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Psychic Detectives


Testimony of some 100 skeptical American police officers from around the United States who were convinced psychics are gifted after working with gifted forensic psychics - see below:-

As an attorney I can state with absolutely certainty that the most powerful evidence AMOUNTING TO PROOF for the validity of forensic psychics is when tough, skeptical police officers and detectives - after working with psychics - tell millions of viewers around the world that these forensic-psychics are highly psychically gifted.

Read for yourself what the tough, usually skeptical police officers state about the highly gifted forensic psychics:

'I accept the psychics’ role in helping with murder cases – and I will call them again – because they get results…I am now a great believer in psychics helping the police'. Sheriff Bill Hasenaurer from Oneida Country Sheriff’s Office - on the East Coast U.S validating the psychic and mediumship gifts of gifted forensic psychic Phil Jordan- from PSYCHIC DETECTIVES episode 'Blood Money'.

“Noreen Renier helped to locate a plane containing the body of a relative of an FBI agent." Robert Ressler (Ex-FBI) (see Noreen’s site: http://noreenrenier.com/ )

“If it wasn’t for Nancy Weber
(the forensic psychic), in this case we would not have gotten the (kidnapped) children back … her insight, her help … we could not have done it without her.” - Detective Lou Masterbone from Morris County Sheriff’s office.

Police Comments: a) Detective Larry Beaver, Midwest Police Department: “I was somewhat surprised that it turned out exactly the way Sally (the gifted forensic medium) said it would … Sally’s involvement in the case was instrumental in putting the victim’s father’s mind at ease … had she not come out, had she not been involved we’d be wondering to-day where he (victim’s body) might be. If the opportunity presented themselves to work with a psychic I’m very open to that … I would enjoy the opportunity to work with a psychic or to see Sally again to get a feel – really and truly – to see how they work. I was amazed when working with Sally … I truly believe that there are people in the world that do have abilities that are beyond the normal person. Sally to me was a real person with a real gift.” (see number 9 below)

GIFTED MEDIUM ALLISON DUBOIS: The evidence below shows how wrong those unpleasant closed-minded skeptics were when they tried to unfairly attack gifted pscychic medium Allison Dubois who assisted police in the way these gifted psychic-mediums assisted police. It was Allison who inspired me to examine the evidence which is absolutely clear. Psychic-mediums DO ASSIST THE POLICE and they do have a gift. See for yourself herein below: (The television series MEDIUM based on Allison Dubois psychic-mediumship experiences has educated millions of people around the world in understanding what gifted mediumship is all about. On Australian television - 'MEDIUM' television series is in its seventh year of showing this year - a record for a psychic-mediumship televion show.)

Testimony of some 100 skeptical American police officers from around the United States who were convinced after working with gifted forensic psychics- below:

*** SKEPTICAL MATERIALISTS BEATEN: PSYCHIC DETECTIVES series has really upset the materialist skeptics. This is because the evidence - what forensic psychics produce - has been and is being recognised as valid by senior police officers, other paranormal experts and by other millions of television viewers throughout the world. This makes the skeptical-materialist philosophy of less value than the value of Donald Duck to the world. The materialist-skeptics responsed by lying, cheating, wilfully misrepresenting everything about the brilliant television show PSYCHIC DETECTIVES and PSYCHIC INVESTIGATIONS. One day some police officer will sue these insulting low level closed minded skeptics for every cent they have.

See -below -for yourself what the police officers say about these gifted forensic psychics:

Police officers who became professional psychics There are many police officers who themselves have highly developed psychic skills and mediumship which they use in their work.

Keith Charles was a police officer in London England for 32 years. His duties ranged from guarding Prime Ministers at 10 Downing Street, members of the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace, to walking the late Queen Mother round her beautiful garden.He has investigated all manner of crimes from indecency to aggravated assaults. Keith has also been a medium for 23 years and claims to be in direct contact with victims of crimes who have died. He is also the author of two books "Psychic Cop" and "Psychic Detective".

Chuck Bergman
was a police officer in the USA for for 32 years. He is also a 3rd generation medium. He is featured in the Biography Channel's program Psychic Search. Chuck’s new book, “The Everything Guide to Evidence of The Afterlife,” is a scientific approach to the existence of life after death, along with actual-case readings.

Riley G Mathews Jr
was an officer in the NYPD & US Federal Government for 11 years. His highly developed paranormal abilities resulted in numerous important arrests and convictions. After his retirement from the NYPD with a line-of-duty injury, he joined forces from Sept 1990 - July 1995 with Police & Government Agencies around the world using his paranormal abilities to help solve crimes. Riley G now gives public as well as private demonstrations, and seminars related to the paranormal and demonstrations of telepathy, psychometry, and remote viewing.

Testimony of some 100 skeptical American police officers from around the United States who were convinced psychics are gifted after working with gifted forensic psychics.

The following are just some of the well documented cases of law enforcement officers who at first were very hostile to psychics. However now they are publicly saying that in some cases they could not have solved the case without their help.

This below is not anecdotal evidence or hearsay. These are NOT actors pretending to be the police. This below in fact, is the ACTUAL testimony of identified POLICE OFFICERS, expert witnesses that would be accepted in a court of law reported in exactly the same words as were used originally in direct speech.

Case 1 PSYCHIC DETECTIVES episode 'Blood Money'.
Place:Oneida Police, New York
Case: Murder of four people
Psychic: Phil Jordan
Evidence produced: ten most relevant facts – which led to the arrest and conviction of three murderers now serving 100 years in prison each.

Police Comments:

1) Sheriff Bill Hasenaurer of Oneida Country Sheriff’s Office, 'I accept the psychics' role in helping with murder cases – and
I will call them again – because they get results, “I am now a great believer” in psychics helping the police'.

2) Sgt. Lynton Clark of Oneida Sheriff’s Office completely agreed about the use of psychics in "solving murders."

3) Kurt Hameline, Assistant D.A. of Oneida County stated words to the effect that using psychic "was critical to catching the murderers".
Source: Court TV Psychic Detectives


Case 2
Place: Staunton Police, Virginia.
rape of five elderly women
Noreen Renier
Evidence produced:
identified where the rapist lived, how he did his crimes, how he entered the rooms, that he limped, that he wore a uniform and that he had a scar near his knee. Predicted accurately that he would be caught before Christmas. With that information, the police caught the rapist.

Police Comments:

1) Police Deputy Ronnie Whisman
“We (the police) were impressed by the psychic on the important information she was able to give us … everything she said about the case came true.”

2) Special agent Darrel Stilwell said, “ .. obviously she has power … (Noreen’s psychic skills) gives you a little extra something to work for.”
Source: Court TV Psychic Detectives


Case 3
Place: Monroeville
Missing person- Sylvester Tonet
Nancy Myer
Evidence produced:
Map showing the location of the body- he was found exactly where she said,

Police comments:

1) Plainclothes police officer Will Greeway said, "I was skeptical at first, but as Nancy began to forward information about the case, I knew I was dealing with a genuine psychic because all information was deadly accurate. Nancy Myer drew a map – showing roads, pond, the rail line, forest, ravine".
Source: Court TV Psychic Detectives


Case 4

: Tucson Arizona
Case: Missing person Loretta Bowerwstock.
Psychic: Mary Ann Morgan

Police Comments:

1) Detective Fabian Pachero of the Tucson Police “After being involved in this case, I can say I’m definitely less skeptical of employing the services of a psychic …”

2) Detective Landon Rankin of Pinal Sheriff’s Office said about the gifted psychic Mary Ann, “I’ve never used a psychic before until this case. The information she gave us was pin point accuracy … a psychic gives us insights that we don’t have.”

Source:Court TV Psychic Detectives


Case 5
Place: Mt Pleasant Police Department (Iowa)

The brutal killing of Clementine Beavers and her sixteen year old daughter.
Phil Jordan

Police comments:
Police Chief August Hagers:
“Psychics have their place … what Phil (the psychic) had seen was accurate … they (psychics) have something we don’t have … they have a sixth sense I would do it again and call psychic Phil Jordan.”
Source: Court TV Psychic Detectives


Case 6
Place:Philadelphia Police Dept.

Missing person 21 year old female athlete Shilie Turner
Valerie Morrison- recommended by the FBI
Evidence produced:
The psychic also took on the feelings of the missing victim and stated there was enormous fear, in darkness, in tree-growth, shoes and jacket missing, buried in shallow grave, near religious fountain/ statute, trauma to the head, attacker knew the victim. The psychic in trance asked the mother, “where did you put me”. The mother screamed with panic. It was enough for the police to focus on that. Very soon afterwards the mother confessed she shot Shilie in the head. She was found guilty of murder and is doing time 15 years.

Police Comments:
Detective Frank Martin “
All the information given to us by the psychic was one hundred per cent correct.”
Source: Court TV Psychic Detectives


Case 7
Morris County Police
Debbie Keyes' ex-husband abducted 3 children against a court order
Nancy Weber
Evidence produced:
Nancy first told her that the specific information where her husband had taken the children – to Euless, Texas. When police checked it out they found that the children had been there but had been moved days earlier. But the psychic came up with a new address in Ramona, CA. From there the police actually spoke to a neighbor who told them that once again the children had just left – but gave them an address in Hawaii where the children had been taken. Debbie Keys- had not seen her children for thirteen months but Nancy Weber told her that one of her daughters had been attacked by a dog and was left with a scar on her face, but that she would be reunited with them soon. That’s exactly what happened – Debbie Keyes was reunited with her children – her daughter had a scar on her mouth caused by a dog!

Police Comments:
Detective Lou Masterbone
from Morris County Sheriff’s office: “If it wasn’t for Nancy Weber in this case we would not have gotten the children back … her insight, her help … we could not have done it without her.”
Source: Court TV Psychic Detectives


: The television show Sensing Murder recently in New Zealand caused a sensation when the most brilliant forensic psychic- mediums participated in the television show 'SENSING MURDER'. Brilliant forensic medium Deb Webber and Kelvin Qruickshank each independently were able to give some 43 correct variables, accurately describing a murder, WHERE the killing took place, HOW the murder took place, WHY the murder took place and WHO murdered the victim - naming the murderers .. Read more ...


9. Place: Oklahoma Police Department, (Midwest Police Department).
Case: ‘Psychic Detectives’ episode, ‘Bad Business’
Forensic Psychic: Dr Sally Headding (30 years experience working with the police)
Cold case: Lawrence Mbroh goes missing. Police left with no clues – no suspects, no information at all. Police call in psychic Sally Heading.

Some of the psychic’s evidence gifted forensic psychic Sally Heading produced: "Dark experiences … a business deal went wrong … money is involved … he (victim) had taken a dark path … I see blood … he’s not alive … I see asphalt … barbed wire … wire poles … I see a blue blanket … he’s wrapped in the blue blanket … above ground … not more than 20 miles from here …(points on the map the probable location where the body is … hunters find the body, the blue blanket - exactly where the gifted psychic indicated with her finger on the map) … ( eventually caught convicted, sent to jail)

Police Comments: a) Detective Larry Beaver, Midwest Police Department: “I was somewhat surprised that it turned out exactly the way Sally (the gifted forensic medium) said it would … Sally’s involvement in the case was instrumental in putting the victim’s father’s mind at ease … had she not come out, had she not been involved we’d be wondering to-day where he (victim’s body) might be. If the opportunity presented themselves to work with a psychic I’m very open to that … I would enjoy the opportunity to work with a psychic or to see Sally again to get a feel – really and truly – to see how they work. I was amazed when working with Sally … I truly believe that there are people in the world that do have abilities that are beyond the normal person. Sally to me was a real person with a real gift.”

Source: TRU TV.


