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11. The Substance of Ghosts
Dr Adrian Klein and Dr Robert Neil Boyd PhD

During our last installment we examined the origination of time, and discovered the relationship between time, gravitation and electromagnetism. We briefly discussed a few the many physical effects which are arising due to SQ informational interactions. We are going examine a few more such interrelations, then go on to deeper explorations regarding across-time events.

As we have mentioned before, the origination of the infinite velocity variety of SubQuantum vehicles for information is mainly arising from stellar and interstellar plasma processes. There are other species of SQ (aether) entities however, which are propagating with velocities less than infinity, ranging all the way down to zero velocity (static) entities. All ponderable matter is surrounded by an "atmosphere" of SQ particles, which are loosely coupled to the periphery of the given matter, as a sort of "gas". This class of SQ entities, typically "clings" to all ponderable matter, with inherently low intrinsic velocities, where such velocities are typically dependent on the conditions and environment surrounding the ponderable matter.

In many instances, under the proper lighting conditions, this "gas" which is surrounding ponderable matter is visible to the unaided eye, appearing as a "fog" or "blur" which clings to the surface of the given object. Formerly, such "blurring" at the edge of material objects was simply described as an "optical edge effect", with no real justification nor explanation for the observed optical blurring at the edges of objects, other than mere hand-waving and obscure irrelevant labeling.

Prof. Volodymir Krasnoholovets of Ukraine, has recently developed instrumentation capable of registering the activities of the aetheric entities which are clinging to objects all the way down to the subatomic particles in size. Prof. Krasnoholovets & All are referring to this "atmosphere" of clinging particles as "inertons", since they do not seem to be interacting strongly with electric fields. According to their instrumented observations, the cloud of inertons surrounding the object spreads out to a range ?= ? ? /c from the object, where ? and c are velocities of the particle and light, respectively, and ? is the de Broglie wavelength of the particle. Thus the behaviors of the given particle’s inertons bring real physical sense to the wave ?-function, as the field of inertia of the moving particle.

Interestingly, these results and observations by Krasnoholovets & All, support recent gravitational experiments which have demonstrated that the shape and orientation of a given object, under the influence of a gravitational field, change the degree to which the object is influenced by gravitation. (Such an observation was first reported by Tesla.) These experimental findings totally contradict Einstein's version of relativity theory, and at the same time, perfectly support a LaPlacian view of gravitation, similar to the one which we have been expressing.

These results are also correlated with the many experimental results of Kozyrev & All, which demonstrate a vast variety of mechanisms which will act to liberate the entities which are interpenetrating with, and clinging to, normal matter. In addition to the kinds of events we have earlier described, Kozyrev observed that the following processes acted to generate a “time flow” of "torsion waves" or "mass density waves" in the laboratory, all due to disruptions of matter, by various means, resulting in the liberation of SubQuantum (aether) particles (Krasnoholovets' "inertons"), with direct physically observable and instrumentable consequences, under the following circumstances:

* the deformation of any physical object
* the encounter of an air or water jet, with an obstacle
* the operation of an hourglass filled with sand
* the absorption or emission of light
* friction
* burning
* the physical actions of an observer, such as a movement of the head
* the heating or cooling of an object
* phase transitions in substances (evaporation, solid to liquid, liquid to vapor, etc.)
* dissolving and mixing rates of chemical substances
* the "fading" death of plants
* "non-light radiation" from astronomical objects
* (sudden?) changes in states of human consciousness and the emotionals

All these events are liberating SQ entities from their clinging existence, as normally found in the vicinity of various objects. This is because the mass of the liberated entities is so small, it is very easy to move them. Even an act of will can liberate these entities into motion.

Including the final item, related to consciousness, we can readily see that each process is disturbing matter in some way, causing it to absorb or release minute amounts of aetheric “water,” in fitting with a sort of "matter = sponge" analogy. The resulting release of aether (SQ entities, inertons) registers directly on various forms of instrumentation. The fact that strong emotional emanations cause measurable non-local and long-distance responses in physical systems, has been repeatedly documented, by Kozyrev, Tiller, Huping Hu, and many others. All the items in the above list were proved experimentally by Kozyrev, under very stringent and rigorous conditions.

