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Dr Adrian Klein and Dr Robert Neil Boyd PhD.

In our last installments, we have introduced our readers in a non-classical realm of Time analysis, from a novel perspective supplied by our Subquantum approach (quite similar to the inerton radiation concept recently proposed by Krasnoholovets). Let's consider now a few counterintuitive aspects of reality that defy canonical physical interpretations, but find a logical context in the new conceptual frames we defend - as we'll see later on.

Physical time-shifting gates are not to be found only in Castaneda's travel reports into the "Nagual" under his benefactor's guidance. A few years ago, an American-British expedition headed by physicist M.McLein reported an experimentally confirmed puzzling time gate above the South Pole, where a chronometer installed in a weather balloon, and subsequently recovered from a mysterious foggy structure floating above the spot, repeatedly displayed a negative time-shift of 30 years. V.A.Chernobrov's experiments in the late 80's succeeded to alter physical time flow at a rate of up to 4 minutes per day. In other early Russian investigations relating the pace of Time to EM field manipulations, by way of embedded layers of ellipsoidal electromagnets, a resultant time difference of 0.011 sec/sec has been recorded. Experimental time translations have proved to have devastating effects on biosystems, providing further evidence for the infamous effects reportedly described as related to the crew members involved in the Philadelphia Experiment, 1943 (our readers might be familiar with its currently running classified research sequels known as the "Montauk Project", with its intriguing Time superposition effects).

A special attention seems to be deserved by Ken Webster's sustained contacts across time, with Lukas, an individual living in the 16th Century. The linguistic particularities in the Lukas messages, transferred both by electronic, and precipitation means, in the receiver's real time, clearly attest to their genuine across-time origination ("The Vertical Plane" - Grafton Books 1989).

(Computer message from 16th Century as received by Webster during1985):

Webster's experiential range also apparently includes personal physical projections into the remote past. This is strongly reminding us, in its details, of the famous Moberly-Jourdan incident at Versailles, Aug.10 1901. Interestingly enough, such spontaneous time-travel instances seem to lack the bio-destructive effects that their experimental counterparts generate, such as the biological disasters which accompanied the so-called "Philadelphia Experiment". Such observations point to a still incomplete understanding of the actual nature of Time, at least in terms of the assumptions involved in some of the experiences just mentioned.

An interesting spontaneous projective Time displacement report has recently been archived by the New York City Police Department. This report concerns a an intrusion into the busy New York traffic of our times, where a citizen suddenly popped up "from nowhere", and was subsequently killed (while in a reportedly disoriented condition), by being hit by a car. Subsequent police investigations were performed, based on the identification documents found on the deceased, which succeeded in tracing the time-intruder's life-story, back to the point of his sudden disappearance, more than one hundred years ago, when he was taking a walk in exactly the same spacial location! Similar time-slip events abound in empirical records, understandably dismissed by "official" science as anecdotal nonsense, however reliable the credentials of the witnesses and whatever their objective observational training might prove to be, in most of the cases.

A well documented instance of this kind relates to the time-superposition of disparate two airplanes, meeting in a time-connected event which involved a time-gap of several decades... In this situation, both pilots were able to mutually describe the presence of the other "strange intruder" in their air-space. An amazing collaborative effort followed, apparently involving a WW1 aircraft, which unfortunately crashed soon after the strange mutual encounter. A WW1 aircraft was subsequently discovered, residing at exactly the same location as the reported encounter between these two aircraft, on the ground, with a recently deceased pilot still inside it.

Countless unexplained physical disappearances of persons "into thin air" are carefully archived all over the world. Perhaps the most baffling instance of this kind refers to the strange disappearance of the nearly 3000 Chinese troops at Nanking, 1937 - or similar multiple vanishing cases, such one regarding 145 British soldiers who vanished during the Gallipoli campaign of WW1, or the similar "Hill 60" disappearance incident during 1915. Both these cases were followed by reports of the slopes being "wrapped in a strange and unnatural mist", according to the witnesses. Such "wrapping" effect is strongly reminding of more recent similar cases of aircraft vanishing while crossing the "Bermuda Triangle" while surrounded by a "bluish-yellow radiation envelope" or a "green fog", as subsequently reported by the air crews.

