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Dr Adrian Klein and Dr Robert Neil Boyd PhD.

Last week, we have seen that Life is inconceivable as a phenomenon emerging by mere chance from combinatorial properties related to molecular chemistry.

Life involves highly complex degrees of organizational properties conveyed to the target system from a pattern generating source, which is external to it. This organizing effect runs according to special topological requirements imposed by task oriented functional and integration criteria, which are not built-in features of the rough, undifferentiated atomic-molecular assemblies supplied by random spatial distribution of their constituent subunits.

Mainstream developmental biology can explain neither how a particular group of cells are able to respond to discrete biochemical signals and initiate a self-organizing process under their triggering effect, nor how such signals may perfectly correspond to future functional requirements which are expected from the reacting cells, collectively.

Events involving embryonic field dynamics and specific cellular programming of individual cells, widely exceed slow chemical transmissions during the process of cell-to-cell signaling, implying that integrated pre-established Informational processing blueprints, known as morphogenetic (shape-creating) Information Fields, must exist. These fields are non-locally present at the sites of cell-structurings, in already-correct distribution patterns. Further, these differentiated cellular assemblies have to spatially disseminate toward higher degrees of tissue aggregations along preselected and pre-oriented molecular guidelines. This understanding applies equally to the energy components of the to-be-organized matter, and to the ultra-fast Informational interconnectedness tracks which are established between spatially and temporally remote biosystems, which are also affecting their functional performance, once they are constructed. Such externally imposed Information supply mechanisms have a decisive ontogenetic importance in all areas of life, embryological development of the Brain included.

According to recent studies (C.Greer), the process of establishing synaptic connectivity between new neurons requires a 21 day process, a time span designed to prevent uncorrelated interference patterns from originating from such incompletely integrated young neural cells. During this period of functional maturation, the neural cell gets the relevant Information for its bio-structuring from distant areas of the brain by an asynaptic, unmediated Information transference mechanism - very similar to Sheldrake's chreodic channels- which operate at high speeds, even though spatially disconnected. In the early stages of its development, the neural cell is constrainted to "listen" to these patterning signals, before being allowed to actively produce interactions with them. (This can be viewed as a "learning process" for young neurons.) This process involves functional encoding which operates in the SQ Information domains, which enables biomolecular presets to acquire the required coordination behaviors which are prerequisites for their active involvement in collective neural activity. This understanding is an eloquent experimental refutation of current concepts, which are describing the neural functions as emerging from biomolecular structuring, a concept which is just as misleading as the view that consciousness-related phenomena must emerge from neural functions.

Let's try improving our understanding of the ultimate nature of the morphogenetic forces. The morphogenetic forces are responsible for producing the most efficient possible spatial distributions of individual cells. Then these forces are responsible for integrating these cells into living tissues, and then integrating these tissues into fully functioning organs. These structures and coordinated activities are designed to ensure the survival of complete biological systems, able to process highly complex environmental Information.

A wide variety of soluble molecules, the "morphogens", are able to carry signals which control cell differentiation, in a concentration-dependent manner, by binding to protein receptors. Transcription factor proteins interact with DNA for implementing their cell modeling tasks by a genetic regulatory cascade of activating and deactivating effects.

Besides morphogens and transcription factors, the molecules controlling cell adhesion effects are also involved in cellular "sorting out" mechanisms and in subsequent space-displacements of cells, to specific embryogenesis regions, where further, more complex, differentiation occurs in the histological range. Differential cell adhesions result in the clustering of similar cells into more complex structures, which are ordered by functional task. These "adhesion molecules" (most of them cadherins) are the binding agents which cause similar types of cells to aggregate into tissue clusters at given embryonic genetic sites. The given site is then spatially reached by cell migrations along extra-cellular matrix pathways. These cell-migration pathways are supplied in the form of already-assembled sheets, fibers and gels, which are made of collagen, laminin and fibronectin molecules.

