by Victor Zammit
Retired Lawyer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales,
and the High Court of Australia

POINT OF ORDER! Initially - in 1990 - when I presented the evidence for the afterlife, I did not say anything about the 'closed minded skeptics'. I actually ignored them completely. But I had to reply after their continuous unfair attacks on me and the afterlife evidence. These uninformed skeptics wilfully, deliberately and unfairly fundamentally misrepresented my afterlife evidence. It became impossible to ignore the extreme provocations - especially by that extroverted closed-minded skeptic from Florida. He attacked me first, I did not attack any of them. But these skeptics gave me no choice. I had to show that these uninformed ignorant skeptics are wrong, why they don't understand what constitutes admissible afterlife evidence and why they are deliberately misleading everyone disseminating darkness on a global level.

Those closed minded skeptics-cowards have NOT responded to my evidence that 110 tough, intelligent, highly skeptical police officers - some of them chiefs of police CONCEDED - to millions of people of television viewers around the world - that psychic-mediums DO REALLY HAVE psychic gifts. See full report . All these low level skeptics cowardly avoided responding to my objective and repeatable afterlife evidence. All they did was to lie, cheat and wilfully misrepresent my afterlife evidence especially about PSYCHIC DETECTIVES.They know they are losers and defeatists. The educated, academic skeptics avoid my material because they know if they try to take me on it will be instant death to their reputation. If skeptics want to take me on, I suggest very strongly to ask their attorney to contact me. I do not correspond with uninformed, low level, uneducated, semi-literate, closed minded lying skeptics who use dirty, disgusting language to try to denigrate something they obviously do not understand.

CHALLENGE: put up or shut up about
......... SENSING MURDER critics
It is so unfair, unreasonable, unjust and plain dirty for these materialist skeptic critics to use dirty langauge against some of the world's top forensic psychics of SENSING MURDER. These dirty critics show they do not have the decency and the intelligence to criticise mediums without resorting to sewer tactics. 'Projection' tells us what is in the mind of these critics. The critics' 'empty talk' is without substance- and full of LIES. So, if you are a materialist skeptic critic about SENSING MURDER, why not apply to show that you can come up with some FORTY to EIGHTY hits about a case. I will compare you using Scientific Method procedure with a gifted forensic psychic. You and the psychic will be given a photo of the subject-person, but the photo must be remain face downwards - that's all you'll get! If you can obtain more hits than the forensic psychic you get yourself a cool $100,000. But if you fail, YOU pay the forensic psychic $100,000. That's fair! That is reasonable, that is just! Put your mouth where you money is - if you have any!!! email me if you have the courage to take on SENSING MURDER's gifted forensic psychics -


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A lawyer rebuts the giants of materialist science and negative empiricists - psychologists and other skeptics:

  • Professor Carl Sagan
  • Professor Richard Dawkins
  • professor's attack on EVP
  • psychologist on NDEs
  • Professor R Hyman
  • Have the debunkers lost credibility in PSI?
  • Natasha Demkina can sue
  • the debunkers who attacked Sir William Crookes

    (1) LAWYER’S CROSS-EXAMINATION OF PROFESSOR STEPHEN HAWKING’S COMMENT ‘THERE IS NO AFTERLIFE’. Here is something of great interest – it is highly entertaining, amusing, educational and witty:
    (Courtroom scene. Professor Hawking in the witness box being sworn in.)
    Judge: (looking towards his attendant) Swear the witness in.
    Court assistant addressing expert witness Prof Hawking: “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God’
    Pro Hawking: I don’t believe in God!
    Read full cross-examination ... Read full cross-examination

    (2) LAWYER’S CROSS-EXAMINATION OF CLOSED-MINDED JAMES RANDI. Significant feedack showed relative huge interest in cross-examination of selected people - finding cross-examination very etertaining, and very witty., :
    (Courtroom scene. James Randi in the witness box being sworn in.)
    Judge: (looking towards his attendant) Swear the witness in.
    Court assistant addressing “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God’
    Randi : I don’t believe in God - you should know that by now ...
    Read full cross-examination:

    Part 1
    Scientists frauds?
    Read PART 2 $1m challenge HOAX
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    PART 4 Critical Thinking HOAX
    Part 5 Police v Randi
    Part 6 The 'Carlos HOAX'.
    Part 7-
    More on $1m HOAX
    Part 8 -
    Failed to duplicate the psychics ..
    Part 9 -
    Refuses to take on psychics' own $1m challenge
    Magicians accept the paranormal
    Part 11 Summing up to the jury


    Hello Allison, hello James,
    We’re reading and watching fairly aggressive attacks by the JREF mob against you - and James Van Praagh on youtubes to take on his ridiculous bogus challenge when it is impossible to beat.

    Just for the purpose of the record:

    1. I suggest you refer that aggressive, insulting JREF sidekick propagandist to me (he has to earn his position as the second in command at the JREF by attacking the established mediums). We know it’s all propaganda, but you must be frustrated with all these unfair attacks on you and James V P.

    Read full letter

Victor on youtube



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  • FLAMBOYANT DEBUNKER CAUGHT CHEATING ON TV: yes, it really happened! This closed minded cynical debunker from Florida Zwinge randy tried to take on Don Lane - a brilliant and highly talented American compere of the then To-Night Show – viewed nationally on Australian television. The clip has become as one of the most exciting confrontations in Australian television history. It shows the debunker cheating - trying to bend a key (to try to denigrate Uri Geller) by pressing the key on his chair, hoping no one would notice. Enjoy

  • CHALLENGE TO THE CLOSED-MINDED SKEPTICS (and those into 'CRITICAL THINKING') : DUPLICATE WHAT 'MICHELLE WHITEDOVE' DOES AND YOU GET A COOL $500,000! Got the motivation? Got the stomach for it? Got the 'critical thinking' ?
    Is there a genius closed minded skeptic from Florida or New York, a genius materialist, a genius reductionist scientist willing to take up my challenge to duplicate for $500,000 what Michelle Whitedove has done to win Lifetime TV's award for BEST PSYCHIC IN AMERICA? See for yourself - in the video below-

    incredibly accurate psychic skills demonstrated in front of millions. Closed minded skeptics run miles- all the way to Florida - whenever she is around. NO FLAMBOYANT SKEPTIC from Florida, NO hard core closed minded skeptics from the East Coast have beaten her. I promised the closed minded skeptics $500,000
    to duplicate what Michelle Whitedove does under similar conditions. The only condition is that the applicant will pay us $500,000 if he fails to perform the tests. Do NOT be a coward skeptic. Take on the challenge or just shut up! Watch this truly amazing video of this great psychic!

    - and in other countries? Why are the so-called "critical thinking" skeptics protecting fraudulent medical research? Exposure and subsequent concern over medical research fraud is on the rise. It's now reached the point where blogs exist solely to cover retractions of published research. According to one recent poll for the British Medical Journal, one in ten scientists and doctors claim to have witnessed colleagues deliberately fabricating data in order to get their research published. Thousands of sick people are being killed around the world through medical fraud- and the closed minded skeptics keep conspicuously silent. Recently Sixty Minutes in the US exposed one of the greatest frauds in medical history- Dr Patti. And then there's Scott S Reuben, a prominent Massachusetts anesthesiologist who allegedly fabricated 21 medical studies of painkillers Vivo, Celebes, Extra and Lyrical. Read about ‘autism researcher’ Paul Hoarsen who was charged with 13 counts of wire fraud and nine counts of money laundering – and allegedly stole over a $1million from autism research funding; read about Boston University cancer scientist, Sheng Wang, who fabricated his research findings. His work was published in two journals in 2009, and he's been ordered to retract them; read about: Dr. Diederik Stapel who falsified entire experiments, and several dozen papers which were published in respected psychology journals and promoted in the mediaiii. And finally read how in January, resveratrol researcher with the University of Connecticut, Dipak Das, was found guilty of 145 counts of fabrication and falsification of data published in 11 different journals.