People at the time, had no reason to accept Kozyrev's brilliant results, until now, when they are seen as integral to the SQ paradigm, and represent the earliest such experimental evidences. Kozyrev attempted in several other ways, to bring public attention to the aether and its properties, such as his published and verified astronomical observations of "mass density waves", which are exactly, waves propagating in the interstellar aether media.

Here is a generalized partial listing of additional phenomena which are associated with SQ aether actions:

SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:
Gravitational variations
Gravitational "anomalies"
Gravitational periodicities
Information-correlated variations in measured rest mass
Time variations

Quantum Mechanics:
SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:
Zero Point Energy
Quantum potential
Quantum field
Planck's "constant"
Fine structure constant
Quantum "entanglement"
Quantum fluctuations
And so on

SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:
Electrical fields
Magnetic fields
Electromagnetic fields
Variations in the radiated patterns of electromagnetic transmission antennas:
resulting from:
operator's attention
operators' intention
operators' emotional states
resulting in:
divergences in the quantum potential
variations in human consciousness factors
Variations in the measured speed of light, as measured in various times and places
"Spin fields" and their informational transport effects

SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:
Coupled variations of pH in information-correlated solutions and materials
Variations in the interaction rates between chemicals
Variations in mixing rates, especially in nonlinear, chaotic, or bifurcating systems
"Self-Organization" per Prigogine
"Spin Field" and its effects
Physical Properties of the atomic elements and the periodic chart of the atomic elements
And so on

SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:
Orgone and its effects
Od and Odic emanations, and their effects
Healing touch
Remote healing
"Remote Viewing"
Sheldrake's "Morphogenic Field"
Radionics and its effects
Psychotronics and its effects
Psionics and its effects

Life Sciences
SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:
DNA sequence information
DNA resequencing information
"Life Force"
Natural Harmony
Remote Healing
Flower Remedies
And so on

SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:
Divine Intervention

SQ aether flux is the origination and cause of:
All the attributes and effects of Consciousness: Memory, and etc.

The realization has occurred to us that there are forms of Consciousness whose "bodies" are entirely made of coherent "solitons" of aether gases (SQ particles). It appears that this consideration may be applied to such Beings as Angels, Devas, Nature Spirits, ghosts, and so on. Since the SQ is the origination of all fields and all forces and all matter, it is easy to comprehend how such Beings may physically manifest what are called "miracles", such as "crop circles". When our Aether Flux Density meter is applied in such explorations, we fully expect this understanding to be instrumentally confirmed. Our understanding that SubQuantum aether activities are the basis all physical phenomena, all psychic phenomena, all "paranormal" phenomena, and all consciousness-related phenomena, becomes ever stronger.

From the infinite velocity information-transport point of view, since these infinitesimal entities are effectively "removed from time", they can perhaps be viewed as encompassing "All of Time", so that information, by way of the infinite velocity variety of the infinitesimals, can be injected from any point in history, to any point in history, easily resulting in many of the "unusual" time-related events which are arising during our observations of the Now. There are additional important "quantum matter" mechanisms which we will discuss later.

There is an overwhelming evidence of such "cross-time", atemporal, and diachronic occurances, as spontaneous and experimental events have piled up in the literature. Their counterintuitive and often "paranormal" features have baffled observers along centuries. Conventional theories of a chronometric linear time-flow as the unique referential vector involved in such events, have miserably failed to offer an acceptable explanation for them. Anomalous time-related phenomena, just as the biological/psychological variants of time flow, exhibit certain features which are strongly divergent from the ones normally ascribed to an "entropic" time vector.
The common Subquantum origination of Information and Time is powerfully dissipating the elements of "mystery" and "weirdness", which have obstructed the understanding - and sometimes even the acceptance - of reported time anomalies. They deserve our full attention, so we will bring in our next installments a careful investigation of this topic from the novel perspective of our SubQuantum concept.

5th December 2008

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