Transmembrane integrins then couple to these extracellular components and to internal cellular cytoskeletal structures. This coupling then triggers signal transduction cascades, which are serving the morphogenetic (shape-creating) process. These trigger signals are the non-physical Information blueprints, which are non-locally conveyed to the so-called "self-organizing" system, by superluminally propagating SubQuantum fields, producing morphic resonances, which are aimed at copying previously created forms, or modifying them, according to the given environmental adaptation requirements. New biological-information systems "tune in" to previous ones by Quantum resonant states, leading to replication and induction effects which are either preset, or modified, Information fields.

There is a recent tendency in scientific circles, to extend the original meaning of the morphogenetic (shape-creating) field, as introduced by R. Sheldrake, beyond its form-generating content. P. von Buengner relates the term morphogenetic, to reactive cognition phenomena, both individual and collective ones, of the type systematically investigated in the PEAR's Global Consciousness Program, where modules made from 50 white-noise-producing diodes, are interfaced to personal computers, which are located at different spots around the world. Data arising from this globally distributed network of computers is connected into a central monitoring system located at Princeton University, for collective processing. The complete system has supplied recurrent evidence of collective cognition (and precognition!) of major emotional stressor events throughout the world, time-correlating such events with marked data deviation values, relative to the standardized reference values.

The experimental results thus achieved seem to strongly confirm Sheldrake's tenet of a collective "morphic field of mankind". In our SubQuantum Paradigm, we refer to this as a non-local Information-driven process, one which exists in all instances of individual and collective, Psi behaviors. This concept has far reaching consequences in studies of trans-personal psychology, group behaviors, and sociological phenomena. It's worth mentioning in this context, that the amplitude of anomalous deviations of the noise-diode activities in the PEAR research program, has proved to be related somehow to the relative importances which are ascribed to the given stress-events, rather then to any actual deviation magnitude.
In other words, "Natural" catastrophes, and other less emotionally-stressful events, such as elections, yield mild deviation patterns when compared to the strong deviation patterns which are produced by various wars and destructions initiated by men.

This experimentally correlated fact indicates that there is some sort of instinctive and higher awareness, one which is operating in both the individual consciousness and in the collective consciousness, an awareness which intrinsically understands the actual significance and inherent wrongness of destructive human behaviors, regardless of how these people may have been trained or indoctrinated to regard such destructive behaviors. This faculty is sometimes referred to as "True Conscience". True Conscience is an inspired and intrinsic ability of the Soul, the Essence. This True Conscience exists as opposed to an artificially induced and intellectually trained "indoctrinated conscience", which produces automated intellectual responses, which are arising due to whatever belief or prejudice has been externally imposed on the individual intellect, leading to what have been called "guilt trips", etc.

To the chagrin of war-mongers, True Conscience cannot be gotten rid of, without actually killing the person, since True Conscience is fundamentally inherent to the condition of Being Alive. Then of course, the Being persists in having True Conscience, now unencumbered, even after they have died. So there is no solution to this "problem", other than killing everyone, which is again, no solution, since the objective is still not met, even with such insane and pointless extremes. In a world completely devoid of human population, the problem sort of "goes away", since no one is left alive. But this leaves yet another problem...everyone has died. So there is no value in this kind of "solution". (And who would be there to notice, anyway? The war-mongers are certainly not immune to this "solution" since they also have True Conscience, so they too, must also be gone.)

The reader may recall some hints we've already introduced in our previous installments regarding the pivotal role of Universally inherent importances during selective neural network and individual neuronal activations. The same principle is at work at the interpersonal range of cognition as shown in the PEAR data, as well as at different other levels of Informational integration (see plant reactivities to intentions in C. Backster's well known experimental series).

