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Number 16.

We are part of a sentient and deterministic, apparently acausal, Universe.

Dr Adrian Klein and Dr Robert Neil Boyd PhD.

As mentioned at the end of our previous installment, no comprehensive understanding of Reality may be achieved relying exclusively upon causal connections. We will argue here, not only the active existence of acausal processes, but their phenomenal primacy upon causality, also.

Our readers are certainly familiar with the acausal concept of Synchronicity, whose full statement has been done by Jung in his Eranos lecture, 1951, just one year before his famous "Synchronicity-An Acausal Connecting Principle" has been published as the product of his fertile collaboration with the Nobel Prize winning physicist, W. Pauli.

At a quite fundamental level of definition, synchronous events are experienced as causally unrelated ones, occurring together in a meaningful way and defying chance expectation. In such simultaneous occurrences cause and effect seem to be superimposed and interchangeable. This feature differentiates them from "incoincidental" events, which at retrospective analysis may be traced back to causal determination chains, or as obeying some statistical requirements of the kind expressed in Littlewood's Low.

Moreover, genuine synchronistic effects have little similarity, if any, with Baader-Meinhof phenomena, which are special (bias confirmation) variants of serendipidity. According to the Ocam's Razor principle of explanatory parsimony, the Baader-Meinhof effect is dependent upon a recency requirement for acquired Information. This prerequisite is totally missing for synchronistic phenomena, which can be accurately detected as present, in all the describable levels of Reality.

Genuine acausal connections do not obey the standard, cause and effect, precedence requirements which define classical causality. Nevertheless, at a very careful analysis, causality principles may be detected as operating in the background of synchronistic phenomena, provided any requirements for precedence are ignored. This is exactly what happens in Information-driven processes, as a consequence of their SQ essence, which essence transcends both space and time constraints. In the Informational realm, determinants (causes) may well either precede, or follow, effects. This occurs due to the suppression of vectorial time, for the infinite velocity species of SQ entities, and their intrinsic combinatorial information patterns. Retro-causations in Time may easily be implemented in synchronistic aspects, thus displaying an apparent "acausality" (in its conventional meaning), which apparently implies anterograde (backwards in time) time vectors.

An easy exemplification of this expression may be found in Sheldrake's hypothesis of "formative causation", which suggests a conformal structuring of shape-forming morphic units, according to their "surrounding" Information fields, and according to the specific functional pattern expected from the completed structure. A bivectorial morphic resonance is established between the Information field, and the corresponding potential forms produced by morphic units. This resonance results in an increasing stability for the morphic (shape-forming) fields. This process is thus increasing their potential to be "tuned into" by any newly formed organizing Units. Such a morphic resonance loop shares the chicken/egg paradox regarding its origins. This situation implies that some sort of starting blueprint must have been externally imposed upon the system, in the first place. These blueprints themselves, are originating from higher enfolded domains, in the hierarchical Informational complexes, according to the conceptual frame of the SQ.

Embryogenetic fields, with patterning potentials upon mass/energy backgrounds (evolving in their own physical domain), couple, by Quantum superposition effects, to these blueprints. This coupling is made possible by the hyperdimensional coupling of the SQ constituents, into the proactive Information fields. The reductionist concept, that a merely genetic programming might be capable of supporting the entirety of the embryogenetic processes, is untenable - as Sheldrake has correctly put it - since the DNA structure remains widely identical throughout the entire organism, throughout the entire process.

Recent experimental confirmations of Sheldrake's expressions have been supplied by Gariaev's research team, with physical experimental results which strongly support the understanding that information field activities are actively mediating all genetic processes. This understanding supports Crick's recent hypothesis that the DNA system is merely a factory which is producing all the materials which are used to fabricate the cell, and that this factory must be told what to construct and when, by some externally-driven information-based process. These Gariaev results are supplying the, hitherto considered missing, falsifiability requirements, as misleadingly invoked in attempts to contradict Sheldrake's brilliant insights. By the actual physical evidence, Sheldrake's accurate expressions, and Crick's hypothesis, are vindicated.

The twilight zone between the causal and acausal, extends also upon D. Lewis' counterfactual theory of causality. Translating causal into counterfactual statements, implies introducing conditionals and causal preemption factors, all of them originating in the Information regime.

We have to keep in mind that at its most fundamental level, existence implies acausality. The very existence of our Universe is a basically acausal process, seen from the perspective that the "origins" of the Universe are lacking any time-alignment. No conceivable cause could precede the existence of the Universe without accepting the faulty assumption of an infinitely regressed chain of causation, extending beyond both Creator and its creation. Nevertheless, as we might treat in a future contribution, our SQ model admits a perpetual, "beyond time" cosmogenetic process, thus circumventing previous unsolvable paradoxical creation deadlocks, by reformulating the principles related to the logic of causality, and the causality of logic, itself. The efficiency of our conceptual framework constructively applies to this highly sensitive philosophical range by transcending the probabilistically-determined randomness (PDR) conjectures of classical Quantum interpretations. Our proposals are beyond both classical and probabilistic determinism, transcending both by enfolded informational interconnections which result in a hybrid form of an acausally-backed, Information-caused determinacy. Reality and manifestation become the complex result of an interwoven, mutually sensitive, an interdependent synchronistic causality texture, composed of interacting temporal and atemporal informational components.

No reference to an acausal determinism would be complete without implying the ontological particularity of the free will, as opposed to an exclusively causal determinism. This Universal ingredient, of uttermost philosophical importance, is worthy of a few explanatory lines.

