuned equilibrium states, obviously require that an exceedingly accurate Information control, must already be in place, before the fact.

Homochiral, enantio-enriched or heterochiral variants of chemical compounds are at the basis of various enentio-selective preparations, with different medical applications at organic level, which vary according to discrete Information parameters. It's well known that Thalidomide's antiemetic effect, as related to one of its enantiomers, may be downgraded by another one's toxic, terratogenic side-effect.

Nevertheless, the Information-controlled mutual interconversion effects of these enantiomers in vivo, efficiently reduce the biotoxicity of the compound. Obviously, organic survival interests are able to Informationally control (at least in part), subtle microchemical features at their fundamental level, per a Bohmian implication mechanism of downward informational regulation.Such Sub Quantum control mechanisms can be followed all the way down, starting at their cosmic source.

Huge electric fields with very high dv/dt are created by separations in the stellar plasma, leading to atomic and subatomic particle dissociations, which produce aether fluxes. Similar atomic dissociations occur by impacts of gamma radiation along resonance parameters with the given atomic structure. A slightly off-centering of the gamma ray from the photoresonant frequency of the atom will result in its dissociation into a shower of subatomic particles, while a perfect tuning will disintegrate it totally into Sub quantum units. Proper combinations of aether fluxes and photonuclear resonances will find an endless field of applications in a new energetic technology, once the required funding for such developments would be achieved.

Aether particle fluxes, when involved in Reichenbach's Odic energy, appear to be the fundamental constituents of biofields and bioenergy, which evolve according to the Informational gradients carried by these SubQuantum dynamics. Life and Information are thus ontological correlates, just as the Informational and energetic backgrounds of observable reality (as implemented and modulated under Information control), are correlated.

At a still deeper level of analytical resolution, let's contemplate some pertinent data regarding vibration aspects as related to self-reinforcing solitary wave pulses, resulting by cancellations of non-linear and dispersive effects in transmission medias - the solitons.

Pressure solitons have been recently associated to neural signal conductions because of their specific stability features, which are due to topological constraints. Soliton descriptions are highly relevant for all consciousness-involving systems, large scale material structures included (such as rocks, mountains, stars etc) - especially the ones implying Fermi-Popov-Ulam lattices.

They are closely coupled to the sentience operating in aether flux organizations, as we shall see in various future installments of our scientific adventure, and are manifesting in a wide range of physical and non-physical events (screw dislocations in crystalline lattices, Dirac strings, magnetic monopoles in electromagnetism, cosmic strings as domain walls in cosmology, and so on.).

Since the FPU lattice is a multidimensional Hamiltonian system of nonlinearly coupled oscillators, the holographic FPU soliton displays a hyper dimensional freedom of movement, and thus can't be specifically related to any particular location in the 3-D space. Under certain energetic conditions internal to the structure, the FPU soliton can relocate over large distances. The multidimensional structure of the FPU soliton results in its coherent features, regardless of any environmental disturbances which may be influencing a particular set of internal dimensions. The long-term memory of Space itself has been instrumentally determined to be directly related to these solitonic features, as we mentioned previously regarding Gariaev's DNA Phantom experiments.

There are also certain kinds of multidimensional non-coherent low-energy Solitons, which are evanescent over time, or upon disturbances. Such "short-term solitons" are involved in the short term memory of the physical vacuum, as experimentally shown by Gariaev's "DNA Phantom" effect. All these considerations lead to a fully justified conjecture of a sentient Universe, possible connected by the Quantum Potential, with multiple parallel universes (Hawking). All of this together is working as an endless loop of Information, governing the All under the umbrella of the overarching cosmic harmony, through the physical vacuum's short-term, and long-term memory programs.

Mathematical analysis confirms such conclusions, showing stable and robust embedded solitons resulting in the third-order nonlinear Schrödinger equation.