Case 10

Place: Cheming County Sheriff’s department, Elmira, New York
Case: 'House of Peril' : Rose Swartwood
, an elderly person was murdered in her home. Case had gone cold.
Phil Jordan
Evidence produced:
He told them there were two suspects – he could see them: one Afro-American, one Caucasian. One had tattoo on his arm, the tattoo had a female name on it. He eventually was able to accurately identify the two suspects from a number of photographs.
Police Comments:

1) Lt Mike Mucci stated that the psychic was “one hundred per cent correct with the information given”

2) Detective David Olszowy,
Sergeant Charles Patterson also sated that the psychic was brilliant: “I don’t care how it (psychic phenomena) works. I don’t know how it works and I don’t care how it works – the main thing is that the bad guy gets caught.”
Source: Court TV Psychic Detectives


Case 11
Pacoima Police Los Angeles
Missing nurse Melanie Eurebe
Etta Smith
Episode: 'Suddenly Psychic'

Evidence produced - closed minded detective became a disgrace to LAPD:

The highly incompetent, negligent and unprofessional Los Angeles P.D. detective 'R'. (VAN NUYS COMMUNITY Police Station 6420- Sylmar- Pacoima Police were involved too) in December 1980 charged her with murder! This is where professionally untrained and closed-minded skeptical police make stupid blunders which caused the police department he worked for thousands of dollars paid in damages to the gifted forensic psychic. Psychic Etta Smith told them where to find the body. And when the skeptical detective would not act on the information she gave him, she went with her two children and found the body herself. Being a closed minded skeptic, this uninformed detective did not believe that a gifted psychic would have the precious 'psychic-gift' to help the police with forensic physical evidence. This was something where other- more intelligent police officers were doing - working with gifted psychics! This incompetent detective even knew at the time of booking Etta Smith with murder, that the victim nurse Eurebe was raped immediately before she was killed! This colossaly negligent detective became a disgrace to the Pacoima Police, at Los Angeles for not doing his work professionally. He relied on his closed mindedness to do his police work as distinct from being intelligent, open minded and acting according to the physical evidence produced by the gifted forensic psychic.
Police Comments on this controversial case:
Detective Patrick Conmay: " Had it not been for Etta Smith this case would not have been solved as rapidly or possibly not at all."

Source: 'Psychic Investigators'

Part 2

Case 12
Belvedire Police, Warren County, New Jersey.
Murder of nurse Elizabeth Cornish- cold case
Nancy Weber
Evidence Produced:

The closest the police came to solving the crime was to suspect the victim’s boyfriend. “WRONG!” said gifted psychic Nancy Weber, “he’s innocent”. The actual suspect, she said, “has reddish brown hair, is 5’10” tall, has a scar in his right side of his face, has a beard, his first name is John and his surname was one syllable starting with “R” (later confirmed to be ‘Reece’), he wore a “Western” type buckle on his belt and he resided in the flat above the murdered victim. The murder weapon was a hammer- the suspect threw it in the water nearby". All this physical evidence was subsequently found to be one hundred per cent correct. The police had initially brought John Reese to do a polygraph test which was administered by a police expert with 23 years experience. But the polygraph CLEARED the suspect! At this point the police wanted to concentrate on the victim’s boyfriend but the psychic said ‘stay with the tenant John Reese.’ The breakthrough came after the autopsy report showed that John Reece’s alibi did not cover the actual time of death. After heavy questioning, John Rees confessed, was charged, convicted and is now serving a lifetime in jail.

Witness comments:

1) Capt. Detective David Heater of Warren County Prosecutor's office:
“Nancy was probably one of the driving forces which kept me going back to

Reese ... I was willing to give him up but she was very insistent ... whether you want to call it spiritual matter ... whatever it is the psychic sees you got to be able to believe in it ... there is science ... it may be supernatural. I don't know how to explain what a psychic does ... how they do it ... all I know it works."

2) J. Lewis police polygraph expert:
" I had been brought in to polygraph two suspects. They both passed their polygraph tests and I cleared them. But a few days later I received a phone call that the second person, John Reese, had been brought back in for questioning and confessed to the murder! In my entire career running the polygraph, this is the only known error that I made. Imagine my surprise when I read in Nancy's book that the detective was quoted as saying that it was her identification of Reese that directly led to him being brought back in! Thank God for Nancy. Because of her, Reese was caught. Even though I am retired from the New Jersey State Police, I still conduct polygraph examinations and consult on open cases. I do not hesitate to recommend that investigators contact Nancy for help on their cases. In fact, I feel I would be remiss if I did not. She is a valuable resource for law enforcement."

Source: Court TV PSychic Detectives
Letter from polygraph expert Jerry Lewis.


Case 13
Place:Marin County Police
Case: 30 years of collaboration
Psychic:Annette Martin
Evidence Produced: Various

Police comments:

1) Police sergeant Richard Keaton of Marin County “I call in a psychic to investigate (the crime with us). I don’t know how she actually obtains the information. I don’t ask too many questions because I have seen too many successes (using psychics) … When Annette comes to the (Police) Department we normally sit in a quiet office. I give her a brief outline of what the case is about. Annette concentrates … goes into meditation … and starts sharing verbally with us the things she’s seeing or perceiving … we take her to the crime scene … and would ask her what she can see … about evidence … and she’s able to replay that like a video tape like a movie …
Wouldn’t it be wonderful in the future to see a team of psychic cops working with us from the inception of the crime … and maybe shorten down the time element in the apprehension of criminals … that would be wonderful.”

According to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle the 30 year partnership of the police officer (now retired) and the psychic has led to them setting up in 2001, the Campbell agency Closure4U Investigations, which opened in 2001 and is currently working on finding missing persons and solving cold cases from around the country. Read more… also you can access Annette on
Source: 1998 program prepared by Discovery Communications for the Science of the Impossible

Case 14

Police: Tangipohoa Parish Sheriff Office
Case PSYCHIC DETECTIVES episode ‘Final Delivery’.
Place: Albany
Case: Murder of pizza delivery 16 year old boy.
Police state: that all clues exhausted and case went cold …
Gifted Psychic: Rosemary Kerr -
Detective Kenneth Gaillot contacts psychic. Rosemary Kerr: Det Kenneth Gaillot stated that he worked with this psychic before and obtained most positive results.
Part of the evidence produced included by the psychic: sees “gravel … near railroad track … some five people involved in the crime … sees a shoulder tattoo – dagger with a blood-drop on one of the murderers …(in the car with the police psychic, while driving in the relevant area, identified the house where the five murderers lived …”That’s the house … those there are the people who killed the victim …” . Main suspect was cleared by the police because his alibi was confirmed- BUT psychic was able to break the suspect's alibi. (Police pursued these clues, arrested and convicted all killers).

Police comments (those who worked on the case with the psychic):

1) Detective Kenneth Gaillot, “I have a lot of faith in psychic Rosemary Kerr (she gets results) …she definitely knows what she is talking about … She (the psychic Rosemary Kerr) has a gift … and I’m glad she decided to help law enforcement with this gift.

2) Detective Gary Baham, “It made us look at things we did not look at … it (her psychic skills) opened to a wider perspective (of the case) …”

Source: Court TV Psychic Detective

Case 15
Place: Portland Police, Oregon
Missing person Alexis Burke
Laurie McQuary
Evidence Produced:
Claimed that the husband of Alexis, John, had strangled Alexis; many people knew what happened and were not talking; water was important; there was an old car involved, and John's younger brother Kelly was implicated. Intrigued by Laurie McQuary's theories, Detective Lee investigated the clues. After a year, he got a confession.

Police comments:
Detective Robert Lee:
"Laurie said that the body would be buried where John could keep an eye on it- in fact it was only 75 yards from the house...there were just so many things that were tremendously accurate."
Source: Court TV PSychic Detectives (see below)


Part 2 Part 3 Part 4


Case 16
Spencer Police, New York
Lost 5 year old child Tommy Kennedy
Psychic: Phil Jordan
Evidence produced:
Although psychic Phil Jordan had never been in the woods where the lost boy was believed to be missing, this gifted psychic draws a most vital map. This map showed among other things: near a lake; three boats beside the lake; a building across from the boats; a waterfall; a field; a young boy under a tree. The child was found

Police response:The chief of the local volunteers Richard Clark said he was stunned at the accuracy of the map and the leads.

Detective Dave Redsicker said it was his first case working with a psychic. The leaders of the search, the police and the Tigoa County Search & Rescue gave unqualified credit to Phil Jordan for finding the missing boy. So much so that the Tioga County Sheriff had him sworn in as a Deputy to assist in other cases.

Source: The case has been documented in three books - Phil Jordan I Knew This Day Would Come: A Personal Journey to Psychic Awareness (Jordan 1999, 58 64). Jenny Randles and Peter Hough Psychic Detectives (2001, 86-88) - see Phil Jordan’s webpage http://www.philjordan.com/

NOTE: When a Skeptic wrote a book claiming that this case of Tommy Kennedy was a myth, Mary S Kennedy wrote on Amazon.com:

" [The Skeptic] should take his own advice: do the hard detective work. [He] never did his detective work on this story, that is to contact the principles involved in the incident.

I know because I am the child's mother, and I was never contacted. And I also know for certain that scores of volunteer firemen and policemen were searching for my son unsuccessfully, in the wrong area for hours. The next morning, Phil Jordan arrived, asked me for a personal article of Tommy's, and with Tommy's little sneaker, as well as hand drawn map of the area (an area which Phil Jordan had never seen before), Phil walked directly to my son.

Would Tom be alive today if it were not for Phil Jordan's God given ability? Probably not.

Believe in Psychic ability or don't believe, it makes no difference, but please don't deprecate a miracle. Because of Phil Jordan, I held my son in my arms again. There is no way that I can ever thank Phil Jordan enough. That's no myth, it's a plain and simple reality. "

Source: Mary S Kennedy on Amazon.com.


Case 17
Place: Cumru Township Police Pennsylvania
Unnamed woman strangled
Dr Lauren Thibodeau
Evidence produced:
Detective Wanner, Cumru Township Police in Pennsylvania first consulted Dr Lauren Thibodeau about an unrelated case and she told him that soon he would be working on an old, unsolved crime. Six months later Detective Wanner was given the file on an unnamed woman who had been strangled, tied up in a blanket and dumped over an embankment in the small community of Cumru Township, Pennsylvania in December 1984. Dr Thibodeau had visions of lines of light across a map from New York to Chicago, a truck driver and the Brooklyn Bridge; murderer was a smoker, wore thick flannel shirt; there was sexual violence; the incident occurred near the Great Lakes; truck door was white. Spurred on by the psychic's accurate information, Detective Wanner was able to identify the victim and make contact with the victim’s family. Detective Wanner was able to arrested the murderer.
Police comments:
Detective Wanner:" the psychic's assistance was critical to solving the case. "


Case 18
Place: Lompoc Police (near Santa Barbara U.S.).
Case: 'Call It Intution'
. Murder of ‘Owen E’
Dixie Yeterian
Evidence Produced:
Dixie Yeterian stated that, “ … the body would be found some 15 miles away from the murdered home; there are farms in the are; a steep hill; cattle; gravel road.” She saw “ …a rifle being taken away from the wall”. She heard a gunshot; felt pressure on left side of the brain. He “… was buried in a shallow grave.” She gave them more information but the final piece of critical information the psychic told the police was that the murdered own son killed his father. Police picked up the son and after telling him what the psychic told them, he confessed. He was convicted of murder. Detective Ramos stated that the psychic accurately described what happened to the murdered father – as told to them by the son.

Police comments:

Detective Mel Ramos (Ret.) of Lompoc Police Department:
"The information Dixie gave us was like a giant key...we solved it through her. We would never have found the body if it wan't for her."

Court TV Psychic Detectives
And Strange But True Documentary.
Watch video


Case 19
Oklahoma City Police
Kidnap and murder of Jamie 22
Nita Lee and Dr Sally Headding (pictured left) worked independently
Evidence Produced:
Confirmed that the there were three men on contract to kill the victim; that the victim was ‘dead’; the dead victim was NE of the city near the State line; was near a train track; there was a sign ‘Cattle’ and another sign ‘HURFORDS’; he was wrapped in a blue blanket near a tin building; that he would be found by two deer hunters (as he was in November 1994); that the planners of the murder would be eventually caught.

Police comments:
1) Det. Paul Zeckman
Midwest City Police Department :“I don’t know how these psychics do it. But they perform a service we cannot ignore. One day psychic witnesses testimony will be admitted as evidence. In the past DNA and polygraphs were not admitted in evidence, so it will be only a matter of time before psychic evidence will be admitted because of the critical information they give us to solve murders.”
Other witnesses:
2) Detective Dan Evans
3) Police Officer Patrick Quigley,
4) Diedre Esherman,
5) Assistant District Attorney, Detective Pam Garrick.


Case 20. .
Place: Wilmington Police Delaware
Serial rapist
Nancy Weber
Evidence Produced: The gifted psychic Nancy led the police where the criminal actually lived. She pointed to the actually building. The suspect slept in a uniform ... There she said – I see him in my mind – coming and going. The criminal was arrested, interrogated and confessed.