Are such field effects explainable by a mere "dimensional" approach to Time? Hard to believe.

Let us consider the amazing "chronovisor" reportedly set up by Padre Ernetti (Venice), as vouched for by the high reputation paranormal investigator and theologian Francois Brune. This device was capable of transposing into the observer's field of current sensory awareness, concrete and detailed events which had occurred centuries and even millennia ago, enabling the user to actually and directly and instrumentally record (photograph, etc.) actual historical events, such as Christ's Calvary and crucifixion, and ancient Roman theater performances. This apparatus has been, unfortunately, recently disassembled. Any pertinent information about this apparatus has been highly classified by the Vatican. Why? Obviously because such past-information transferences, as produced by this device, were recognized as representing a hazard to the "normal" fictions and dogmas as commonly propagated by the historical "status quo".

A somewhat less quoted phenomenon in this category is a temporal duplication effect known as "Vardogr", which is a Norwegian term for present-time experiences regarding future events (most frequently reported in Norway). Perhaps the most famous case of this kind, is the one reported by the German poet Goethe, who - on the road to Drusenheim - met his own double, dressed in a garment which Goethe was to wear by accident, some eight years later, while on the same route. Except a brief Vardogr-related publication in the "Norwegian Journal of Psychic Research" (1917), this kind of time-phenomenon has not been seriously addressed, until more recently, by L.D.Leiter (Journal of Scientific Exploration 16/4 2002). In his conclusions regarding such time phenomena, the author remarks that, "...those persons directly involved are forever convinced that a purely materialistic worldview is untenable".

Facing such a wide range of temporal anomalies, for one to question the significance of "normal" chronometric time-flow, is quite natural. Nevertheless, more careful studies have brought to light, that many weird trans-metempsychotic correlations, are also occurring in linear time flow, as well. In his detailed report about diseases associated with psychic perceptions, Dr. A. Guirdham describes the well-documented "Anniversary effect", which effect is describing the psycho-physiologically influence of a group of individuals who have shared a series of simultaneous common incarnations, in the historical past (Dr. Guirdham himself, being one of them). These particular set of group-shared incarnations occurred in fourth Century Rome, seventh Century Celtic Cumberland, thirteenth-century Cathar Languedoc, in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century, in French incarnations, and finally, during our present lifetimes. Visual recollections of an exceedingly traumatic execution event, which occurred to a subject on May 3, 1211, spontaneously and inexplicably, popped up into the memory of Dr. Guirdham, this event occurring on exactly the same date, during 1972... It can occur that events from remote incarnations, in the past, may produce depression states lasting for weeks - as proved by the sensations experienced by those unfortunates who found themselves reacting, in the present day, to the death agonies of Montsegur, the last great spiritual redoubt of Catharism, during March 1244.

It seems that cross-millennium Information replicating effects are preserving identical positions on the linear time-line (perhaps after required adjustments for calendar resets). From a dimensional perspective, empirical observables strongly suggest that events are ordered in a poly-dimensional Time reference system, reminding us of the early Ouspenskian view, of an orthogonal extension sent to infinity, from each "moment" on the chronologic time line. In this view, eternity is not some infinitely remote "future", but a co-present All-time Information Pool, encompassing the totality of all possible event configurations, which configurations are actually unrelated to any axial distribution along a chronological time-vector. From this universal pool of co-present potentialities, selected configurations may be injected into linear time from any point of cosmic history to any other one, by essential symmetries...

Such observed events as reversed causality chains, and mysterious synchronistic alignments of material condensations and disappearances, become easily explained by Kozyrev's remark (Kozyrev 1991, Pg.343), that there is no time lag between the forces of action and reaction, so cause and effect are acting on each other simultaneously. (This isn't always true. But that discussion we'll reserve for a later time.) This brings into focus the teleological attractor which is operating in the hyper-dimensional connection layers of the SQ configurations, those which produce Information fields. Fundamentally this is describing a reversed-causation principle, a concept of paramount philosophical implications, for our correct understanding of Reality. The "directionality" of Time gets a confused meaning from this perspective, suggesting the need for a radical reevaluation of hitherto canonically perpetuated fundamentals.

