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Noreen Renier, forensic Psychic-medium. Accredited by professional law enforcing officers and an attorney.

American Police and retired attorney Victor Zammit confirm Noreen Renier has exceptional psychic gifts. Examine the evidence yourself. Highly credible Police Officers confirm the psychic gifts of forensic psychic-medium Noreen Renier.

Here is the evidence taken from the television series PSYCHIC DETECTIVES, made relatively recently - some six and a half years ago where brilliant psychic skills were demonstrated by this forensic psychic-medium Noreen Renier.

1. PLACE: MARYLAND State Police CASE; James Outten missing, later found dead Forensic psychic: Noreen Renier Some of the psychic's evidence: 'they knew each other', 'they were friends', 'there was hate and anger at the time of the killing'; 'I see a number 4 ... a pathway which will lead to a two storey very old house ... murdered … execution style .. I see a number 4 … a path leading to a double storey old house … I see two guns – a long one and a smaller one … shot fired in the head .. four times … body still in the area … not far from the road … they knew each other … the one who shot him was a friend … I feel his anger … POLICE COMMENTS ON PSYCHIC: Sgt. Hank Brittingham, "I found the number 4 and the path which led to the old house exactly the way Noreen (the psychic) described it ... It was very satisfying this finally closed. I believe Noreen helped us tremendously ... I believe Noreen is special. She helped us and she could help many other agencies they struggle with murders they cannot solve ..." SOURCE: PSYCHIC DETECTIVES, Story House Products TRU TV. TIME WARNER

2. Virginia’s Staunton Police in 1979– five females were brutally raped – something which terrorized the women of Staunton. The police had no clues at all and the public was furious that the police were not able to catch the violent rapist. There was a serious crisis in public confidence … In desperation the police called gifted psychic Noreen Renier – where she was able to supply them with physical evidence to convict the rapist – by identifying him where he lived, how his crimes were committed, how he entered the girls’ rooms, that he limped, that he wore a uniform and that he had a scare near his knee. On that information, the police caught the rapist. Deputy Police Ronnie Whisman said about psychic Noreen Renier, “We (the police) were impressed by the psychic on the important information she was able to give us … everything she said about the case came true.” Special agent Darrel Stilwell said, “ .. obviously she has power …" (Noreen’s psychic skills) gives you a little extra something to work for.” At one stage, the Police Deputy Ronnie Whisman asked the psychic “when will the rapist be caught?” The psychic replied, “Before Christmas.” The rapist was caught on the 22nd December 1979. (by Cineflix Productions 2007)

3. WILLISTON POLICE DEPARTMENT, FLORIDA. NORMAN LEWIS CASE. Senior Detective Slauter and Sergeant Baxter called in psychic Noreen Renier when the case they were investigating - the disappearance of Norman Lewis went cold - had no more leads to follow. Only when Noreen Renier supplied them with physical evidence - where to find the body - describing the immediate environment, did the police find the body. Senior detective Slauter said, "Noreen Reiner - the psychic gave us everything we needed to find Mr Lewis ... and I am convinced that if we didn't use a psychic in this case, Mr Lewis would still be at the bottom of that quarry ...".

4. PLACE: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada 1987 Case: two teenage females raped, murdered. Psychic: Noreen Renier Some of the evidence produced: saw face clearly, sketch made. Accurately describes the victims and how they died – they could not breath (plastic bag), saw blue truck, letter ‘R’ of the murderer, the police will get him when he’ll be 32 years old and will be wearing a mustache. (all confirmed to be accurate by Detective Jerry Moran). POLICE COMMENTS: Detective Jerry Moran said: " ... the sketch by Noreen turned out to be amazingly accurate … in hindsight the clues provided by Noreen were right … I’m glad I used a psychic because it opens up a whole new avenue of investigation we had nothing to lose by using her and everything to gain.” (Source: Psychic Investigations ‘TUNNEL VISION’)


"...the Bureau has used Renier strictly in an academic setting, to expand the thinking of police officers. We have, however, given her name to law enforcement people who want to try a psychic. And some of them have said she's solved cases."
— F.B.I. Special Agent Robert Ressler, New York Post, June 4, 1988

"...She helped to locate a plane containing the body of a relative of an FBI agent." Retired FBI Special Agent, Robert Ressler. Whoever Fights Monsters, St. Martin's Press

"This is a letter that expresses the appreciation of the Rhine Research Center for the excellent evening talk that Noreen Renier gave us on June 16, 2007. Noreen originally came to our attention from well-known colleagues in the field of parapsychology, namely Professor William Roll and the writer and historian Stephan A. Schwartz, and. Noreen definitely lived up to the advance recommendation. She was an engaging and informative speaker who took a complicated subject and made it credible and understandable." — Sally Rhine Feather, Ph.D., Director of Development, Rhine Research Center, 2741 Campus Walk Ave., #500, Durham NC 27705.