Police comments:
1) Col. Irvin Smith of Wilmington Police Department
“Nancy Myer made an outstanding contribution to law enforcement and the community. She was not paid for her services - she wouldn't take money. She was just a lady who wanted to help.”
2) Detective Jay Ingaham: "It was one of the most amazing things (psychic Nancy Myer changed the police suspect sketch) to have one of our composite sketches changed to make it look like the real suspect. ... we had nowhere else to go (with the case) ...She would walk like a houndog trying to sense where the suspect has been ... and she (the psychic) actually pointed to the building where the suspect made an application to reside there ... then we caught him ... and the people of Delaware could live in peace again ...). It makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up when you know she (the psychic) can do something like that.


Case 21.
Williston Police Dept. Florida
Norman Lewis disappeared
Noreen Renier
Evidence produced:
supplied them with physical evidence - where to find the body - describing the immediate environment
Police comments:
Senior detective Slauter:
"Noreen Reiner - the psychic gave us everything we needed to find Mr Lewis ... and I am convinced that if we didn't use a psychic in this case, Mr Lewis would still be at the bottom of that quarry ...".


Case 22
Place: Santa Clara Sheriff's Department.
Norma Hofer missing, murdered
Forensic psychic: Donielle Gordon
Some of the evidence produced by the psychic:
told police Norma Hofer had been strangled; she was at a party the night of the murder; murderer wrapped her in a blanket; she's on near the top of a hill; there are some houses nearby; you will find the critical vehicle in an underground garage; fingerprints and blood of the victim in the vehicle.
Police comments:

1) Captain Gary Colla:
"she (the psychic) gave me accurate information the first time, why can't it be true for the second time? (this was when the police were desperately wanting to find the victim's car. Police found the car where the psychic told them it would be found). It turns out that Donielle (the psychic) was an investigator too, like a fingerprint expert or an expert analyzing clother fiber ... was one piece of the puzzle that helped bring it all together .. a very well done job."

2) Deputy Michelle Sandri:
The psychic "makes you believe in psychics! Because of the psychic we resolved it real quick instead of taking months or years."
: Psychic Detectives television series


Case 23.
Place: Santa Clara Pol
Janet Myers murder
Rosemary Kerr
Evidence produced:
Two suspects blamed each other – the case resulted in a hung jury. . The psychic told the police how the murder happened. But also the psychic said there were TWO murderers. On that information the police retried and scored a conviction of both suspects.

Police Comments:

District Attorney Le Blanc:
“Rosemary’s contribution to this case was significant …I relied on the psychic Rosemary for details …There are clearly individuals in this world who have an ability that are beyond our normal five senses. Rosemary (the psychic) is such a person.”
Source: Psychic Detectives television series


Case 24
Place: Staunton Police Virginia
Rape of five women.
Noreen Renier
The police had no clues at all and the public was furious that the police were not able to catch the violent rapist. There was a crisis in the lack of public confidence in the police…
Evidence produced: She was able to supply them with physical evidence to convict the rapist – by identifying him where he lived, how he did his crimes, how he entered the girls’ room, that he limped, that he wore a uniform and that he had a scar near his knee. On that information, the police caught the rapist. When Police Deputy Ronnie Whisman asked the psychic “when will the rapist be caught?” The psychic replied, “Before Christmas.” The rapist was caught on the 22nd December 1979.
Police comments:
1) Deputy Police Ronnie Whisman
said about psychic Noreen Renier: We (the police) were impressed by the psychic on the important information she was able to give us … everything she said about the case came true.”
2) Special agent Darrel Stilwell said:“ .. obviously she has (psychic) power … gives you extra something to work with.”
: Psychic Detectives television series  


Case 25
Place: Zachary Police Louisiana
'Eyes of a Stranger' Psychic Detectives episode. Rape and murder of five women by Derrick Tod Lee
Jeanne Borgen

Psychic's findings:were all confirmed by the police:
- police have the wrong suspect
- the suspect is not white, he's black
- he is a peeping tom
- has been a peeping tom since he was very young
- there is a witness ... find that witness (witness eventually found and led them to the suspect)
- describes suspect ... (description perfectly matches the witness' description of suspect).

Police comments:

1) Lieutenant David McDavid stated,
“I’ve never dealt with psychics on a day-to-day basis …My feelings are that if the good Lord gives you that (psychic) power, use it to assist law enforcement in very way.”

2) Police Forensic expert and consultant Ann Williams said,
“Without psychic Jeanne Borgan, we would have been chasing our tails. I wouldn’t have known he was a black man … I wouldn’t have found our witnesses.”

3) Larry Hardmen - Detective Baton Rouge Police Department:
"We had a serial murderer on our hands. But not enough evidence to ID the suspect. We had no witnesses. We contacted Jeanne and she described the killer and led us to his capture and incarceration. I was a skeptic. Not any more!"
: Psychic Detectives television series  


Case 26
Place: Belpre Police Ohio
Murder of Jennifer Mcready
Georgia Rudolph
Evidence found:
Jennifer Mcready was found buried brutally murdered by a gunshot to the head. Police had no more leads. Detective Sergeant Dave Garvey called gifted medium GEORGIA RUDOLPH. The psychic told Detective Garvey that the missing person was dead, she told him WHO killed the victim and WHERE they could find the body.

Police comments:

1) Kevin Rings, Assistant District Attorney
:“Without Jennifer’s body being found we wouldn’t have been able to file a charge against Mr McReady … It would simply be an unsolved missing person case.”

2) Detective Dave Garvey:
“Georgia’s guidelines and thoughts whatever you want to say … led us to find the dead victim Jennifer … we were able to get the bad guy who is now in jail … and the family feels better.”

3) Monica Tanner, a former employee of the Belpre Police Department:
“Georgia made a world of difference. She solved the case.”

Source: Till Death Do Us Part episode.


Case 27
Place: Des Plaines
Police Dept.
Murder of 27 young boys by John Wayne Gacy
Carol Broman and Dorothy Allison from New Jersey
Evidence found:
The police were investigating the disappearance of Robert Priest. The psychics told them that there were many bodies buried under the house.

Police comments:

1) Lt. Joe Kozenczak said:
“The amazing thing is that the police didn’t know about these all murders … she (the psychic) told us. I became a believer in psychics.”

He went on to write: The Use of Psychics in Homicide Investigations by Joseph R. Kozenczak and Karen M. Henrikson, Des Plaines, Illinois


Case 28.
Place: New York Police

Kidnap and murder of 22 year old Kim Antonakos
Ellie Crystal

Police comments:

1) Detective Louis Pia NYPD (Ret.) and Detective Phil Tricolla NYPD 49th Precinct:
“One of the things I got from psychic Ellie Crystal, when I was present during the interview with her … it was most astonishing when she said the letter ‘J’ would be important in solving the case – the four convicted of her crime – all their first names started with the letter ‘J’.”

2) Detective Phil Tricolla said,
“I think these psychics are good at what they do … they have that extra sense … it’s a kinda like an enhanced god feeling …”. (1995).


Case 29.
Place: Berlin Police Maryland
Murder of Louise Williams
Deborah Heinecker

Case went virtually cold - initially skeptical, police did not follow the physical evidence related to by the gifted psychic. Police thought the missing person Louise Williams had ran away with some guy. But the gifted psychic said her son-in-law Billy killed her. The psychic provided the relevant physical evidence for the police to solve the crime.

Police Comments:

1) Detective Sergeant Bill Gordy:“I personally believe the psychic played a pivotal role in this case. I’d like to think we could have done it without her, however, that’s not the case. Her predictions were the key which led the accused to confess".

2) Maryland Police Trooper Paul Frick (known for his strong skepticism about psychics BEFORE the case):
“So if someone to-day asked me what I think of psychics, I have to say I have changed my views completely and I’d listen to a psychic.”


Case 30.
Place: Oklahoma City Police Dept.
Missing person Lawrence Mbroh
Dr Sally Headding
Evidence found:
Sally Headding informed police the missing person was dead, brutally beaten- and where to find the body – and other information given about the case which led to the apprehending of the suspects.

Police Comments:

1) Detective Larry Beaver Mid-West Police Dept.:“If the opportunity presented itself again for me to work with a psychic I’d be very open to that and would enjoy the opportunity to see another psychic or even work with Sally Headding to get a feel for really and truly how they work. I was very amazed working with Sally … I truly believe there are people in the world who do have abilities beyond the normal person. Sally to me is a real person with a real gift.”
Psychic Detectives' ‘Bad Business’ episode



Case 31.
Place: Kittery Main Police
, fishing village, near Boston
Missing body- Chris Toby drowned
Helen Churchwell Legotti
Evidence found:
She drew a chart and tells Sgt La Flamme of the Marine Patrol exactly where to find the body. She also tells him if the search is made in the area, the body will be found within 2 days – giving lots of specific clues where to find the body. After 15 minutes underwater at 60-80 feet, the body was recovered on the second day.

Police comments:

1) Deputy
Chief John Bennett of Main Marine Patrol congratulating gifted psychic Helen Legotti (nee Churchwell):“I think when you imagine the enormity of the ocean and all the variables that can happen when someone drowns … just to be able to find that person it’s a big, big deal … it really is. I used psychics before … (and will use them again)…”

2) Karen Dandurant,
reporter for the Portsmith Herald stated, “I’m kind of in awe being a skeptical reporter … It’s a kind of a miracle the psychic just found him … She’s never been anywhere near the Isle of Scholes …”


Case 32
Place:Port Kembla Police Dept., New South Wales, Australia.

Case: Disappearance of Maria Scott.
Psychic: Debbie Malone.

Police comment:
Police Officer: Det. Sen. Const. Geoffrey Little
I’m a sceptic but I just can’t explain some of the things psychic Debbie Malone came up with that were just incredible. I was astounded honestly as was the police woman who was with me. We were just amazed. I even sent some paperwork off to our Missing Persons Unit later to introduce Debbie to them. I think she is doing something with them now. . …. . It can give you avenues of investigation that you didn’t have. But then you have to get solid evidence to confirm what they’ve found. You can’t use what they say. They can maybe help you find a body. They can maybe give you something that you didn’t have before – something out of the blue. I said to other officers, I can’t explain how she picked up what she did.”

Source: Detective Senior Constable Little, Lake Illawara Local Area Police Command, NSW. Australia. Who Magazine.


Case 33.
Place: Des Moines Police Dept. Iowa

Case: Jimmy Voll - missing.
Forensic Psychic: Sue Walker
Some of the information by the Forensic Psychic: (case had gone completely cold when psychic was called to assist): all clues given by the psychic were confirmed:
- person is confused and lost ...
- he feels fearful and confused
- I see some kind of 'fortress'? something like that ...
- see sign - soldier and 'dragoon' ..
- must head South West ... (bush area is 70 hectares) but focussed on just one small area ... where police found the missing person's auto.
- must go off road ...
- he's no longer alive now ...
- there's metal ... cabin ... (missing person was eventually found in a metal cabin) in the area identified by the psychic
- I see someone wearing a bright orange vest .... ( later a hunter wearing a bright orange vest led the police where the metal cabin was)

Police comments:

1) Deputy Bill Bartleson
Madison Co. Sheriff: "Jimmy was found in a metal cabin ... as the psychic described it ... found by a shooter in that area with an orange vest ... I was very impressed reviewing it later ... there were so many things she was on ... it was eeirie to me. I think this could be a powerful tool for law enforcement cases where everything else has failed ..."

2) POLICE CHIEF Gary Hulse De Soto Police Departmen: " ...I got to thinking back .. psychic Sue was right ..."



Case 34.
Place: POLICE Dept., Bethseda Maryland, Washington

Case about:
missing case initially - brutal killing of young female Harvard graduate
Deborah Heinecker
Some of the vidence produced:
very masculine but looks female, male energy, jealous of Laura, Laura not alive, grave close to suspect’s camp, shallow grave, murky soil, face exposed - all confirmed.

Police comments:

Detective Richard Fallin Montgomery Police:
“Deborah’s description of the grave site was very close to what it was … it was excellent...The psychic in this case helped us out. I’m open to using psychics if she can help me I’m very pleased to take her help to help me close cases.”

