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by Dr Adrian Klein and Dr Robert Neil Boyd PhD.

So far, we reached the unavoidable conclusion that standard physical theory, as commonly accepted today, is based on a series of unproven assumptions and numbers of vast and cumulative errors which have, from time to time, been deliberately inserted into its fundamental tenets. Similar events have resulted in many paradigm-based limitations and walls to progress, in all the sciences. Due to decades of failures to implement any resemblance of scientific method, along with an utter avoidance of Popper's criteria, at this point, unfortunately, all the sciences need to be drastically changed, in terms of their paradigmatic fundamentals, simply in order to accommodate decades of accumulations of wrongly rejected experimental results, empirical observations and experience-backed evidences, however contrary such evidences might appear to be in the limiting mirror of current explanatory systems.

By embedding new concepts related to Bohm's genial concept of "implicate order", a wide range of smooth transitional domains between pure Information, matter, and energy, are provided with consistent, testable, and logical descriptions. The interposition of a wide array of subtle energy (SE) patterns between their vacuum-originated field sources and our currently instrumentable energy phenomena is the object of sustained recent studies, often reminding us of well known esoteric trends from the Eastern philosophies. (We assume here that our readers are quite familiar with the various expressions of Eastern philosophies.)

As our readers may have noticed, many of the commonly accepted views of the physics, which have recently been met with embarrassing and expensive failures, such as those of the LHC and LIGO projects (such failures being due to commonly held, incorrect, and limited understandings), are readily transcended by the methodological frameworks inherent in our conceptual approach and in our models.

Since we have reached to the infinitely small, we are more concerned now with the originations and synthesis of observable reality, rather focusing on any obvious failures of previous theoretical approaches, since theoretical processes are often filled with a history of unsupported assumptions and unexamined beliefs, leading to failed conclusions and to more beliefs stacked on more assumptions, producing a vast facade of dogmas, apparently designed to obstruct all scientific progress in specific directions and in specific areas, when seen from our perspective.

Science is not meant to have all the trappings of a religion. The scientific method is meant to discover, understand, and have an ability to explain, all available direct experiences, and all observations of fact, to the extent that the present status of verifiable observations will allow such explanations. From there, such explanations are to be physically verified, or refused, by rigorous experiment and empirical observation. When results and observations arise in opposition to the explanation given, the exploration and investigation process starts anew, seeking ever more accurate and deeper understandings. This process of observation-based adjustments of our understandings of the inner workings of Creation is an ongoing, never-ending process. Simply given an infinite volume universe, it is easy to see we can never know all of it.
We are digging this tunnel beginning from its other end, the small, where the infinitesimals are arising from stellar and cosmological processes, to subsequently aggregate into various compound structures of increasing complexity. There is a long array of intermediary matter/energy entities to be crossed through, before we reach the currently available regimes of the instrumented observations which have so far produced and supported Quantum theory. All along this path, the SubQuantum units preserve their ability of carrying Information into sequentially coarser mass/energy forms, by dint of their inherently hyperdimensional essence. All SQ Informational complexes are eventually space-time located. At that point they proceed to display specific mass/energy equivalencies, a feature which doesn't apply to Information while it is in the infinite-velocity-infinitesimal background condition.

These linearly increasing informational complexes are described in terms of interpenetrating entelechial domains, storing and dynamically processing their common background of Informational components and structures, according to the specific physical parameters and behaviors which are present at the various microscopic thresholds, with varying physical behaviors arising at such thresholds, as we approach the infinitely small by way of exploring beyond the present limitations of quantum theory.

Such thresholds are resulting in changes of the measurable qualities of physical and energetic systems, as we move in the direction of the small. For example, observations of comparatively large, periodic nano-fabrications known as "Pendry structures" (well above the Planck length in size), are resulting in completely unexpected physical behaviors, where Pendry structures are acting to alter, and even perfectly reverse, our normal expectations of physical behaviors as commonly associated with the known physical laws regarding ponderable matter and energy. These well-known laws, it now appears, are only applicable under specific circumstances and only at the larger scales. The numbers of, and the various kinds of behavioral qualities which are to be associated with the various observed behavioral thresholds which arise as we aim our explorations towards the small, represent vast and uncharted frontiers, at this point in our collective scientific researches.

Regarding the so-called "Subtle Energies", at the beginning of the last century, while performing weight experiments, D. MacDougall reported that a measurable 21 gram mass was irretrievably and mysteriously lost at the death of the human being. Though the exact figure itself is highly controversial, seen the rude experimental settings and equipment of the time, the MacDougall findings seemed to confirm still earlier assumptions (R. Wagner, 1854) regarding certain mass fluctuations which are originating from dissociative events as associated with biological entities. Subsequent measurements have supplied values differing from MacDougall's findings, 2.27 grams for example, without invalidating the principle correctness of the claim, in spite of the enraged criticisms subsequently encountered in conventional dogmatic debate circles.