Seen Kozyrev's "course of Time" equation:
c2 = d?/dt

together with the density of Time (the 6th Kozyrev postulate), Time can display an organizing effect, one which is counteracting the increasing thermodynamic entropy vector in biosystems. This understanding (among others) prevents an imagined cosmic "thermal death catastrophe", an imagined entropy-based thermodynamic eventual "winding-down" of the physical Universe. (This unfortunate concept is arising from incorrectly applied thermodynamics principles, which are ignoring even the simple, gravitational fact, that there can never be any such thing as a "closed system", since gravitation, for one example, is unshieldable, meaning the system cannot be energetically closed. This "thermal death" concept is also forgetting the fact that thermodynamics considerations can only be properly applied to closed systems.) In our meaning, "geometrical" Time, as an event-reference, is assumed to have a multidimensional essence, coupling Time into the hyperdimensional Informational components of the SQ configurations. All the presently known physical properties of Time, are consistent with such a description. Event-duplication phenomena, reversed time-orientation effects, etc., become legitimate descriptions in such a holistic hyperdimensional framework, where agents for such events are stored, and carried around at up to infinite velocities, by the Subquantum entities, in their infinite event configuration spectrum.

As we previously mentioned, infinite velocity SQ structures, with intergalactic plasma physics originations, fill out all of space as an Information matrix, beyond Time constraints ("All-time" concept). Time appears as a consequence of these structures' slowing down from their original infinite velocity by probabilistic mutual interactions, leading to disparate velocities and thus to their shearing turbulence effects - holographically replicated as vortex structures at all the implication scales of enfolded and unfolded order domains. Consequently, laws of physics change at the various scales of physical manifestation: At the scale of Pendry structures, at the Planck limit and down through the next phase state change at the Kolmogorov (10e-58m) scale toward the infinitesimals we are concerned with. (We have seen some mathematical theoretical considerations, which imply that there may well be even further changes in physical behaviors, at certain discrete size thresholds, as we approach the infinitely small, in much the same way we now see evidenced by the known changes of physical properties, which are occurring at specific size thresholds in the, so-far explored regions of the small.)

Superluminal gravitational aether fluxes (O.D.Jefimenko) appearing immediately below the infinite velocity Information transport (the "All-Time" pan-comprehensive pool of virtualities, the Akashic Records), result in Keihn nanovortex configurations. Such specific behavior modalities are responsible for apparent time-reversal trajectories, as presently ascribed to antiparticles, by some authors. The pace of physical time becomes a function of charge gradient variations and their interaction with the given permeability and permittivity of the media, as involved in SQ-mediated Informational dynamics.

Newton's second law is quadratic in time and is invariant under time reversal. This holds true for gravitational and electromagnetic forces. Small violations of CP symmetry suggest departure from Time symmetry in some weak interaction processes. Charge conjugation/Parity/Time reversal (CPT) Invariance principle doesn't apply in closed systems involving delta grad E interactions (R.N.Boyd).

The fundamental link between Time and Informational phenomena, found a special treatment in Carlo Trajna's "psychotemporal wave" model, which model translates to "psychic world" events, operating in and influencing the physical world. Following the requests of the Weber-Fechner law, and Piaget's concepts of time, Trajna defines the subjective time flow as a differential perception of the velocity psychic Information signals propagate with, upon the background of biological Information ones, as a ratio expressed by the logarithm of the imaginary flow-speed of psychic time vs "normal time". Though Trajna's view has the limitation of referring to the light-speed "c" as to an "upper limit" of the speed of psychic time-flow (which limitation is strongly transgressed in our SQ model), it goes far beyond the reductionist implications of Stevens' power law, which exponentially relates the strength of a physical stimulus to its subjective perception as:
? (?) = ??a
where ? is an elusive psychophysical conversion factor of "a" and "k" type stimulus' magnitudes.

Trajna's psychotemporal concepts thus extend into extrasensory Information dynamics, which have been ignored by Stevens.
As we shall see in further upcoming installments, there is a vastly more complex SQ integration of biological phenomena (sensory transmission included) at work, much more intricate than the reductionist linear amplification suggested by the Stevens equation.

Brain's Quantum activity provides the Time conversion of Informational stuff operating beyond Time. This is not random, but is a deterministic process obeying the retrocausation principles hinted to in this paper. Details of this hyperdimensional conversion process will be highlighted in due time.

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