Free will implies a non-random and non-deterministic (herein, rationality is comprised!) selection from a given array of options, which are detectable at some decision point. These requirements turn free will into a randomity-contradicting, radically acausal phenomenon, one which is inherent in the Universe. Free will is contending the ability of self-expression, in all the layers of enfolded information levels, down to the energetic/material regime - and originating in the physical world, the set-up of a physical Brain (or its various Quantum equivalents) which is able to function as manifestation media of the faculty of free will.

In this perspective, free will is a phenomenal category not bound to Quantum probabilistic constraints. Therefore, free will may be seen as the general case of which Quantum probabilism is a special case. This novel vantage point has tremendous implications in understanding the asymmetric Brain/Mind dualism, from a universally valid, advanced paradigmatic synoptic view. Free will initiates phenomena that cannot occur in a purely Quantum Universe. Free will transcends the Quantum physics, as a choice-making phenomenon, thus free will becomes a uniquely qualified agent, able to collapse the probabilistic wave function. All forms of Consciousness possess this faculty of free will. Thus any event which involves free will, stands as non-predictable, relative to any possible view of any purely deterministic or probabilistic physics. In other words, any act of free will, violates all physics.

According to Wheeler, by operating in an extra-temporal condition, a free-willed consciousness may retroactively draw an entire Universe into existence, by a retrocausational effect. We need to keep in mind that rationality is not a fundamental ingredient of free will. Were rationality actually a prerequisite of free will, free will would then become a purely causally determined process - which it is decidedly not. The higher cognitive functions ascribed to consciousness (emotionals, intuitionals etc.), must be involved in the Quantum collapse of multiple-choice states. This view supplies the solution for the philosophical conundrum of free will, at the high, but decidedly worthy price, of giving up all physically reductionist, and mechanistic/atheistic inferences, as are presently applied in consciousness studies. In our SQ model of Sentient Reality, both the origination of Quantum PDR (probabilitisicly-determined randomity) and an Information-related, acausal free-will, are placed at their common SQ denominator. The new physics we propose is able to encompass, in an extended conceptual spectrum, domains hitherto widely separated by the Cartesian gap.

But our new insights into the physics of consciousness are no way serendipitous ones. Our SQ plenum strongly reminds the monadic plenum advocated by Leibniz ("Monadology", 1714), as composed by infinitesimal dual structures, connecting a mathematical point to its "physical" equivalent. The "primary matter" in Leibniz' metaphysical "point", is described in terms of an aether (Hypothesis physica nova, 1671), able to propagate by cascades of "effulgurations", an initial monadic essence, which is coincident with the spatially unextended mathematical point (which, in our concept, lives in its own "entelechial" domain of Information). Our hyperdimensional SQ Unit has thus been pre-acknowledged, in the form of Leibniz' dual monadic structure, back in the 17th Century.

Recent studies have amply confirmed the accuracy of our assumptions, regarding the essence of conscious experience, and its causality-violating transactional interpretations, casting a new light upon Libet's "delay-and-antedating" paradox.

Ten years ago, F.A.Wolf published, in the prestigious "Journal of Scientific Exploration" a comprehensive essay on the two-time observables (TTO) required in a causality-violating new transactional interpretation of Quantum physics, as applied to consciousness-related neural functions. Relying upon Libet's experimental results, Wolf suggests that the collapse of the probability wave (corresponding with incremental Information storage in the Self) occurs at the intersection point of two opposed, Information-carrying, time vectors. Libet's ground-shaking experiments were performed by applying time-markers to peripheral, thalamic and cortical components of the sensory awareness, which subsequently proved that "events in the brain, eliciting consciousness of passive sensory occurrences, occur after the apparent awareness of these events and not before".

While the neuronal adequacies involved in data processing require a 500 msec delay, following the peripheral stimulus, the actual projection of stimuli into the actual awareness does not exceed the 10-50 msec range. Awarenesses of passive peripheral sensory inputs, take place before the sensory cortex has achieved any processing, of neuronal adequacy, while the actual awareness of its neurally processed phantom "fill-ins", happen later. This is after the instant when a subcortical time marker (one originating during the involvements of the Thalamus and the medial lemniscus) has reached the somatocortical structures. The fact that the stimulus penetrates into the awareness field, before any time markers can arise in the somatosensory cortex, in Libet's experiments (negative time deviation in the 15 msec range), imply the fundamental antecedence of Information processing, as compared to the neural correlates of information processing. This places objective experience at the crossroads of, anterograde and retrograde, Information-carrying vectors. This interaction map coincides with Cramer's transactional interpretation of Quantum processes, which later inspired Kurakin's model of a "hidden time" sort of retrocausation, as we've mentioned earlier in our exposure.

Relying upon Libet's and Kurakin's experimentally supported tenets and Wolf's related works, we can safely assume that the primary awareness coincides with the collapse of the probability wave, seen as an interference event between opposite Information-carrier time-vectors, which are occurring in the SQ. The Information potential is projected from such Quantum singularity events, and their combinatorial patterns, into space and time, subsequently expressing in the matter and energy domains of Quantum processes, in the brain.

From this experimentally supported perspective, the Information-selected Quantum wave-collapse option couples in a similar way, both the upward sensory signals and downward free-will connected intentional ones, to the Quantum probabilistic world, which proves thus to be a non-random, fundamentally acausal, information-deterministic system - a holographic representation of the essence of our sentient Universe.

We hope that our readers become increasingly familiar with the complex fabric of Information-based sentient reality we defend, with its far reaching theoretical and applicative consequences for a new science and technology reflecting nature, not competing it by dogmatic materialistic theoretical artifacts.

By now, we are approaching in our presentations mankind's ultimate hitherto unsolved mystery, the Brain/Mind asymmetric dualism.

We hope, with our next installments, to succeed solving it according to observable reality instead of preconceived canonical constraints dogmatically forced to circumvent evidence as nonconformal to the scleromorphic scholarly tenets at their background.

29th January 2009

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