Whatever the actual measured value of weight loss, as associated with the demise of whatever living being, it is obvious that such instrumented observations are directly related to the mass equivalence of some subtler form of matter/energy, other than those to which existing theories are normally referring.

Under special circumstances, SQ entanglement effects, as connected to Quantum fields, can reach the into the reactive thresholds of normal chemical and sensory detection means. (For example, see these photographic evidences produced by H. Baraduc, with shots taken at 15, and 60 minutes, accordingly, after his wife's death - Fig.1 and Fig 2)

Fig.1 AD dissintegration 1

Fig 2 last scan 2

By moving into specific Quantum entanglements and superposition states, Subtle Energy fields may thus implement highly devastating effects upon macroscopic systems, which are out of phase with the effective potentials inherent in such systems, for example, by uncontrolled activations of Quantum fields associated with biological systems ("awakening of Kundalini", etc.). Such activations may be triggered by focused attention and will. These actions result in subjacent Information matrices, via the SQ interconnectedness of various information transport mechanisms. The resulting superpositions find a detailed description in the entelechial maps of oriental teachings, describing interconnections internal to the etheric, mental, astral, causal, etc., which are resulting in focal Aether condensations at specific points (e.g., the "chakras"). Special training of the sensory apparatus, or of the Consciousness operating the sensory apparatus, may facilitate detection of increasingly subtle energy/information bands (see Dr. Boyd's comments in our 5th installment, astral vision, etc).

Such experiences can be experimentally corroborated with modern technologies. For example, Kronn's "Subtle Energy Field Infusion Generator" (SEFIG) has succeeded in isolating "dark matter related" subtle energy patterns, from the normal electromagnetic energies which exist internal to matter.

As put in evidence from MRI recordings, visual Information transfers to the Brain can occur, which register more than a thousand times faster than normal. These kinds of events can occur when specific acupuncture points ( B67) are stimulated by ultrasound (J.Jones, Univ. of California). This points to a direct by-passing of the normally-slow ionic channels which are normally involved in neurological information transmission events (which transmissions are further hampered by biochemical synapse delays). These results clearly indicate that such externally initiated information transfer events, ultimately have very little to do with any neurological considerations, except perhaps as secondary neurological responses which are occurring well after the initiating stimuli has already been registered.

The Subtle Energy systems, when operating in between organized Information fields and quantifiable energies, as related to matter, operate as a specialized mediating network, acting to coordinate the vital functions of biological forms of life, with the environment. At the same time these kinds of events are integrating the biosystem into the wide array of additional aether phenomena which occur in Nature. Behavior patterns produced by these active information-containing Subtle Energies are partly subject to space-time constraints. Thus when such informations are completely coupled into conventional matter/energy events, the resulting behaviors can display semi-stable features. These features, in turn, can allow informational dissociation events to occur, relative to normal informationally interconnected, holistic, physical networks - of the kind witnessed in materialization phenomena.
In the informational activities of the Subtle Energies, there exists a mechanism whereby SE-originated Informational structures can act to determine the Quantum activities of matter. This mechanism makes it obvious that high complexity personality structures in the medium, will preferentially remain coupled to dissociated fractions, during information dissociation events (per downward information transport effects). The SQ informational contents of the so-dissociated fraction, will thus exhibit an increased degree of freedom during subsequent systemic reconfigurations and during subsequent interconnectivity events. This allows many connection opportunities to become available to such alternative conscious matrices as are able to take over any portion of the original Information-based controls of the given system. From such events, a wide array of "anomalous" events can occur, which will be further referred to in due time.

The Information mediating activity of the SE fields toward the various structures of the biosystem is possible by topological correspondences established in high-density focal condensations of multi-layer SE effectors (chakras). . A polarized, apparently magnetic type of bio-electricity, acts as a supersonic wave-guide (Fig.3) traveling through biological systems, activating them into oscillatory patterns which are occurring in specific frequency bands, according to Information-controlled functional parameters.

Fig.3 chakral wave-guide

Pre-quantum bioenergetic fluxes of this kind can be experimentally followed, as circulating along topologically-favored dissemination vectors that are free of any matter distribution constraints of the living system, establishing an intermediating Subtle Energy network, as well known in traditional Chinese medicine.

Thirty years ago, H. Motoyama first performed a set of serious topographic investigations into the SE system, showing that each "meridian" (SE flow vector) has specific points that most accurately reflect various aspects of its functional condition, and thus possible organic disturbances occurring under the physiological control areas concerning the given meridian. Nevertheless, the Subtle Energy network is no way limited to the major transference apparatus of the chakra chain and its particular connecting pathways.
Motoyama put in evidence two sets of points not located on the meridians themselves, which are particularly effective for monitoring the functional condition of the meridians. He showed that the "alarm" point (located at the frontal toracal midline) measurably reacts to any SE flow disturbances in the meridian, while an "associated" point (along the spine) reflects anomalous effects in the associated organs.

