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by Dr Adrian Klein and Dr Robert Neil Boyd PhD.

During our recent presentations, we have helped the reader to get somewhat more familiar with some of the fundamental interconnections found in nature, which make possible the harmonic integration of the bio-system, into its environment. This happens due to a wide array of increasingly complex, Informational programs, operating in the subquantum background of All.

Energy, in our physical world, is traced back to its originating Informational background. Energies, as we know them, are controlled and originated by subquantum activities, with inter-dimensional coupling modalities. The problem is that standard Quantum descriptions of energetic phenomena, totally ignore the Informational aspects of energetic behaviors, thus often reaching incomplete, or straightforwardly erroneous conclusions regarding the actual physics involved. Such flawed conclusions are defended by counterintuitive absurdities, often derived from abstract mathematical speculations, which are deprived from any concrete footing into reality. In such mathematical abstractions, reality is often expected to obey artificial, or arbitrarily imposed codes of behavior. Then, just as energy is derivatively linked to matter, Brain is expected to secrete Consciousness as a by-product of its quantum activity.

Tons of "scientific" papers have piled up along the path of this futile search, leading to nothing, while recurrent empirical observations are ignored, or dismissed as fraud or hallucinatory events, as soon as such observations defy any of the "officially accepted" canonical constraints, or dogmas, as commonly imposed upon sponsored academic research programs. It seems that thinking about observable facts is prohibited by such academic "ethics" and unspoken "laws". At least, such behaviors appear to be banned from some Conference halls. As famous neuroscientist K. Pribram, conspiratorially whispered into our ears, during our discussions in the lobby of the Salzburg World Conference on Quantum Mind, "Independent thinking about the observable facts is not allowed here.". (And not only thinking about the facts, it seems, but remembering them also...)

Nevertheless, let's remember that, as repeatedly emphasized, our current mainstream scientific orientation has been intentionally misguided by devious and purposeful alterations, as done upon Maxwell's original quaternions, by suppressing the scalar components which describe potentials ( Heaviside, Gibbs & Hertz). This original and deliberate exclusion of the fifth dimension from the equations as related to electromagnetism, has resulted in 22 fundamental errors in the current electromagnetic theory. Relying upon the resulting heavily mutilated variant of the Maxwell equations, Einstein later unwillingly perpetuated the chain of errors, by assuming that a Lorenz frame must be attached to any local event, its thus being apparently constrained to obey certain, circumstantially questionable, conservation laws in physics. (Oddly, it turns out that this artifice actually serves to violate the conservation laws, when theory is compared to actual experimental results.) Later on, Hertzian wave behaviors were ascribed to the whole of the electromagnetic spectrum (ELF and ULF included) - a further basic error.

Compounding these errors, Einstein further relied on Minkowski's mathematical abstraction called "space-time", where a 4 dimensional, complex, pseudo-manifold is mathematically created, with the 4th dimension being time, which enters into the system as iCt, which term is called "imaginary time". This construction falsely links the pace of time, t, exclusively to the speed of light, C, then enters time as a dimension of equal rank to the 3 normal Euclidean space dimensions, by way of the imaginary number i. This is the actual origination of the false assumption that nothing can can exceed the speed of light, as caused by the foregoing unjustifiable, untested, and unquestioned assumption of iCt, which is linking of the pace of time, with the speed of light.

This mathematical construction is subsequently considered as a 4 Dimensional non-Euclidian pseudo-manifold, one which can be finite or infinite in volume. (This depends on the type of curvature of the resulting pseudo-manifold, which is resulting from combining of space and time in this particular way, as based on the unwarranted and unproven assumption that the pace of time is actually caused by, and linked to, the speed of light.) It should be mentioned that no new technologies have ever resulted from relativity theory, and that the theory itself can never be physically proved, as according to Einstein himself. A theory which cannot be proved and which fails to produce any conveniences, deserves to be ignored, or at least revamped to agree with reality.

In the first place, so-called "imaginary time", is just that. Imaginary. Time is, in actual fact, caused by infinite velocity aether fluxes (Kozyrev). Also, as we have previously mentioned, the primary cause of gravitation is the infinite velocity variety of the aether fluxes, as well. So we see from this, that there is actually a link between time and gravitation, while there is no demonstrable link between time and the speed of light. Thus, time t, should actually be introduced into a Minkowski space (for example) in the form of iVt, where V can represent any velocity up to infinity, since time is actually originally produced by propagations of infinite velocity SubQuantum infinitesimals. (This kind of construction is, of course, assuming that we can fully and physically justify, our reliance on such abstract mathematical fabrications.) Now we have arrived at an appropriately non-local basis for relativity theory!