"Again I appreciate all the help we are giving. I was really surprised with all the information you gave us the day yesterday. I send a photo of the place with a display of Mariela's house and the house of the suspect. Thank you very much."
"I want to thank you for all the help you has given us. Has given us new possibilities and energies. Since we started tracking in place for the misplacement. Any news you have, tell it right away. If you ever come to Chile, do not hesitate to contact me. I am at your disposal for whatever you need. Consider me your friend. Again, thank you very much."
Sergio Coronado Chile, South America May 18, 2012 10:42:17 AM EDT

"Remarkably, the lost man's body was found EXACTLY where Renier said it would be! People scoffed at us for seeking out a psychic's help, but Noreen's input was quite incredible...even a bit spooky." — Detective Sgt. John Buchholz of the Oxford, Ohio, police department told to The ENQUIRER.

"Noreen's incredible insight helped close our case by providing the macabre details of our victim's murder which, when presented to our suspect, caused him to negotiate a confession. She also identified two other accomplices to the crime." — Joe Uribe (Montana DCI Agent - Retired)

"You definitely opened many eyes to the potential investigative tool of the psychic. Obviously, many a doubting Thomas had to revise his ideas concerning this somewhat esoteric area."
— Daniel Grinnan. Jr. Bureau of Forensic Science Commonwealth of Virginia

"I asked Noreen if she would come and address the Illinois Coroner's and Medical Examiner's Association at their Spring meeting. We had worked with Noreen on a homicide case in our county and she was a great help to us. I felt it was important to let members of the Association know what a valuable tool a Psychic may be in working those troubling cases. She was both informative and entertaining." — Marlene A. Lantz, Coroner McHenry County. 2007

"Noreen never could have known this stuff beforehand and she was so accurate it was chilling." — Retired Lt. Commander. R. Krolak, The Times Union, February 11, 1992

"I was skeptical until Noreen said on the phone from almost 1OOO miles away that there was something wrong with my friend's leg. He had been hobbling around on crutches for a week, and there was no way for her to know that."
— David Rogers, National Council of Churches Interreligion Task Force for Criminal Justice

"It was kind of scary when we did find it, and it was almost exactly as she described it. I wouldn't say I'm a total believer, but I don't throw out anything they say." — Lt. Robert Miller, Port St. Lucie Tribune, May 19, 1991

"In a lot of the cases new information comes forth as a result of Noreen's consultation. She has established a formidable track record for honesty and professionalism..." — Rod Englert Forensic Consultants April, 1990

On Jun 12, 2012, at 12:45 PM, Lacher, Ron wrote:

"I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help regarding the disappearance of Brandy Hanna. Although it’s been seven years since Brandy went missing, I truly believe we will find her. The case has been cold for so long and now, with your help, I finally have some answers. Without your help I would never have been able to find her shoe. It’s hard to imagine that after seven years the shoe was found in the exact area in which you described. Thank you again for all of your help. You have truly been wonderful and have done myself and Brandy’s family a great service. I look forward to working with you again. Take care and stay safe." Detective Lacher North Charleston Police Department

"Without Noreen Renier we would not have located Norman Lewis. I'm extremely impressed with her abilities. She told us things that she would have to have been an eyewitness to have known." — Olin Slaughter, Chief of Police, Williston Police Department Williston Pioneer, June 27, 1996.

"Your presentation on right brain processes as they relate to psychic ability and awareness was germane to our topic of left-brain/right-brain activities, and your discussion and demonstrations contributed to the participants' overall understanding and appreciate of WHOLE-BRAIN processes."
— Clairette T. Murray Training Specialist, Martin Marrietta, Orlando, Florida

About Noreen Renier - from her own website:

"The only psychic ever to lecture at the FBI Academy, Noreen Renier has assisted law-enforcement officials all over the world, working on more than 400 criminal cases. From the discovery and development of her unique talents to becoming a respected figure in the police community, this is the true account of Noreen Renier's remarkable life and career."