Psychic Investigations


Case 35.
Place: POLICE DEPT., Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Case: two teenage females raped, murdered.
Psychic: Noreen Renier
Some of the evidence produced: saw face clearly, sketch made. Accurately describes the victims and how they died – they could not breathe (plastic bag), saw blue truck, letter ‘R’ of the murderer, the police will get him when he’ll be 32 years old and will be wearing a mustache. (all confirmed to be accurate by Detective Jerry Moran).

Police comments:

Detective Jerry Moran:
" ... the sketch by Noreen turned out to be amazingly accurate … in hindsight the clues provided by Noreen were right … I’m glad I used a psychic because it opens up a whole new avenue of investigation we had nothing to lose by using her and everything to gain.”

Source: Psychic Investigations television series.
(episode ‘TUNNEL VISION’)


Case 36
Place: POLICE DEPT., Albany, Georgia

teenage Jessica Reinhart murdered, house burnt.
Psychic: Karen Prisant
Some of the evidence produced by the psychic: young man, blond hair, white man, not well-kept, rabbits in cages back of a house, (rabbits of the victim were to be later to be found in the suspect's home); he's around 5'9", at the time of the murder had a knife, he set the house of fire, went in police car directing where to find the suspect ... tells police of two names that repeatedly come to her 'Lucille' and 'Merilyn' - turned out the suspect's house was on the corner of two streets with those names.

Police comments:

1) Detective Ray Folsom:
"The time I spent with Karen (the psychic) gave me a lot of insight. I think with someone like Karen coming in, getting focused .. that's not a bad idea.

2) Robert Windham CSI Albany Police Dept.
" Highly unusual to bring in a psychic for investigation but if traditional techniques do not work, then produce any method available" (especially using gifted psychics).
Source: Psychic Detectives. 'HARE EVIDENCE'

Case 37.
Place: Sharon Police Department

Darrell Cozart Missing, found murdered
Forensic psychic:
Mary Ellen Rodrigues
Some of the psychic's evidence:
something happened to Darrell, keeps telling me the same word over and over 'Fickel'; he's been shot a few times, there's a rope around his head; lying in swamp; face up; you will find him before Tuesday.

Capt. Jerry Smith:
"I don't know how to explain it. I don't know if I believe in it. I just know that it happened ... there's no explanation for it! Darrell (the murdered) kept telling the psychic (from the afterlife) 'Fickel', 'Fickel' ... It was only after we arrested the suspect that it dawned on me it was his (the suspect's) surname ... that was exact ..."

Source: PSYCHIC DETECTIVES television series Court TV.


Case 38
Place: Maryland Police Dept.
James Outten missing, later found dead
Forensic psychic:
Noreen Renier
Some of the psychic's evidence:
'they knew each other', 'they were friends', 'there was hate and anger at the time of the killing'; 'I see a number 4 ... a pathway which will lead to a two story very old house ..."

Police comments:

1) Sgt. Hank Brittingham
, "I found number 4 and the path which led to the old house exactly the way Noreen described it ... It was very satisfying this case...it finally closed. I believe Noreen helped us tremendously ... I believe Noreen is special. She helped us and she could help many other agencies they struggle with murders they cannot solve ..."


Case 39
Place: POLICE DEPT. Colonie New York

CASE: Armand LaForest, 33 disappearance
Forensic psychic:: Ann Fischer (20 years w/ police)
Some of the forensic psychic’s information:
- gave police directions drawing a map
- see victim in water (eventually found in a car totally submerged in water.
- hears tire screeching
- trees in the area
- he was not alone at the time of death
- he was with a woman
- blond hair
- he’s in the Mohawk river

Police comments:

1) Lt. Alex Rinaldi
, “The only reason why we searched the Mohawk River was because of the psychic telling us that’s where he (the victim) is – and we found him. In an investigation, if the family decides to employ a forensic psychic …and develop some type of information certainly I’m going to listen to it and will look into it – and if credible I’ll investigate."
2) Independent assessment – by Carol De Mare, Reporter Times Union, “Ann Fisher was instrumental in helping the family and ultimately helping the police for finding Armond". (the victim).
Season 5, Episode 13 Secrets in the Deep
Albany Times News Report

Case 40.
Place: POLICE DEPT., Kenner New Orleans
Andre Daigle - MIssing-murder ...
Forensic psychic:
Rosemarie Kerr
Some of the Forensic Psychic information:

- Slidel (suburb) is important (police found the victim's motor vehicle there)
- number 7 is important (police find suspect in apartment 7, highway exit was marked with the number '7').
- police find blood stain - critical evidence in apartment 7 which convicted the suspects.
- body near railroad track,
- just before he died, victim was with a female and two males
- body near bridge, railway lines ... water.

Detective Jim Gallaghar: "I was stunned and amazed what she (the psychic) told us ... the Prosecution decided it was very important for Rosemary (the psychic) to testify. She led the police directly to the killer. You can't dispute that ... that is a fact what happened ... I was skeptical prior to this but there's no doubt in my mind that Rosemary has a gift."
Other witnesses:
Assistant D.A. Jefferson Parish:
W.J. Le Blanc

Source: Psychic Investigations- Storyhouse Productions Tru-TV 'Midnight Strangers'


Case 41.
Diana Goldston, missing > murdered.
Forensic Psychic:
Carol Pate
Some of the information by the Forensic Psychic:
- victim murdered
- suspect was heavy with drugs
- she sold flowers
- (showed police where the abduction took place)
- suspect believed victim stole money from him
- victim shot, can feel the bullet
- victim bled
- males were holding her physically
- they were keeping the victim down
- showed police where victim was murdered
- man and woman taking her out of the truck
- there's a jacket he took off the victim and threw it up in the air and landed on a tree
- dragged boy in the woods and left her there
- male returned and stumped victim in the neck with boots
- there's graffiti near the bridge where the body is.

Police Comments:

1) Detective Kenny Kirkland:
"I remember what Carol Pate told me (about the case) and indeed it became true ... My reaction to the female confession accomplice I had heard it all before ... was told to me before by Carol .... We were shocked ...she (the psychic) was able to tell us what each person (overseeing several photographs) did and what their part was in the crime. She just reaffirmed that I don't know anybody who could do that ... to be able to narrow it down to just one place (from a huge area near Lake Roberts) ... it's pretty outstanding."
2) Det. David Stewart:
"Carol Pate got several things right when dealing with the case ... and so Carol Pate obviously has some special gifts to be able to do things that a normal person cannot do. She was able to tell us things about the case she knew nothing about (before she started). It was pretty phenomenal she was able to do that."

Source: Psychic Investigations television series.


Case 42
POLICE DEPT: Parsippanny New Jersey

Case: 'Driven by Darkness.'
Serial killer James Koedatich
Nancy Webber
Some of the information by psychic:
- "victims knifed, not shot."
- "I see a many grabbing the girl pulling her into his car at knife point..."
- "the car is older model ... shaded green ..."
- "I see the killer ... white ... first name James ... surname starts with K and ends with ich ..."
- (at the murder scene, pointing the exact spot where the victim was killed ...)
- "killer is about 5 foot ten inches ..."
- "he's done some hard time in Florida jail)
- "he's going to kill again." (he did)
- "I see his tyre tracks .." (critical physical evidence)
- "suspect had recent problems with local police officer whose surname starts with hard "c" ...
(Police officer Contanza found- Police officer Contanza spots the car listed as the one driven by the suspect. Stops car - driver's name: James Koedatich) - the name which had been given by the psychic some weeks before!
Police comments:
1) Detective Jim Moore:
"It's just amazing how some people have this gift ... she was right with everything she told us ... someone might say it's unbelieveable ... but I became a believer ..."
2) Sgt Bill Hughes:
"In my opinion this is no different when you use a psychic to point you in the right direction ... same when you use police hotline to give you direction to source leads ..."
PSYCHIC DETECTIVES, Court TV productions. Episode called 'Driven by Darkness'


Case 43
Place: Xenia Ohio Police Department
Greg Turner missing > murdered.'Deadly Triangle'?
Forensic Psychic:
Karyol Kirkpatric
Some of the information by psychic:
“Triangle situation - 3 people involved. Jealousy. Violence. Victim shot. Victim had been moved to a shallow grave in woods. Leaves. Near wooden fence. Sound of rushing water. I see a blue car to do with the murderer …(to the police) you are driving around the victim’s body.”
Police comments:
1) Detective Dan Savage: "We found the psychic was to be absolutely right: she was right the victim was shot. She was right about the blue car. She was right about the rushing water. She was right about the lover's triangle. She was right about the wooden fence. She was right about the shallow grave, about the leaves…” The direct and indirect message to the television viewers: “ I’d call her again in future investigations.”
2) Prosecutor Attorney, Bill Schenk Greene County, Ohio: stated words to the effect that without the medium Karyal Kirkpatric the case might not have been solved.

Source: PSYCHIC DETECTIVES, Court TV productions. Episode called A Deadly Triangle


Place: Polo, Missouri. Polo Police Department
Case: ‘Family Ties.’
Psychic: Joyce Morgan

This police matter became a cold-case with no clues at all. Here are just some items of the evidence produced by the forensic psychic when the police had no leads to continue on the case: forensic psychic Joyce Morgan actually identified one of the two killers from a photo album; she names killers by name (Jimmy, Delmar) … where the body of the victim Angela Davies was to be found – ‘that area had number 108’ (the body was actually found in NE108th ST.), motive for the murder was about money. Murdered Scott Davies, the husband of the murdered victim Angela Davies refused to accept the killers’ demand to help them rob a bank. (This and other important very information – some of it classified as ‘physical evidence’- given by the forensic psychic Joyce Morgan were 100% correct).
POLICE COMMENTS: 1) Police Chief John Rodriguez, Polo Police Department. Missouri: “You’d be a fool not to use psychic Joyce Morgan. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Joyce Morgan does have a gift and she helps other people … A homicide investigation is just like any other investigation. You pick up one piece at a time and what she (the psychic) allowed us to do was to take several pieces from one area – pieces from another area and we put it together to give us a pretty good idea what that puzzle looks like … and from all that we go ahead and solve the case.”
2) Police Deputy Roger Porter (Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office): Joyce Morgan (the psychic) is a good investigating too to have around when you run out of all options. She does have a gift … she helps other people … and she is good at what she does. Anything Joyce Morgan told us about the case was used by the detectives … and because of her help we took two people off the street who needed to be taken off the streets …”

Source: PSYCHIC DETECTIVES, Court TV productions.


45. Place: North Little Rock, POLICE DEPARTMENT
Case: Episode, ‘While You Were Sleeping.’
Psychic: Forensic psychic Carol Pate
Cold case: When the case came to a halt because there were no more leads, the police Sgt. T.J. Farley called the psychic Carol Page for help.
Some of the evidence produced by the Carol Pate: “ … I see something really wrong in this house.. night-time, a man with a revolver going up the stairs …he’s been hired … he was given a map of the internal of the house …wife involved … some $30,000 missing …victim’s wife spending the family’s money secretly… (when initially tested by the police, psychic Carol Page correctly identifies the possible suspect from four photos facing downwards).

Police Comments: a) Sgt. T.J. Farley: I would recommend her (the forensic psychic Carol Page) to any agency and give her the opportunity to do it …I’d laugh at you if you don’t!”
b) Sgt. W.J. 'Buddy' Miles.
“I believe Carole Pate gave us directions that helped us because we were pretty well out of directions …”

Source: PSYCHIC DETECTIVES, Court TV productions


Place: Miami Town Police Department

Case: ‘Beautify and the Thief’. Abduction and murder of a female teenager
Psychic: Micki Dahne (see younger Micki Dahne, picture, below)
Cold case: Police contacted psychic – police had no leads at the time. The case came to a full halt without any clues whatsoever.
Some of the evidence produced: “… screaming … not what she (victim) expected …it was her boyfriend … he works with water (worked as a plumber) … I see initials ‘R.S.’ (turned out to killer’s name: Russell Sanborn) … I see letters written by him to her … I see water (was living near car-wash) … I see him near the beach … he’s a killer … he’s smoking … I see him attacking her … I saw him killing her …”
Police Comments: a) Detective Roosevelt Turner - Miami DADE Police Department: “We had nothing to go on (before the psychic came on the scene) … she was correct on everything she told us … from his (the killer’s) initials ... where the scene was ... his occupation ... the letters … it turned out to be true… Initially I did not believe in psychics but working with Ms Dahne I found psychics could be very helpful. I definitely work with psychics again.”
b) Detective Jerry Zito:
Miami DADE Police Department – “The information she (the psychic, Micki Dahne) gave us, if not close, it was right on the button …”
: PSYCHIC DETECTIVES, Court TV productions


47. Place: Boca, Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office
Case: ‘Sweethearts.’
Psychic: Phil Jordan
Cold case: Police had no more clues left, so they contacted the psychic Phil Jordan.
Some of the evidence produced: victims dead … bodies are less than a mile from here … they were here (actual place) having a good time picnicking … they were approached by two men … had had a shotgun the other a rifle … I’m sure (the victims) are dead … cause of death gunshot wounds to the head … bodies near a white house … seems to be a ramshackled house … I also see railway tracks … a depot … beyond that a sandy mold … (about the suspects): a Latino … dark hair, dark eyes … dark mustache …see a guard dog … during investigation … (helps with composite sketch of one of the suspect)… yes that’s him … (With this information the police were able to pick up the suspects) …
Police Comments: Captain Lou Sessa, Palm Beach Sherrif’s Office,
a) In looking back at the investigation and the use of psychic giving us key points that he (Phil Jordan, the psychic) came up with those hits … makes you think and wonder how they come up with this (psychic) information …
b) Detective J.P. Rerndell, Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office: Phil Jordan – the psychic had the investigation ability which was of great help to us … he just had it in a different (psychic) way.