When we plug in the corresponding infinite velocity terms, we discover that we do not have any "light cones", nor any "null vectors". Now we can reconcile our new non-local relativity theory directly with the non-locality of quantum physics, without any undue stresses or histrionics. (At present, reconciling relativity theory with quantum theory is very much like trying to mix oil and water. They don't mix very well.) This also links the Maxwell equations to relativity and quantum theory directly, as well, because of the several infinite velocity Mobius transformation solutions to the Maxwell equations (V. Fock, RM Kiehn, T. Smith, RN Boyd, ). Now the Maxwell equations, relativity theory, and quantum theory are all living in exactly the same non-local, infinite velocity SubQuantum basis!

Similar destructive mutilations have also been seen in chemistry, where Mendeleev's original "Zero group" gases - having atomic weight values on the order 10e-8, as compared to the Hydrogen atom, have been completely excluded from the periodic chart. These nearly massless trans-hydrogen elements, having a kinetic velocity of 2 500 000 m/sec, allowed Mendeleev to publish his chemically-based concept of an Aether-filled interstellar space (1904). The existence of Mendeleev's trans-hydrogen group gases was subsequently experimentally confirmed by N. Tesla's explosive unidirectional electrical discharge experiments, with discharge parameters approaching the ideal of the Dirac delta function, which resulted in the electron's dissociation into its constituent aether sub particles. These discharges displayed spectra with no known equivalents in the classical electro-luminescent discharges.

An infinite supply of anisotropic infinite velocity subquantum entities are produced by similar plasma dissociation events, occurring internal to stars, and at cosmic scales, as first suggested by Mendeleev. Entering into different interactions at the projective space (whose vanishing point is infinitely remote), these entities are slowed down by various interactions with pre-existing matter, thus eventually becoming trapped in vortex configurations, first at the Kolmogorov scale, then in the form of the subatomic particles existing above the Planck limit.

Space-sourced aether pulses (Kozyrev's astronomical "matter waves") are traveling at infinite velocity. These are implementing non-local Information transferences in zero-time, since time ceases to exist only at infinite velocity. (Contrary to the commonly held assumptions associated with relativity theory, Time arises for the SQ particle, only when SQ particle velocities fall below an infinite value.) Aether fluxes are slowed on encountering the resistance of the Earth's crust. Some of the thus-slowed subquantum entities are eventually captured and converted into various elementary particles, which particles will now contain the Informations originally conveyed internal to, the now constituent, aether entities. (The resulting SubQuantum configurations continue to store the original Informational content.) At the sub-atomic level, the constituent SQ entities are organized in the form of Kerr-Newman Compton Radius vortices (Smith, Sidharth) - complex structures behaving as though in a fluidic media, while evidencing both wave-like and particle-like manners.

Information thus gets trapped into the increasingly complex energy/matter structures, evolving from the various elementary particle creation events. Obviously, over vast periods of time, such considerations lead us back to the cosmic scale, where astronomical objects are involved in huge energy discharge effects, resulting in the plasma dissociations which are originating these infinite velocity SQ entities. This is the starting point, in the ceaseless process of the creation (and destruction) of matter, as resulting from the thus-carried Information fields. In our SubQuantum cosmogony, there is no need for any starting "Big-Bang" event, as the requisite Infinite velocity transferences of Information, occur beyond Time. The embarrassing paradoxes of "pre-Big-Bang" states, together with the need for some sort of "creation instant", all vanish without traces, as seen from this perspective. In our model, physical Creation is a ceaseless process, implemented by the SubQuantum by infinite velocity, bi-directional, interactive loops of Information flows.

This is reflected by the experimentally observed irregular and complex fluctuations in the strengths and directions of actual field structures, as well as by variations of the gravitational "constant" (which, at accurate measurements, turned out to be but an "average" value). Such irregularities, together with the periodicities observed in the dynamics of field structures, and the (poorly reported) variations in the speed of light, as found in the Michaelson-Morely experiments (up to fluctuation values of the order 3000 m/s!), find an elegant explanatory model in the vast streams of infinitesimals of cosmic origin - the matter creation/destruction loop, as explained above.

Let's now return to some fundamental errors, by which modern science is stubbornly perpetuating and consolidating its dogmatic approach - which, fortunately enough - is increasingly challenged by experimentally supported new insights. Inspired by the aforementioned incompleteness of the Maxwell field theory, T.W.Barret proposed a new version of EM concept based on the non-abelian symmetry group SU(2) replacing Maxwell's U(1) abelian group. An extended Lorenz invariant form of Maxwell's equations has been developed also, which allows for longitudinal space charge waves, with independently modulated parameters, thus making possible superluminal Information transferences, hitherto wrongly excluded by the relativity theory.

The Maxwell equations keep valid only in a physical media with inertial properties, such as an aether. The motion of a Quantum scalar or pseudo scalar field (whose quanta are considered to be spinless particles) in such media, is possible in both time directions, according to the Klein-Gordon equation - which in the Y. Nambu interpretation allows for an infinite range of particle masses, down to the Infinitesimals of our concern, operating at Subquantum resolution level. This allows us to describe the transference of fractional quantum subunits between different Quantum systems at superluminal speeds, up to infinite velocity. Such Information transports actually define the Quantum Field. Similarly, the vector potentials are described in terms of streaming subquantum-related Information flows building up and interacting with the energy fields.