The most significant experimental reports, as far as their consistency with our conceptual orientation is concerned, are those which demonstrate that consciousness and morphic fields are connected not only to biological systems, but obviously to "dead matter" also. Active Information fields have been detected by white noise interface diodes, as being present in all inanimate matter structures. Such observations are supplying a powerful blow against prevalent materialistic dogmas, while conveying a scientifically most reliable support for our SQ conceptual frameworks. Along similar lines to the Global Consciousness Project, we should mention that there is an "Individual Consciousness Project" currently evolving at the "Campus Study Center", in Munich, based on software containing all possible solutions related to various malfunctions which may be contained in various analyzed objects. This research team has reportedly succeeded in experimentally defining, at which level of Information and frequency, a given field of consciousness "oscillates".

Further in-depth investigation programs into the field of informational structures and their coupling into energy patterns, are waiting for being implemented, as soon as the related financial requirements would be achieved. (On our waiting list alone, of instrumented research programs, we have more then seventy entries right now, and their number is constantly increasing.)

Our novel Subquantum approach seems to be related to some kind of ancestral memory pool transferred to mankind by a certain non-human (angelic) lineage (equipped with a 12-strand DNA template), as recently revealed in the "Maharata teachings". (These teachings are quite consistent with classical theological tenets). According to these revelations, which have been initiatically preserved from a long ago extinguished knowledge database source, infinitesimal electro-tonal energy units ("Partiki", corresponding to our Subquantum entities), aggregate in "keylons", which are described as multidimensional energy structures, which are acting as the background structures for the morphogenetic templates upon which the DNA, the genetic code, the physical body, the bioenergetic chakra system and the multidimensional aspects of consciousness, are built. This multidimensional Unified Field of energy "signatures" may carry vast numbers of Informational constructs which are operating in an infinite number of layers of complexity, which - as we see them - build up a Bohmian implication system. These multidimensional "Keylon codes" are forming increasingly specialized patterns, as they sink into the physical world, patterns which are describing individual, transpersonal, biological, and spiritual evolution matrices, in terms of Informational complexity gradients.

According to the ancestral teaching, these SQ "Partiki" units are intrinsically polidimensional constructs, which are able to progressively aggregate into morphogenetic grids with tri-phase scalar wave interconnectedness. This process results in the crystallization of various forms of energy/information into increasingly complex Keylon Codes, through which the given manifestation template is progressively built up from pre-matter information which increases in density and frequency towards "externalized" physical forms. The resulting structures are manifesting in parallel three-dimensional Reality systems, by way of informational determinants which are inherently existing in the matrix fields which are determining the resultant physical structures and behaviors which are inherent in the various different dimensions. These different Realities are somewhat "invisible" to each other, due to relative differences in the spin constants of the various different-density Reality-levels involved.

This ancient teaching refers to a Pure, Sentient, Creative Force which is perpetually expanding through new manifestations of Itself while basically remaining perpetually the same eternal "Is-ness" - keeping the Universe in a condition of perpetual balance, being stillness-in-motion, a perpetual creation that runs within itself. The framework for manifestations of Time matrices and Universes is not external to this Supreme Principle, it is internal to it. We define this ultimate source as the overarching Cosmic Harmony, the supreme equilibrium brought into physical manifestation by SQ informational fragments, which display an obvious and eternal tendency to reintegrate into the Source. This reintegration process towards an absolute equilibrium, is the ultimate algebraic "null state", an expression of the supreme law of holistic entropy conservation, resulting in the Informational control of all matter and energy-related phenomena, thus physically implementing an overall entropy-balance requirement.

Morphogenetic fields and their correlated structures of energy, are to be re-estimated in this ancient/new light. We hope to bring a substantial contribution to the re-discovery of long forgotten fundamental truths and to put them at the service of a true, unbiased and accurate scientific exploration of our Universe, and of ourselves, as a group of Its' self-conscious representatives. As we shall see further on, these deep understandings of the origins and behaviors of the Universally available intrinsic informations which are ultimately responsible for producing morphogenetic behaviors, which are in turn, responsible for producing biological forms and functions, leads to a complete and unconditioned refutation of Darwin's (phylogenetic) evolution theory.

9th January 2009


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