Source: Court TV.


48. Place: Sayrevile Police Department
Case: Psychic Detective episode, ‘Pushed Too Far’- Nichole Arochas victim.
Psychic: Frank St. James
Cold case: Police had no more leads, family pressure, psychic consulted:
PSYCHIC PRODUCES PHYSICAL EVIDENCE Psychic correct in everything he said and produces physical evidence for the police – the black car and the victim inside the car.

Some of the psychic’s evidence produced: “ … she’s at a party … a young female … I have Nicole presence … trying to communicate .. talks about a red car and a black car … near railroad track … near a bridge (psychic draws on a piece of paper a map indicating the area … (all go to the identified area) – black car found … Nichole dead inside the car … Michael Reed …a boy friend of hers initially had driven her from the party elsewhere in a red car … then changed car – went into the black car … (Police charge boyfriend for injecting Nichole with heroin)
Police Comments: a) Captain William Gawron, Sayreville Police Dept.: “It was amazing how he (the psychic) could draw something … an area he has not seen before … I was stunned! I was skeptical at first and I’m still not sure how they (psychics) do what they do but I certainly would have to say that I would work with them (with psychics) in the future …”
b).Detective James Novak, Sayreville Police Dept.: “I believe that Mr St James possesses special power and it’s one that I certainly would like to have in my job.”

Source: Court TV.


49. Place: Akron Police Department
Case: Psychic Detective episode, ‘Officer Down’.
Psychic: Phil Jordan
Cold case: Police narcotics-officer Gary Yost shot dead – Akran Police have absolutely no clues at all – no suspects and no fingerprints. There was a great deal of frustration and anger because a police officer was shot dead … and there was nothing to investigate further. Akran Police actually contacted former police officer and psychic Phil Jordan to assist in the case.

Some of the psychic’s evidence Phil Jordan produced: “ … I see darkness ... this is not a personal matter … not one killer … there are five of them … the killer’s trigger finger tip missing … these people are into drugs … they need money … they need money … planned a robbery … I hear noise … intruders … I (referring to police officer Gary Yost) went out to check yard … I see one of the robbers … I identified him … he knows me too … we recognized each other … Suddenly I feel pain … I go to the ground … (in the police station reviewing mug shots … psychic identifies killer – and later the other killers). (All were picked up by the police – charged and all were subsequently found guilty of killing police officer Gary Yost). (Note: when the police picked up the psychic’s number one suspect had his trigger finger tip missing!)
Police Comments:
a) Detective Davin Van Pelt, Akron Police Department:
“We were going into so many directions … Don Webb (main suspect) was one of the pictures Phil Jordan the psychic picked out and put to one side … which made everything come together.”
b) Sgt. Al Wilkinson, Akron Police Department: “… it was pretty specific! …we were out in the field somewhere … (the picking of the killer’s mugshot) gave us something to work with and we were looking for that … whose to say there isn’t something there (translated: why would anyone not accept the physical evidence produced by the psychic Phil Jordan which led to the arrest and conviction of the susupects?)

Source: Court TV.

Place:Montana Dept. of Justice

Disappearance of Walter Sullivan
Noreen Renier
Evidence produced:
She told them where an assault took place, description of the assault, that it was an ambush, that a blue metal building was important in solving the crime, and provided a sketch. Used psychometry in by touching a bullet and keys.
Police Comments:
Det. Joseph Uribe of Montana
Dept. of Justice stated that the account given by gifted psychic Noreen Renier was “accurate in every detail”.
Source: Court TV Psychic Detectives


51. Police: Robertson Co. Sheriff’s Office.
young 19 year old girl goes missing Jamie Marabel. Case went cold.

Psychic: gifted forensic medium Nancy Myer -
Some of the evidence produced by the psychic: “… she was in a bar … she came out very late with someone she knew … I see a truck … white trailer … I see a white house … lives in the area … I can hear a dog … wooded area, near water … high electric wire towers … fear … weapon is involved …I see a long narrow metal shaft … she’s frightened for her life … someone will come in to inform the police about the murder …”

Police Comments: Police Officer Jim Marabel (Nashville Police Department): “She (psychic Nancy Myer) described the circumstances perfect ... she described it verbatim where Jamie’s body was found … I would strongly recommend that if somebody has a case unsolved … they contact psychic Nancy Myer to see if she can assist the way she assisted us …”




Case 1 PSYCHIC DETECTIVES “Little Boy Lost”.
Place: Grove City, Ohio. Franklin County Sheriff’s Office
Murder of elderly couple in their sixties. Cold case.
Tana Hoy (pictured, left)
Some evidence produced by the psychic:
‘I see a lone figure in the house …’, ‘suspect acted alone’, (not two as the police initially suspected), ‘I see a small boy trying to tell me something …’, ‘I see blood … water’ …’ the suspect broke the window from inside the house’ (‘to make it look like a burglary’ (police thought it was a burglary gone wrong), ‘killed by someone who was very familiar to them’ … ‘suspect had a lot of hatred’ … ‘it is going to be somebody nobody had initially suspected’ … the little boy was a representation of the son … yes … clear now … the son killed his parents …”

Police Comments:

Detective Zachary Scott: “I see the psychics as a tool … as an option if they are connected in the right area that you need … and I think a detective would be a fool not to use that option if it was available …”




Police: Wilmington Police Department
PSYCHIC DETECTIVES CASE: “Three of a Kind”- Mrs Mary Dugan found savagely beaten and knifed to death.
Evidence by the Psychic: just some of the confirmed critical information given by Nancy Myer the police did not know: ‘three suspects involved’; ‘victim died very violently’; ‘piece of tissue found near the body critical – has connection with one of the killers’ (had a tiny piece of hair of the one of the killers); (when Detective Jay Ingraham was driving psychic Myer to the victim’s house – told Detective Jay to stop the car and pointed to a house, saying ’That house is connected to the case’ (house where one of the killers was living. (All information proved correct).
Detective Edward Head stated that he had invited the forensic psychic Nancy Myer because she was great help to him in the past- found a missing person. Detective Head contacted Nancy Myer about this case.

Police comments: Detective Jay Ingraham who investigated the case: “It gives you goose pimples to think that somebody could look at a crime scene photograph and pick out a small tissue (which contained just one of the killers’ hair) which led to police evidence that was linked to the suspect. … I have no idea how Nancy (the psychic) does what she does but she gets results … she gives us information that we can verify and we were able to solve the crime with her.”



54. PSYCHIC DETECTIVES television series

Place: Hillsborough Police Department
Case: LETHAL LOVERS, Missing person - Mrs McNamara. Police had no clues at all.
Gifted Forensic Psychic: Jeanne Borgen
Evidence produced: Among many other things the gifted psychic said, “It’s like looking at a moving picture only I can stop it anytime to study the person I see. I first got a picture of this boy … early twenties … blonde … light color hair … the victim knew him … I also saw his girlfriend … brown hair … but victim now afraid … he was not a friend … it turns ugly … she shot her …he is going to kill again … kill a military man … you can find her body about 25 miles from where she lives …her body is in a rugged creek … (shows police on a map where to find the body) … and not far is the second body (of the military man) … the victim was put into the boot of her car …(police found the car inspected the boot and found the victim’s blood – enough to charge the killer Barry Brown for killing Mrs McNamara and the military man – (killer Brown got lifetime in prison).

Police comments:
1) Sgt. Eugene Wood
, “The physical description fitted exactly what the psychic told us … she couldn’t have been more accurate …This was just incredibly right-on! I doubt if we could have solved the case without Jeanne Borgen’s (the psychic) help … I recommend any police department to use a gifted psychic …”

2) Sgt. Skip Mefford: Everything the psychic told us was precise … It was my first experience with anything like that – and it was absolutely incredible!

Source: Court TV Psychic Detectives



Place: Fresno, CA Police Department
missing child, ( 9 year old Steven Brown).
Gifted Psychic:
Kay Rhea (pictured, left)
Evidence produced:.
(when the police had no clues at all). Among other things, the psychic stated, “ I cannot hear the heartbeat … child is dead … he is near a river … I saw the boy’s body floating …he drowned … near trees, smooth rocks around … I hear cars go by …I hear a whistle … I suspect father’s girlfriend involved in the killing of the boy … (police interviewed suspect named by the psychic … and confessed to the killing – got twenty five years to life in prison).

Police Comments:
1) Sgt. Tim McFadden, “ ... as the psychic predicted … the body was found in the river …near smooth rocks … near a major state highway … next to a quarry where you could hear the whistle for lunch and breaks …”

2) Detective Tom Turk (Madera County Sherrif’s Office), “We were skeptical at first …but after the facts presented she (the psychic) was right on course. I’m telling you there is something there (in psychic phenomena) … it’s credible.”

3) District Attorney David Minier, Madera County, “Law enforcements have found that (gifted) psychics can be very effective and so it’s done on a fairly regular basis … we just don’t hear about it …”


56. Police: Ithica Police Department
Case: ‘The Girl Who Wasn’t There’ – 8 year old Jessica Urso disappears from family outing.
Psychic: gifted forensic medium Philip Jordan
Some of the psychic’s evidence, “… she is dead … in the water – in the marina, not the lake. I see a cross … numbers come to me … number 17. The missing girl had a head trauma …" Police later confirmed the girl was found near a symbol of a cross (a boat's mast) near a timber post with large number 17. Also confirmed is that the girld drowned and autopsy confirmed the girl had a head truama which caused her to lose consciosness and to drown).

Police Comments:
Police Captain Mark Dresser
on psychic Phil Jordan, “Phil is a tool for the police to utilize and the information he provides is very important to law enforcement … He made a believer out of me.”!

Police Officer Thomas L Yetzer, “ The quicker you get Phil Jordan to the case the quicker you get to the person.”




Police: Lamar (Colorado) Police Department.

Case: ‘Driven to Danger’: Missing husband Ron Osborne.
(Traditional investigation failed to find the missing man to his disappearance. Police had no clues. Police call psychic).

Psychic: gifted forensic medium Philip Jordan

Some of the psychic’s evidence by psychic, “I see a face but not a body with it … someone … he (the missing person) was acquainted with … It had to do with a transaction of a car … He is not really a missing person … he did not skip town … I suspect foul play …I feel pain on the right side of my head … he’s been shot on the right side of the head … yes he died from a gunshot wound to the head … suspect has dark scruffy hair … with a beard … I’m getting water … still water … like a canal … he will be found near the banks of the water but not in the water … I keep seeing a face but not a body …(psychic leads police to the area where the body is likely to be found – subsequently the body-skull with bullet hole to the right side of Ron Osborne found there …) All of the psychic’s information was accurate and confirmed.