From the perspective offered by this approach, experimentally confirmed non-local violations of Bell's inequality (Freedman, Aspect, the PEAR research program) may be traced back to SubQuantum-related hidden variables, as originating Quantum activities. Hyperdimensional dynamic patterns which are beyond standard Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) connectivity, are at work in the SubQuantum regime, and are directly influencing Quantum system behaviors, in both isolated, and entangled configurations (of the kind associated with Brain activities). These hidden variables, operating at SQ levels, still far beyond the range of capabilities of our present instrumentations, decisively influence the observable outcomes of all Quantum processes, in a most deterministic and instrumentable way. Our still blurred comprehension of such infinitely complex SubQuantum Informational interaction processes (hidden variables) is partly due to previous erroneous misapplications of the of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, now experimentally proven to be situation-dependent. (Uncertainty cannot be applied, in any regard, to a beam of monochromatic photons, especially coherent ones, for example).

Information driven tendencies (including emotional conditions, attention, intention etc.) result in divergences inside the Quantum Potential, orienting probability distributions according to implicate Information control mechanisms with teleological properties. The macroscopic consequences of this subquantum regulation effect are well known in both "inert" and living systems that exhibit nonlinear, random or stochastic components.

Information density gradients, accumulating over time in such media, explain the various memory functions of these media, functions which are transferable from one location to another, either by SQ information transports internal to the media, or by displacements of the media itself. Seen in this light, Quantum superpositions are but secondary statistical effects of the active Information dynamics inherent in the system.

Our Subquantum Information model is also able to supply a most elegant solution to the puzzling Quantum Tunneling effect. The structural Information related to the particle, does not vanish at the barrier it encounters. The SQ informational components of the now-defunct particle, keep flowing through the barrier, along the initial vector of the movement. These informational components serve as a ready-made blueprint, resulting in structure's exact replication (re-setting), at the other side of the barrier.

The Nobel Prize winning exact measurements carried out by Hans Dehmelt upon an electron trapped (in a Paul trap) for three months, along with similar results as related to monochromatic photons (Boyd), have brought about a refutation of previous conceptions of the universality of the applicability of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, as well restructuring the regimes of the applicability of the concept of the mutual "complementarity" of inherently imprecise pairs of physical concepts, in quantum state descriptions.

Further on, the Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) proposal of "virtual photons" involved in inter-electronic repulsion mechanisms, contradict Newton's Third Law. These virtual entities are replaced in our model by Informational resonance effects of holographic consistency, implying superluminal causations, governed by the SubQuantum regime (beyond the validity range both of relativistic and Quantum tenets). From this, all "virtual" activities are actually intermediated by the activities of the SubQuantum entities.

One by one, the standard Quantum model's paradoxes are vanishing under the magnifying glass of our Information driven reality model, making room for rationality to be restored in physics as well as in the ontological description of sentient phenomena.

We strongly agree with Prof. Andrej Detela when pointing to the evidence for a self-organizing inherent active information system in complex Quantum states, expressing their informatically coherent essence. They build up syntropic systems where dynamics follow not a physical gradient, but the aforementioned meaning-charged negentropic vector of self-organization instead. Experiments of the kind reported by Aspect clearly suggest that only free information travels in an entangled Quantum state, without any energy or mass components. Syntropic flux lines evolve in Quantum states following an odd time symmetry matrix, in a spatial reference frame of intersecting axial and polar vectors with complex resultants in biomolecules, able to be subsequently delocalized over the living cell's integral volume. Moreover, Detela suggests that identical energy states between stable, and non-stable protein configuration patterns, confirm the assumption that morphogenetic fields are directly related to active information fluxes, operating in syntropic Quantum states. A similar vector acts in neural microtubuline structures, displaying internal coherent, space-oriented microwave radiations.

The various shortcomings of the present quantum and relativity-limited models of Consciousness, as discussed by Penrose, Hammeroff & All, will be discussed in much detail in future chapters of our exposition. At that time, we will show that, contrary to current unfounded expectations along these lines, functionally, Brain boils down to the electromagnetic apparatus it really is, activated by the self-conscious syntropic Information structures and correlations (the Self) which reside in the hyper-dimensionally coupled SubQuantum domain.

Standard quantum descriptions of Consciousness fall short of encompassing all forms of Qualia and intelligent contents, which actually form, and are processed, deep inside the subquantum realms, being the actual originating source which controls the Brain's Quantum activity. Fueled by Infinite velocity units which are operating beyond time constraints, this source proves to be the actual independent and proactive agent, which is periodically activating given Brain structures, which structures have evolved under SQ morphogenetic regulation principles, for just this purpose.

The Brain is here to express and integrate the Self, not to produce it.

Conscious Self doesn't need a brain.

This already undeniable truth will get further rich support in our next installments.


7th November 2008