The SE distribution network doesn't follow anatomical organic maps of classical Quantum activity. Brain is not in a favoured position in this regard - as clearly reflected in bioenergy circulation maps which include the brain. (Fig.4)

Fig.4 cranial SE pathways

In modern experiments (Y. Kronn), involving fMRI monitored Heart Rate variability testing, brain mapping and cellular revitalization attempts were performed, while relying on subtle energies equivalent to bioenergetic entities known as "Chi", "Prana", etc., using plasma-based computerized equipment, in conjunction with low intensity alternating magnetic fields. The thus-achieved results, regarding the effects which subtle energies exert upon the physical properties of matter, have since been confirmed by infrared spectrum studies and by charge-density pulse-effect analysis.

Related to this, recent Korean research (Chun Choi & All) has reported light-tracing mappings of traditional meridian trajectories of bioenergic transports, data that have been further confirmed by De Vernejoul's related, radioactive tracing experiments. Moreover, using agents with various charge-density pulse configurations, selective stimulations of various rhythmical electrical brain activities, as well as hemispheric synchronization effects, have been achieved. The brain's response to Information impacting directly on it, turns out to be far beyond the range of any neural network biochemistries, even those which are bioenergetically mediated.

This insight opens wide perspectives, not only for theoretical reevaluations of mainstream dogmas, but are useful in many medical applications, as soon as the bioenergy information storage capabilities of various organic compounds, as well as those of specific trace minerals, are properly characterized and categorized. Such considerations are not in the scope of our current presentation, so we will leave it for interested readers to follow along these lines, given the overwhelming quantity of literature available on these topics, at their own convenient pace.

From the perspective of our model, chakra condensations of first order SubQuantum entities, living below the Quantum level, holographically follow the vortex patterns we earlier described, starting in the Kolmogorov range (10e-58 m), up through the scale of Kerr-Neumann Compton radius vortices (Fig.5), with vortex-like structures continuing through the large, up to cosmic scales.

Fig.5 Kerr-Neumann Compton radius vortices

Per M. Hadley's experimental results, torsion fields are not bound to conventional time or space. This corroborates with Kozyrev's tenets regarding the "energetic aspects" of time, capable of effecting the spins of elementary particles, as well as those of macroscopic bodies. (We will return with more details on this, in our next chapter). This reminds us of RM Kiehn's "nanometer vortices" which are coupled metastable symmetric pairs of Falaco solitons.

We are currently investigating the related Kolmogorov vortices which may be involved in some sort of topological connection between Euclidean space, and CP1 complex projective space, which K-vortices are containing Informational structures resulting from the collection of the smaller information-bearing SQ entities which comprise the Kolmogorov vortices. We have earlier established that the Kolmogorov vortices are most likely the smallest of entities which are still influenced by gravitation. Entities smaller than the K-vortex (10e-58 m), are considered to be the primary causation of gravitation, in our LaPlacian-type model for gravitation.

As previously hinted to, the emotional conditions, and the faculties of the attention and the volition, of operators of symplectic E/M transmission facilities, result in Quantum field divergences and fluctuations in the vacuum. (Such observations have been verified in France, regarding normal E/M transmission facilities.) Information resonance effects are configuring subsequent energy configurations at all the available SubQuantum layers of manifestation, the subtle energy (aetheric) regimes included. Chakra spin effects may well represent a holographic transcription of such topological transforms, putting the bioenergy related to living systems under the Information control supplied from the projective space CP1.

Mathematical analysis addressing Quantum harmonic oscillators excludes zero-energy configurations even at absolute zero temperature levels. Nevertheless, this ground-state energy does not at all derive from the uncertainty principle (whose refutations have been mentioned in our previous installments), as in conventional interpretations. Rather, the ZPE originates from particles living in deeper layers of the Subquantum. Macroscopic wave functions responsible for Quantum coherence are guided by Information controlled SubQuantum effectors that can enter infinite combinatorial configurations in the subtle energy (aetheric) ranges and beyond.

SE (aether) connectivity leads to trans-classical permutation freedom patterns, described as Information-controlled proemial relations (G.Gunther, 1972), unifying into comprehensive formulations of polyvalent logic, which may perhaps be more deeply investigated by cybernetic system-theory and other mathematical logics.

Interdimensional connections have concrete physical meaning. This connection becomes obvious when observing Information-driven physical effects.

This topic will be further highlighted in our future disclosures.

We hope to eventually lead our readers to a stage where they can confidently rely upon the correctness of our challenge, perhaps joining in our researches in a mutually supportive manner, or at least stimulating competent debates based on the present stage of our knowledge of SQ physics and Information physics.


14th November 2008