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Best Afterlife Links

When people begin their search for information about the afterlife they often don't know what to look for and which sites are credible and non-commerical.

Here are a FEW of our favorite sites, chosen for their integrity and credibility
(updated August 2015).

1. New Paradigm Sicence

2. Research into the Afterlife

3. Contacting Other Dimensions Electronically - EVP and ITC

4. The Scole Experiment

5. Mediumship Research

6. Mental Mediums

7. Videos of Mental Mediums doing Readings

8. Trance Mediums


9. Direct Voice Mediums

10. Physical Mediumship

  • Circle of the Silver Cord
    Medium David Thompson's website featuring videos, testimonials and photos. Sign up for details of David's demonstrations all over the world.
  • Scott Milligan is an English medium demonstrating direct voice and other phsycial phenomona internationally.
  • The Banyan Retreat Centre in Kent, England hosts wonderful demonstrations of phsycial mediumship.
  • The Felix Circle
    Has beed sitting for physical mediumship since late 2004 based near Frankfurt Germany. Medium Kai Muegge nows tours internationally.

  • Ghostcircle- The Science of Physical Mediumship
    Medium Patrick Macnamara's web site devoted to studying and producing physical mediumship phenomena from a scientific point of view. Using regular off the shelf technology he captures videos of orbs and spirit presences on video film. No tricks, or mirrors, are used what would be the point as I am not making money and in fact it is costing me money and time to do this.

  • Noah's Ark Society for Physical Mediumship (NOW DISBANDED- archived site 2004) The Noah's Ark Society for Physical Mediumship was established in England in 1990 and had a membership of 1700 people and 150 member circles worldwide. This site (now only accessible in part through the internet archive) contained information on many great physical mediums from the past as well as information on the results of recent experiments.

11. Out of body experiences


12. Remote Viewing

  • Joseph McMoneagle's Remote Viewing
    This site by a leading remote viewer in the American military remote viewing program is one of the most comprehensive on the topic. It contains links to a number of academic and scholarly journal articles and papers by leaders in the field of remote viewing.

  • CIA-Initiated Remote Viewing at Stanford Research Institute
    Dr Puthoff was for many years the research manager of the CIA-Initiated Remote Viewing program at Stanford Research Institute. He presents the evidence that remote viewing has been conclusively shown to exist.

  • Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research
    Alex Tanous was an extremely gifted psychic. From 1968 until the time of his death in 1990 he was associated with the American Society of Psychical Research. During this time he served as the ASPR's leading "gifted" subject in many experiments. Alex also applied his talents to diagnosis and healing. Also documented by the ASPR are his powers of astro-projection, bilocation, ESP, psychometry, the Bergman test, and all of his past predictions. In addition, he demonstrated the ability to practice teleportation, faith-healing, communication with ghosts, solidifying light and projecting his thoughts on a screen.

  • Test your remote viewing ability
    R.Craig Hogan, author of a wonderful book on afterlife evidence Your Eternal Self writes: " To test your remote viewing ability, follow the instructions".

  • Clive Heatherington's Reality Walker
    At the age of 36 Clive Heatherington was a research scientist by profession with a background as a medical researcher. With the help of spiritual teachers he was taught how to open to other realities. His page contains Multidimensional awareness Information & Exercises to expand your awareness, increase your sensitivity and stretch your abilities to enter, access or remote view other dimensions, realms and realities.
  • Edgar Cayce's ARE- Association for Research and Enlightenment

13. Near Death Experiences

14. Deathbed Visions/ End of Life Experiences/ Shared Death Experiences

15. After-Death Contacts and Signs from Spirit

16. The Ouija Board

17. Poltergeists

18. Reincarnation




19. Answering the closed minded skeptics



20. What happens when we die?

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