Police Comments:
Detective Rick Black,
“The psychic was strikingly accurate… He removed some of my skepticism … Were I to be involved in a case similar to this one, I most certainly will use a psychic again …”

Detective Rick Hollar, “Having a psychic telling you things to look for is one thing … But then when you actually find those things it certainly lends more credence to the validity of using psychics …”



Place: New Paris Police Department.
Case: The Fatal Ring. Execution style murder, no witnesses, no clues case goes cold. Psychic called in to assist.
Psychic: gifted forensic psychic Phil Jordan

Evidence: Some of the evidence produced by the psychic, “ … there is a woman involved somehow … (outside the marriage) …yes it is secret … leading a secret life … the victim came home … received a phone call … goes to the office … had some business dealing to attend … he thought he could talk his way out of things … other people involved … a betrayal … shots were fired … his hand … then his head … and then in his chest … it was some crooked business … I see a ring … the perpetrator of the crime works in one story building … there I smell gasoline … and there’s a big blue car. (Police confirmed exactly all these when they went to arrest the suspect). “

Police Comments:

Detective Raymond J Carich: “If ever I had an opportunity where I had a case with a lot of unanswered questions I would have no hesitation to contact a psychic (a gifted psychic like Phil Jordan).”




Place: New Haven Police, Connecticut
Murder of 21 year old Penny Serra on July 16th 1973
Mary Pascarella Downey
Evidence Produced:
She told the police that the murderer smelled of oil, was a mechanic, was wearing some kind of uniform at the time of the murder, had a name tag on his uniform starting with the letter “E”, was suffering from a pain in the head at the time. She predicted that the murderer would not be caught for many years but ultimately “blood will tell”. 26 years later the murderer, named Edward was caught using fingerprint matching and DNA testing of blood at the crime scene. He had been a mechanic at the time of the murder and had been visiting a nearby hospital for treatment of head pain. He was tried and found guilty and sentenced to a long term of imprisonment.
Police comments:

Detective George Mazzacane "ALL of the clues given to the police were 100 per cent accurate".
Source: Court TV Psychic Detectives



Police: Daviess County Sheriff.
PSYCHIC DETECTIVES episode ‘The Fugitives’.
Police: Deputy Larry Huskey and Deputy Don Fritz
Case: two lifers escape from a Louisiana jail and abduct a 5 year old girl.
Gifted Psychic: Joyce Morgan who assisted the police.
Some of the psychic evidence, “ two guys coming our way … one hairy face … they took the girl .. I see Y.O.U. in cemetery ,, I see ‘6’ and ‘O’ – (later police came across highway with signs showing ‘6’ and ‘O’ – and confirming the suspects were in that area) … came across a cemetery where there was marked on one of the headstones Y.O.U. … fugitives traveling North … girl in farm … owner’s name ‘Roberts.’ (One of the fugitives Roy Hill was captured … his mate Billy Wilson was shot dead in a burglary attempt).

Police comments (those who worked on the case with the psychic):

1. Deputy Larry Huskey: “To me it was a kinda eerie that Joyce Morgan gave the description that she gave and all that came true (for us to close the case) … the suspect was found on Highway ‘O’ and the remains of the murdered girl was found on Roberts farm – (as the psychic correctly predicted) …”

2. Deputy Don Fritz, “Joyce was very helpful in bringing closure to this case … without her information it may have taken a lot longer before we could realize what happened …”

Source: Superfine Films NY City, TRU TV, Time Warner Co.


61. PSYCHIC DETECTIVES - “A Fateful Friendship”
Place: Tempe, Arizona
Case: Missing person, Stacey Hendrickson
Psychic: Gale St.John
Police Officer in charge of the case: Detective Allen Reed
– some of the evidence produced by the gifted psychic 2,000 miles away from the scene: “I see water, cracked earth, a corrugated type of metal covering a building … palm trees … I see something across her wrists … I feel sharp pain in the back of my head … she was shot in the back of her head … you must find her roommate … the one who is going out with the roommate tonight is the killer and is planning to kill her…” (Police found the roommate, found the person, John Barry Adams, … arrested him …He was sentenced to 29 years in prison for murdering Stacey Hendrickson)

Police Comments: DETECTIVE ALLEN REED, Tempe, Arizona Police Department stated that before meeting the psychic he was a skeptic. But after working with gifted psychic, Gale St.John this is what he said in his own words, “I realized this (what was in the autopsy report) is exactly what psychic Gale St.John told me (from 2,000 miles away!) … gunshot wound in the back of the head … hands were bound … found near the water …a place with cracked earth …near palm trees … and the structure is surrounded by a fence and a window the building with corrugated iron … Not some of what she said, but ALL of what she said was true and accurate … I do like to think we would have ultimately identified and arrested John Adams BUT it was the psychic Gale St.John who led us to him and pointed us in the right direction …without a doubt.”


62. PSYCHIC DETECTIVES, Vanishing Trooper
Place: Pacifica Ca.
Police: Pacifica Police Department
Police Officer in charge: skeptic Sgt. Fernando Realyvasquez,
Case: Missing person
Psychic: gifted Annette Martin, specialist missing persons.

Some of the evidence produced by the gifted psychic, “My conscious mind is not working … my subconscious mind, my unconscious mind is processing all the information … He left his home … he had something in his hand when he went out … I see Mr Prado walking a great deal … I see a room that had a lot of books … religious books … the other thing I’m picking up strongly is the color green … it is really unusual to see green everywhere … clothes, towels, bedspread … (Sgt. Fernando Realyvasquez was stunned because he had not told anything like this to the psychic.) He seems very peaceful usually … but I feel he’s choking …can’t breath …can’t get enough air …I don’t see him far from home at all … in the San Pedro Park …(But the park is 2,000 acres of tangled underbrush, with steep hills. Police ask the psychic if she could pinpoint the exact location on a map). Yes, she said … circling a circle which represents one eighth of a mile on the map. …But, (she continues) … he’s dead … lying down some ten feet from the trail. (Police follow the psychic’s lead and find the missing person is the very center of the circle of the map she used – ten feet from the trail.

POLICE COMMENT: Sgt. Fernando Realyvasquez stated in his own words, “I have no idea how psychic Annette Martin does it all. I can say in this particular case had I not gone to her we never would have found the missing person.”


63. Case 1 PSYCHIC DETECTIVES episode ‘Hollywood Mystery’.
Place: Hermosa Police Department
Case: Missing person – model Linda Sobek
Psychic: Laurie Mcquary.
Evidence produced – very briefly, “I am receiving the impression that she (Linda Sobek) is gone (dead) (police did not know that) … it is a violent crime not an accident … I feel she was familiar with the person who took her into his car … I feel the search for her where the police found her car has to move out of that area and to go up the main highway towards the Los Angeles National Forest … (spreads map and draws a circle – a friend of the victim goes there and finds Linda Sobek handbag …) .. I feel the last person to see her was a photographer … he is the one involved …” (Police caught the photographer, was convicted of killing Linda Sobek, sentenced to life imprisonment).

Friend of the victim, Shawn Lucas, who also was investigating the case: Sean
"... Laurie Mcquary was right that she's (LInda Sobek) passed away, that it was not an accident but a violent death, that a photographer was involved, that she got the search to the Los Angeles National Forest ..."

Police Comments:

DETECTIVE RAUL SALDANA, Hermosa Police Department:
“I would not exclude working with a (gifted) psychic, especially if you’re working homicide if one of my children or grandchildren goes missing. I’d certainly try anything I could including a psychic.”


64. PSYCHIC DETECTIVES episode: ‘The Schemer’.
Place: Bethel Police Dept. Connecticut.
Case: Missing person, police officer Rickie Johnson
Psychic: Robert Petro
Police in charge of the case: Detective Bill Knowles Bethel Police Dept.

Evidence, very briefly, produced by gifted psychic (who worked with the CIA and Scotland Yard U.K.): “Missing person is not dead …he’s alive and well … he ran away from a crime … there’s money involved … basically he (this police officer) ran away with the money … he took a train South … he was going to continue West … he’s in a place with lots of students, horses …a horse ranch …I think he’s in Arizona … he does not want to be found … he’s in that area, he’s there … tighten the pressure and you will get him … He knows you are after him … it’s bothering him … and he’s going to crack and he will turn himself in …” (Police confirm all the above was correct. Suspect turned himself in, was arrested convicted and sentenced to 4 to 8 years in prison).

Police Comments: DETECTIVE BILL KNOWLES: “This case convinced me that psychics have a place in law enforcement.”

65. ‘PSYCHIC DETECTIVES’ episode, ‘Dressed to Kill’.
Place: Charelmont Police Department, Massachusetts
Police Officer in charge: Chief Steve La Tour
Case: Murder of a student Sharon Gregory
Psychic: John Monti

Evidence produced by the gifted psychic - very briefly, among other things gifted psychic stated, “ … when I see a photograph of the killer I pitch up what happened, a sense of what took place …a sense of events around it …(in this case) I see violence …I heard the name Jason, Jason, Jason echoing in my brain … I picked on a dilapidated building … must have been a slaughter house … killer was there …but he abandoned the slaughter house (police confirm everything the psychic stated … even saw the name on a wall ‘Jason’ … But … the killer will be found … by a hunter named Kevin who lives in a white house … and his German shepherd dog … they will find the killer … He’s in the area, he’s close by … He hanged himself … I see he’s wearing combat boots … blue jeans …a belt on his neck” (Police confirm everything stated by psychic John Monti was one hundred per cent correct).

Police comments: Chief Police Officer Steve La Tour, “I was very skeptical …(but) .. it was unbelievable …he (the psychic) was right … the name, the house, the clothes ... When we first had John Monti help us on this case I was very skeptical … In hindsight after the investigation …it was unbelievable! Just unbelievable!”


66. PSYCHIC DETECTIVES episode ‘Black Widow’.
Place: Chicago, Illinois,
Case: Catherine Suh, wanted for murder
Psychic: Nancy Myer, (picture left).
Police Officer in charge: Sgt. Bill Johnston, Chicago P.D.

Accused of murdering – her boyfriend, cashed insurance money for his death. Catherine Suh jumps bail. Police are looking for her. Police have no leads at all. Last time they saw her was in Chicago.

Evidence produced by gifted psychic, very briefly, “ … she (suspect who jumped bail) has set up her next victim …I see Florida driver’s license … (later) she definitely left the area (Chicago) … it looks Southern to me …the vegetation is different …it’s different ambience, culture … I’m getting strong impression she is in Hawaii … I’ve never been there but I’ve seen pictures of it … tropical setting …(Police subsequently confirm they now know she is in Hawaii) … Suspect has a new boyfriend …( but when police go to her apartment suspect had disappeared but not her boyfriend … Police eventuallycaught her, took her back to Chicago to stand trial, she was sentenced to life imprisonment).

POLICE COMMENT: Police officer Sgt. Bill Johnston, Chicago Police Department, states after the case was closed, “Psychic (Nancy Myer) was right. The suspect fled to Hawaii …and was dating a new victim … we also got hold of her Florida driver’s license … If I was at a dead standstill on a case I would turn to a psychic again for help … Do I believe in psychics now … I guess I kinda do.”

67. PSYCHIC DETECTIVES episode ‘Dance With a Stranger”.
Place: Delaware State Police
Case: missing person - abduction and murder of Susan Spahn
Psychic: Nancy Myer, gifted murder investigating psychic
Police officer in charge: Trooper Greg Sacco.

Evidence produced by the gifted psychic: “I was pulled to one side of the dance floor … I saw Susie … she was dancing with this very intense looking young man focusing totally on her … he is about six feet tall …the couple left the dance floor he lures her to the parking lot … and the mood changed rapidly …he got complete control over her … this crazy person takes hold of her and she’s dragged into the car … I’m really sure she’s dead …the guy at the disco did it … no doubt whatsoever … her friend saw her dancing with him … she might give you a good description of him … (Later) I know where the body is …in the sloping wood …there’s a sign which says Brandywine … right next to his manicured lawn …and below that I could feel a stream … I keep hearing motor sound but does not sound like a lawn mower …a piece of wire you will find that will connect him to the murder …I got a bad feeling we’re not going to find her for a year …”

Police Comments – Trooper Greg Sacco, “ We had worked with psychic Nancy Myer in a couple of other cases …she didn’t solve the cases, but she sure added elements to the case which led us to believe we were going in the right directions … we figured here’s a missing girl … things don’t look too good … and we should use every tool …the psychic said we will find something that will link the suspect to the case … that turned out to be the wire …After the case was over I came to the crime scene. (Trooper Greg Sacco at the place where the victim’s body was found) … Everything that psychic Nancy Myer said was here …The wooded area which was on a slope …just like she predicted …She also talked about the manicured grass which is the golf course here …she talked about a stream we have here …the other thing which came together was the sound of the motor going on and off and on …and when you get to a golf course you’d know what she is talking about …everything came together … she told me we’d find the body a year later … and we did find the body a year later.”