Technology brings in further confirmation standards. Besides Quantum Information transport by single-photon or single-spin implementations, optical solitons can be experimentally handled due to their single-quantum like behaviors. For example, solitons may supply specific Quantum signatures in Information transmission chains. Further on, an entanglement effect between Solitons, or correlated information transmissions and receptions produced by propagating subquantum entities, being mutually absorbed and radiated by far-distant objects, leads to quantum-mechanical nonlocal correlations, as established between distant objects. Here we have the physical basis for instant Information transfers, and the basis for complex Information matrix replications, as observed in Extrasensory transmission tracks, bypassing Brain mediation.

Further on: An electric charge radiates, but does not absorb, light waves, despite the fact that the Maxwell equations are invariant under time reversal. This is because electric charge is constantly being replenished by subquantal entities from the vacuum, which entities are then coherently integrated and re-emitted as observable photons. Coherent integration of such subquantal "virtual" energy, evolves under Information control, which resides at the next implication level. Observable photons are emitted when the ceaseless perturbations of charged particles by vacuum fluctuations (zitterbewegung), reaches the Quantum threshold. At this point, both the undifferentiated and the organized Informations, of sub quantum origins, enters the realms of normal matter and energy. Subsequently, this information is carried along, for example, by photons, towards the infinite possible energy configurations we know of as our physical world.

According to Leyton's "hierarchy of symmetries", a broken symmetry at a given level preserves the Information in order to regenerate the symmetry at the next higher level, thus increasing the total symmetry in the system along negentropic (organizing, ordering) lines. This process allows permanent transductions of previously unorganized "virtual" Vacuum energies, at the sub quantum level, into observable organized electromagnetic energy quanta. The ultimate physical source of charge - hence of energy - proves to be the Information itself, at the deep sub quantum levels of the vacuum. As we will see in due time, complex nonlocal subquantal Information fields may result in, and purposefully modulate, Brain's Quantum activity, thus coupling to neurally mediated environmental energy patterns in the bio-structures-correlated modus operandi of the Self.

Quantum Potential directly affects permeability and permitivity of free space via hyper-dimensional magnetic fields related to sub quantum vortices. As gravity is a gradient of the combination of these space properties, it has to be controlled by hyper-dimensional Informational components, inherent in the sub quantum, via the Quantum Potential.

If gravity is seen as a gradient of aether density, weird Informational effects easily find their proper explanatory framework. In Podkletnov's amazing experiments, the impact of a "gravity-like" unshieldable, superluminally proceeding beam. This was produced by a high-powered electrical pulse, impacting on a superconductor. The Podkletnov apparatus also produces a back-acting ray, involving a certain time-delay (in the millisecond domain) due to the "Vacuum compensation effect". ("Vacuum compensation" is just a deeper understanding of Newton's 3rd law of action and reaction, where the physical vacuum is acting on disturbances of the aether media (previously in equilibrium), by producing compensating aether motions, which motions act to produce physical fields and forces, such that the original perturbations of the media are exactly compensated, after some small time delay, restoring local equilibrium.)

Podkletnov's back-acting beam produces extremely weird effects on matter. For example, technicians unwittingly caught in the back-acting beam emanating from Podkletnov's device, found themselves embarrassingly "welded" to whatever object they happened to be touching at the time the back-acting beam passed through them, presenting one of the clues whereby the back-acting beam was first discovered. These effects are similar to the several odd effects reportedly witnessed during the famous "Philadelphia Experiment". (Which, though strongly denied by officials, is disclosed to be still running today in the "Montauk experiments" framework). Similarly, many other experimentally supported insights strongly support the LaPlacian model of gravitation, where a superluminal SubQuantum Aether is the originating cause of gravity. Such understandings meaningfully meet our pan-energetic Sentient SubQuantum tenets.

Sentience IS ultimately a branch of physics, though not one exclusively limited to matter.

In more advanced installments, we will comment upon the tremendous philosophical implications of the new model we are proposing, with a strong potential to ultimately replace hitherto accepted paradigmatic views. A new philosophy of science has to emerge, one that is able to account for the whole spectrum of experimental observables, the "paranormal" ones included.

Experimental proofs and evidences, for our being on the right track, are constantly piling up.


24th October 2008