Place: Boynton Police Dept.

Case: Mystery on the Beach
Psychic: Phil Jordan (left, picture).

Police officer in charge: Captain Ed Hillary.

Sgt. John DeBattista, assisting.

Brief evidence produced by gifted psychic Phil Jordan, “I don’t want information ... just the picture of the victim … images will come to my mind …I don’t want my psychic abilities contaminated by somebody else’s thoughts … She was a twin … spoke with a German accent … she’s middle European …I felt this victim died from multiple wounds of stabbing … I perceived the home where the crime took place to be painted pink …(confirmed, house was painted pink at the time of the murder. New owners painted the house yellow) …I felt the violence of the crime … I felt the stabbing … the helplessness of the victim …I perceived the perpetrator of the crime wore brown uniform …a knife with a wooden handle was used in the commission of the crime …(the killer) threw the knife under a boat (parked near the house where the killer lived) …I felt that the killer had to have lived in that house (near the parked boat). (Police confirmed they got the killer who lived in that house identified by the psychic). (VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Psychic Phil Jordan sent powerful psychic energy vibrations towards the killer to destabilize him …When the police arrested the killer, he told them that he felt powerful feelings which destabilized him). "The killer admitted that he used a knife with a wooden handle and that he threw it under the parked boat next to the house he lived".).

POLICE COMMENTS: Capt. Ed Hillary, Boyton Police Department:- initially was very skeptical and at first refused to have to do anything with psychics. But when the case came to a halt, no leads, no clues and was invited to a police lecture about psychics given by gifted medium Phil Jordan, this Capt. Ed Hillary agreed to allow a gifted psychic to assist in the case. “Phil Jordan got my attention. I know that. I went into this very skeptical but as it turned out, I guess psychics have a place in law enforcement.”

Sgt. John DeBattista, Boyton Police Department, “If you bring a (gifted) psychic into a case …if he gives you one piece of information … that might be enough to clear the case …”

69. PSYCHIC DETECTIVES episode, ‘Lone Wolf’.
Place: Schuyler County Police Department, New York
Case: Murder -
Psychic: Phil Jordan
Police Officer in charge: Sheriff Michael Maloney.
Police Forensic Expert: Herbert MacDonell

EVIDENCE PRODUCED: by gifted psychic Phil Jordan (very briefly): “I start perceiving images through this object (psychometry – through the victim’s hat) …I see this person who is a loner …he hears noises in front of the house …senses danger … I see this man in a bar … doesn’t look wealthy but he has a large roll of bills …there’s this man following him … (perceived through the killer): “I know this man lives alone …I know he goes to the Post Office … he goes to the store … that would be an easy hit to get money …” Phil Jordan says that burglary went wrong … (continues …). As I started to walk across the crime scene I started to receive impressions… I suddenly feel the impressions of the victim … I hear noises in the house … a man standing … I can’t figure out why he in my house … he started hitting me … knocks me to the ground … fell over … kicking … beating un-mercilessly …(Phil Jordan again) I don’t feel there is a gun or a knife … I feel they beat him with something … with a blunt instrument … killers took him to the cellar …even though the victim was found in the cellar, the murder took place upstairs …killers trying to get money … they didn’t find much money …but they found guns under the bed …and took the guns outside … but threw them (in the plant growth) at the back of the house …(immediately the police called for assistance to try to find the guns … and the police found the guns where the psychic told them where they would be …) … (Phil Jordan continues) … one of the perpetrators fled the State …had a history of crime …It’s a man in his 20’s …and has long hair, beard ,,, mustache …and not a really well kept person … Somehow the initial “J” is significant in this case … Someone will come forward with the information … an informant with the letter “J” … (Police soon afterwards receive information from an informant about the case from someone called John McCarthy who was told about the crime by the killers …. (Police eventually catch three of the murderers …and were convicted of murdering the victim) … ‘This case is like so many other cases where the police exhausted all leads and all their investigation … they have no new leads …no leads at all …that’s often when they contact me …’

POLICE COMMENTS: Police Forensic Expert: Herbert MacDonell “I have no way of scientifically explaining how he’s (the gifted psychic Phil Jordan) so accurate. Many things in this world we don’t understand … psychic phenomena is one of them …”

Sheriff Michael Maloney: It was just an extreme investigation and I think this was a testimony to Phil’s (the psychic’s) work.


70. PSYCHIC DETECTIVES episode 'Portrait of the Past’.
Place: Selma, CA.

Case: female beaten to death
Psychic: Kay Rhea
Police Officers in charge: Det. Roger Wilbands, Det. Brandon Shoemaker.
Chief of Police: Tom Whiteside, Selma Police Department. Chief Whiteside was highly skeptical of psychics. Uninformed and ignorant about the potential value of psychics in crime detection, he negligently did not investigate the gifted psychic’s proven talents and filed critical evidence for 12 years. After 12 years a new detective took over the case and used the evidence given by the psychic Kay Rhea of 12 years earlier – and solves the case.

EVIDENCE PRODUCED by gifted psychic Kay Rhea – briefly: “I see him (suspect) with high cheekbones … hair dark … slightly curly …I could feel his mustache … I feel the person who did this worked together in a big factory … she’d become very much in love with him (the suspect) …Something she said to him made him angry … she made him angry because she was going to spill the beans …to his wife … (to her friend psychic artist (Tom Macris 25 years with San Jose Police Department) …He’s Spanish …parts his hair on the right …(shortly afterwards) yes that’s him … He (the Police Chief Tom Whiteside did not use it … stuck it in his file …). Subsequently, the police found all information given by gifted psychic Kay Rhea was totally correct.

(After 12 years, the case had gone cold, no leads, no clues - a new detective - Detective Brandon Shoemaker took over the case – and decided to use the psychic Kay Rhea’s information and sketch of 12 years ago – the Chief had negligently omitted to use. Det. Shoemaker investigated the police (not the psychic’s) sketch given by an alleged witness and Det. Shoemaker found that this witness was half drunk at the time of giving instructions about the sketch- it was worthless. (To detective Brandon Shoemaker, when he contacted her after 12 years to seek more information … she said to him, “You will find the suspect this side of the border somewhere near San Diego). So Det. Shoemaker used the psychic’s sketch and information and eventually got the suspect in San Diego, as the psychic Kay Rhea had told Det. Shoemaker 12 years later where to find the suspect.

Police Comments: Detective Brandon Shoemaker, Selma Police Department, “It is a miracle to solve a case after 13 years …any investigator will tell you that … without the sketch and and the psychic's involvement I don’t know where we’d be to-day. Using a psychic … in case like this .. is a valid resource that should be used again.”

Chief of Police: Tom Whiteside: When you’re investigating a crime like homicide you use every tool available to you - (you use a psychic)” (Seems this skeptical Police Chief learnt his lesson!)

71. PSYCHIC DETECTIVES episode ‘Random Touch’.

Place: New Haven, Connecticut Police Department
Case: young female killed by stabbing, found in parking garage
Psychic: Mary Downey
Police Officer in charge: George Massacane

Evidence produced, very briefly by the gifted psychic, “I get a very strong feeling of the color blue (victim was wearing a blue dress, the car where she was found killed was blue, the parking level was blue) … this was someone that did not know her … that this was a random attack … this man that killed her did not know her at all … the police are looking in the wrong places searching for those who had a connection with her (the victim) …My feeling … he was not connected in any way shape or form to Penn (the victim) … (Police Detective George Massacane brings coat of victim for psychic to do psychometry)… I get a feeling he wears some kind of a logo on the left side … not a uniform … but some kind of an overall … he wipes hand in a rag … to get rid of grease … he’s got to clean them with special stuff …my strongest feeling is that he works in an auto garage … as an auto mechanic I also feel the worst headache on top of my right eye … he’s got something with the head … either an eye injury … but something that reflects to the head …” (Police confirm all of the psychic's information was 100% correct).

(Case goes cold … Police had found the car where the victim was killed – with a fingerprint that the police could not match. But a couple of years later, the police found a fingerprint match to a guy who police found he was an auto mechanic who has treatment for head problems. The police arrest him and convicted him doing 20 years to life.

POLICE COMMENT: Police Detective George Massacane, “If there is a crime where it appears to be un-resolvable … when all else fails, there is a place for a psychic with the police department.”

72.PSYCHIC DETECTIVES episode: ‘Driven to Danger’.
Place: Lamar, Colarado
Case: Murder of male
Psychic: Phil Jordan
Police officers in charge: Detective Rick Black, Det. Rick Hollar

Evidence produced – briefly, by gifted psychic-medium Phil Jordan, “I see things as they actually occur as if I’m right there … I see he had an acquaintance … business deal … has to do with a transaction of a car … He has not skipped town …I definitely feel it’s foul play …I feel sharp pain to the head … like penetrating wound to the right side … he has died from a gunshot wound to the head … I see (suspect) with dark scruffy hair ... beard …dishovelled look …I’m getting water … still water like a canal. I feel the body will be found within ten miles from the last time where he was seen … I feel something will be found near the river but not in the river …somehow I can see a face but I cannot see a body with it …orange … the orange color is very important …the color jackets used by hunters … (some time later some five hunters together, wearing orange jacket find a skull … with a gunshot wound to the right of the skull …).
Police find the person the psychic Phil Jordan was talking about regarding a business deal of a car. Police successfully convict the suspect – got life imprisonment.

Police Comments: Detective Rick Black: “Mr Jordan was giving me an impression of the suspect that was accurate … at times it was eerie. Psychic Phil Jordan was strikingly accurate … the psychic always insisted that orange was critical …The psychic removed my skepticism … Where I involved in a similar case to this, I would most certainly use a psychic again.”

DETECTIVE Rick Hollar: “Having the psychic telling you what to look for is one thing … then when you actually find those things it certainly gives more credence to the validity of using a psychic …”


73. PSYCHIC DETECTIVES episode ‘Mystery in the Mountain’
Place: Polk County, North Carolina.

Case: Missing 51 year old Tom Amburn
Psychic: Angela Moore
Police officers in charge: Detective B,J, Bayne, Lieu. Chris Beddingfield

Evidence produced by the gifted psychic: briefly, “He’s having trouble walking … something wrong with his blood sugar … I feel he’s got something wrong with his foot … he used a cane to walk …this man does not want to be found …he’s on the mountain …(tells the police to stop the search elsewhere and to search the mountain again. Police stated they had searched the mountain ‘a hundred times’) …I’m looking down now … I believe he’s fallen …I see his legs … but not the rest of him … I believe there’s a fruit tree near where he is (most unusual to have a fruit tree on a mountain the police said) …I feel his legs are exposed …when I think of his body I see his legs (only) …there are animals in the area (that could have taken his upper body) I feel strongly he’s come to a dead end … a hunter is going to find him in the fall.” (All of the psychic’s information was confirmed correct)

POLICE COMMENTS: Detective B.J. Bayne, ”The psychic knew things I didn’t know …his medical history …I did not give her any of the details … we found the fruit tree – a peach tree … she knows what she was talking about …we did find his legs exposed (as the psychic predicted) but his upper body was taken away by animals … as she said …how did she know that? As far as the psychic it never hurts to listen … in my case she knew a lot more than I did …”

Lieu. Chris Beddingfield: “There were specifics the psychic was spot on … she told us he’s on the mountain … she said she actually saw him there …in the end that’s where he was … The psychic gives you another tool that you can utilize … just another avenue when you have no other leads …” _______________________________
74. PSYCHIC DETECTIVES episode The Broken Hand of Fate.’
Place: Xenia, Ohio Police Department.
Case: Murder of Amanda Mayer – body found on railway tracks
Psychic: Karyol Kirkpatrick

In charge: Prosecuting Attorney Bill Schneck, Greene County, Ohio

Evidence produced – briefly by gifted psychic Karyol Kirkpatick: “I see a young woman … a struggle … I see a white female … she’s fighting … seems as though he’s trying to strangle her … (at the general area of the crime scene) … here’s where it happened (pointing to a specific area on the railway tracks) … he was strangling her …she put up a strong fight … he couldn’t contain her …he picked up something sharp … (at the Police station – to Prosecuting Attorney Bill Schneck) … You’re going to find more clues in these photos of the victim … you’re going to find the answer … you’re looking right at it … it’s right under your nose …and I’m sure you’ll find it.” (soon after Prosecuting Attorney found the answer: the suspect had a fourth finger inoperative because of a previous accident, so when the suspect tried to strangle the victim there were only the impressions of four fingers on the victim’s neck that corresponded with the fingers. In addition, there was also a DNA positive finding linking the suspect to the murder).

Police Comments: Prosecuting Attorney Bill Schneck, Greene County, Ohio, “I wouldn’t hesitate to use psychic Karyol Kirkpatrick … I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to other prosecutors and law enforcement people … I like to look at Karyol Kirpatrick as a consultant with unusual talent.”


75.PSYCHIC DETECTIVES episode ‘Crossing Paths’.
Place: Washington Township Police Department
Case: female student Rachel Dames murdered
Psychic: Nancy Weber
Officer in charge: Detective Gary Micco

Evidence produced by gifted psychic, briefly, “I see a man … he’s very narrow and thin … everything about him is … miserable … has lots of anger … terror and darkness … I see Rachel looking very nervous … he walks behind her (in the woods road) … he’s dragging her into the woods … yes I see this man attacking her … I see a struggle … it’s horrific … I see a uniform … he worked in gas station … his name is Michael … this Michael has taken overdose of pills … (police ask psychic to draw a map where to find the suspect) …You are going to get him soon …” (Police catch suspect …was in hospital being treated for overdose of pills; he confessed to killing Rachel …convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. Police officer say the map the psychic drawn was accurate).

POLICE COMMENT: Detective Gary Micco: Psychic Nancy Weber was on the money (accurate) with her predictions … She was amazingly accurate and very helpful in terms of bringing this case to a conclusion.
76. PSYCHIC DETECTIVES episode 'A Dangerous Ride.’
Place: Clackamas Co. Sheriff’s Office
Case: Missing young female, Laura Bell
Psychic: Laurie McQuary
Police Officer in charge: Detective John Turner

Evidence produced by the gifted psychic-medium, briefly, (Case went cold. No leads, no clues. Psychic asks for the victim’s photo and the date of birth) … “I was able to start formulating in my mind what was going with this girl … I was receiving impressions what happen that night … I can see the party going on and I can feel somebody watching her … There was a man at the party watching … you’ll have to find this man … you’ll find her when you find this man … I can see that Laura is his target …now I can feel she’s angry with someone … it doesn’t feel right … she had an argument with this man …this man is definitely violent and he’s a bit older than the kids at the party … but everybody knows him …She’s leaving with this man … this man is dangerous …he’s from that area … and he’s violent … and now I feel she’s inside the car somewhere …she’s so scared … she’s screaming … don’t touch me … get off me she said (psychic tells the cop when he drove her to the area she nominated … yes here he attacked her … yes, this is the field (a couple of miles from the party scene) …I feel it very strongly … - (the field was the property Mr Coran, the
parent of the suspect Jimmy Coran who left the party with the victim - the psychic was talking about) … Detective Laurie McQuary interviews the suspect’s parents …) Psychic: the suspect came back … “he dug her up again and moved her to another place … “(psychic drives the Detective the area where the victim was re-buried) …After police search, body was found and arrested the suspect Jimmy Coran. The suspect was found guilty of the murder and got life …

POLICE COMMENT - Clackamas Co. Sheriff’s Office: Detective John Turner: “Everything the psychic told me was true … Police caught up with the suspect - who confessed that he buried the victim and reburied the victim three days later (as the psychic said) … I’d work with this psychic Laurie McQuary to-morrow … The information she gave me proved to be true and it was corroborated by the evidence at the conclusion of the case.”

77.Case: ‘Mirror Image’.
Place: Cass County, Dowagiac Police Department
Case: Murder of young female Barbara Warthan
Psychic: Noreen Renier
Police Officer in Charge: Chief Tom Atkinson
Evidence produced – by gifted psychic-medium Noreen Renier – briefly:

(Case went cold, no leads, no clues). Chief Tom Atkinson telephones the psychic Noreen, she replies about the case - briefly, “The lights are on … the television is on … I feel like she was stabbed … again and again … so much violence … so much blood …I don’t know if he put her there but she was found in a closet … I get a picture of a bar … it has a long ‘U’ shaped bar … it’s one room and there is a pool table over there … the bad guy plays pool there a lot … The killer was someone the victim didn’t know … it was a stranger … (Police Chief brings the psychic to the place where the murder took place) … Psychic says, “I can see the murderer … his face very clearly …(Police Chief sends psychic to police sketch artist – which gets immediate results from the State of Indiana … (Police further investigate, charge and convict the killer – who gets life in jail)

POLICE COMMENT: Chief Tom Atkinson: “The psychic – Noreen Renier – started to hit on things that no one would have known except the investigators …She knew the lights were on … the television was on … and the layout of the house … there is no way she could have got that information …My first response was (because the psychic was so accurate with the information) somebody had to tell her … and then there’s no way any one could have because no one from the outside knew and my office hasn’t spoken to anyone … so it was kinda shocking ... As we were reviewing the information that was obtained from the Noreen (the psychic) we came across the information that Kelvin (the killer) did frequent that bar and played pool there … When I first had the opportunity to do the interview with Noreen, I was a skeptic. But the more I spoke with Noreen there were a lot of items and things that she had told us about that were right on point- that were very, very accurate.”

78. PSYCHIC DETECTIVES episode: ‘The Man Behind the Mask’.
Place: Stauntaon County, Virginia Police Department.
Case: Serial rapist
Psychic: Noreen Renier
Police Officer in charge: Detective Ronnie Whisman. (working with Detective Lacy King)

Evidence by the gifted psychic, Noreen Renier, “I feel a delivery truck … something that goes round and round on it …something to do with his job …I feel like he was waiting for her inside her home … (psychic walking with Detective Ronnie Whisman outside the victim’s home … pointing at one window) … this is where he got in … I see an African American man … he’s medium height … holding a knife in my neck (victim’s neck) … he is very polite … he’s apologizing to me (to the victim) … I (now the suspect’s body) feel a scar on my left leg … he could be in uniform … The attacker lives in an old brick building … I see an old theatre across the street (from where he lives) … (later police followed all leads, caught and convicted the suspect)

Police Comments: Detective Ronnie Whisman: “I had never worked with a psychic prior to this … but we accepted all help … what did we have to lose? She (the psychic) was convincing about the things she was telling us …no one knew these things … all the things she said were prior statements of the victims … We were very surprised in everything she said because we were very new at working with a psychic and getting real education here. Everything that Noreen had told us turned out to be pretty well dead-on. We found he (the suspect) did have a scar injury round his knee … We found that he drove a cement mixer – that the mixer had to turn at all times …” (all information given by the psychic was confirmed). I will absolutely work with Noreen (the psychic) again … I don’t think any department would turn down help of any type …”

Detective Lacy King: When she was describing the actions of the suspect … it was just phenomenal to me. Psychics have their place in criminal investigations … and if you reached that frustrated level you take any help you can get (ie, help from psychics) …”


79. Case: PSYCHIC DETECTIVES (147) episode Lost in the Past.
Place: Vermont
Case: 'Lost in the Past'
Psychic: Phil Jordan

Police officer in charge. Detective Dave Schmall,
Sgt. Leo Blais Vermont State Police

Evidence produced – by gifted psychic Phil Jordon, very briefly, “I feel … a tug of war … a difficult decision … to stay with the present … She (the victim) was trying to make a decision as to whether to go with some man from the past or to stay with some man from the present … I see the initial R … relevant to this case …I see horses … split rail fence … maybe a riding ranch … I feel there would be a ranch near where there will be some important evidence … I feel chaos … trauma to the head … previous relationship … Judy is saying I have to get out of here … and suddenly she sees a gun … I feel there is a trauma to the head (was shot in the head) … (to the detective) … you are working with a homicide case … a crime of passion … I can see him burying her …” (This was the first time the police were informed that it is no longer a missing person case but a homicide case. All of the psychic’s information was confirmed to be correct by the police).

Police Comments: Detective Dave Schmall: “Phil’s (the psychic) impressions which he gave to me involved the education system … involved the indecision of the victim … involved the letter ‘R’ … involved the ranch type area … the blue gown vest .. all of this was used as corroborative … It is like a good piece of evidence it was something you could use as a tool … Under circumstances where it was necessary, I would use Phil (the psychic) again in a heart beat …”

Sgt. Leo Blais Vermont State Police, “ It takes a special type of person to be a psychic. I think some of them can be used for homicide or anything else.”


80. PSYCHIC DETECTIVES ‘The Phantom Trail’.
Place: Benton Police Department, Arkansaw.
Case: elderly female goes missing- Cora Herd
Psychic: Carol Pate
Police Officer in charge: Captain Roger Gaither (initially, he showed to be extremely skeptical of psychics)

Evidence produced by highly gifted psychic, Carol Pate, (after a huge search of the area there were no more clues, no more leads, case went cold) .. very briefly, “I saw Cora (the missing person) … she is still alive … she is wearing a pink sweat suit, sweat pants … wet at the top … she’s got one shoe on … one shoe off …yes, she is alive … and she needs to be found as soon as possible … she’s wondering out there in the woods … and it is dangerous in her weakest condition that she is … there’s woods … she is close to a stream or a small body of water … and I feel she’s right there in the stream … all they have to do is to follow the stream and they can locate her … when I sat on her bed I began to see what Cora was seeing around her … I saw trees, bushes …I saw a stream … now I see a wire fence … I saw Cora she wasn’t too far away from the residence… (this time with the police and the nurse of Cora in the woods led by the psychic) … I feel strongly there she is … the reason I am so persistent was because I knew it was a fact she was there … no question in my mind … (pointing to a place behind a wire fence) “She is right there Captain!” … (Even at that time Captain Roger Gaither was highly skeptical he reluctantly sends one of the officer to check out the area where the psychic was pointing) – there he found the missing person Cora bruised, lying partly in water semi-conscious – just as the psychic had predicted.

Police Comments, Captain Roger Gaither: “ …Shocked at the psychic’s accuracy … when Cora was found she was missing one shoe … she had a pink jumpsuit on … Cora was found in a running stream … this made me think what the psychic said being found in water … There’s no doubt we found Cora based on the fact the psychic was leading us in the direction where Cora was found …If my daughter went missing, no clues … I would call the Police Department first then (gifted psychic)Carol Pate second …”

Nurse, friend of Cora, “If it was not for Carol Pate (the psychic) we would not have found Cora …”
81. Case 1 ‘The Gambler’.
Place: Gonzales Police Department
Case: Murder of three women
Psychic: Rose Kopp

Police officers in charge: Chief Bill Landry, Detective Mike Toney (Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Department).

Evidence produced: by gifted psychic Rose Kopp, briefly, “I astrally walked into her (the victim’s) house …I saw her on the floor … so I moved back in time … and I saw him (the killer) with a knife … wounding … multiple stab wounds … around the face and neck … I’m trying to read the label of the killer’s jeans to give me some idea who he was and his height and weight …I determined he was between five foot eight to five foot ten … his hands were dirty … his fingernails dirty … he’s white … his hands are thick and callous like a laborer’s hands … Riverboat … river … a wall a rat… I see an old woman’s hand writing River Rat … I now see him picking up a metallic chair using it to climb on something (to enter into a house) … driving the vehicle I saw a blond woman … chubby blond shoulder length wavy long hair … fair complexion … I looked at the car and see inside on the back seat lots of papers … they are like gambling slips … things related to gambling … I see the same woman in a diner … I see her carrying plates … I see her pouring coffee … yes I got the impression she is a waitress … she has a name tag I am trying to see what name … it’s like Cindi … I look around to see the location … I see a billboard with a cow on it … (Police trace the suspect … suspect charged with the murders, convicted and sentenced to death.

Police Comments: Police Chief Bill Landry: “… the psychic’s description of the suspect - identical to the FBI profile of the suspect! He’s …white, five foot eight … he’s a laborer … and we found Cindi’s former employer at a restaurant. The accused nickname was River Rat – just as the psychic told us before we knew about it – and which I thought it was mind boggling! I think what’s important to understand is that you have to believe in the powers of the psychic in order to help you to expand your case or to help you clear up a case …”

Detective Mike Toney (Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Department): “There were no tricks or gimmicks here … Rose (the gifted psychic) has psychic ability and she provided that to us and helped us to clear up the case



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