    SO WHERE ARE THE CLOSED-MINDED SKEPTICS- WHEN YOU NEED THEM? Why were PAUL KURTZ(now deceased), RANDI, HYMAN, BLACKMORE, WISEMAN and their other clones as quiet as 'worms'? Why do these skeptics who for decades have been so loud mouthed in their attacks on mediums KEEP QUIET about the brutal killings of innocent sick people? Is it not HYPOCRISY and the greatest BETRAYAL when these skeptics say NOTHING about medical fraud which is killing people? Are these skeptics part of fraudulent medical business? Or too cowardly and too hypocritical to take on the powerful pharmaceutical lobby. These skeptics pick on mediums and homoeopaths- who never hurt anyone - because they are an easy target. Closed minded keptics remaining silent shows how their claim to be 'promoting critical thinking' is absolute RUBBISH in practice. It's nothing but the old magician's trick - 'verbal sleight of hand' to make idiots out of innocent people - fooling you by lying and misleading you about the afterlife and the paranormal. And those other supporters of these closed minded skeptics swallow the hollow skeptical propaganda hook, line and sinker! A skeptical supporter 'sucker' is born every day! Read article" Is This Fraud Too Big Even For 60 Minutes?"

  • ASTRONOMER CARL SAGAN CONCEDED THE PARANORMAL COULD BE VALID. Contrary to the closed minded skeptics who still claim Carl Sagan was a complete anti-paranormal the evidence shows the complete opposite: that Carl Sagan WAS accepting the paranormal. This is his own writing, "At the time of writing there are three claims in the ESP field which in my opion, deserve serious study:
    . That by
    alone humans can affect random number generators in computers,
    that people under mild sensonsory deprivation can receive thoughts or images 'projected' at them, and
    3. that young children sometimes report the details of a previous life, which upon checking turn out to be accurate and which could not hve known about in any other way than reincarnation.

    FIFTH BIG WEEEK: NEW VIDEO- VICTOR ANSWERS A GIANT OF SCIENCE - how law beats 'science': I called the most recent video 'WHY PROF.RICHARD DAWKINS IS WRONG ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE.' In this highly esoteric subject, I give eight reasons why Prof R Dawkins is wrong. In point number eight I mention that whilst Dawkins denies 'chance' plays anything in his theories, reading his works shows that he claims and imputes that everything came by chance: the universe, gravity which holds order in the universe, evolution came by chance, LIFE itself came by chance, the energy behind evolution, consciousness came by chance - even the order of an atom came by chance. But NO say the experts, chance explains nothing. For Dawkins to be taken seriously he has to rebut the issues I raised in the video - and more! Watch it now

    QUESTION: Hey Victor, why don’t you deface the website of that king of the skeptics guy from Florida who keeps attacking you?

    Victor: one would have to be a complete imbecile to deface any website. I am well above that. I show where, when, how and why this king of the skeptics from Florida is wrong. When I came on the scene some 21 years ago, he wanted to know where is the afterlife evidence? Within an amazing short time I put my afterlife empirical evidence for public consumption then on the internet. Since that time no closed minded skeptic, no genius magician or scientist, no materialist in that time has been able to show where, when, how and why the evidence I presented was not right. IN fact a number of scientists state that my afterlife evidence is solid and objective and repeatable – which means it can NEVER be rebutted. Defacing his website would mean I failed in my argument. The fact that no genius scientist or genius skeptic beat my challenge shows I am on the winning side. Defacing websites is only for losers and defeatists.

    Somebody put me on to the very silly ‘anti-Victor’ website – run by a couple of uninformed low level closed minded skeptics who show they know nothing about the rules of professional debate. They are trying to fool the reader by writing a lot of rubbish – which is evidence of their sheer stupidity and colossal ignorance of the rules of debate. The gist of my argument is that these ignorant skeptics ought to go to expert litigation lawyers – someone like Rumpole (pictured) of the Bailey or his equivalent in the United States- to 'Perry Mason' , - to save them from more humiliation and to advise them that when the plaintiff (Victor) PRESENTS THE EVIDENCE (eg, 23 areas of afterlife evidence – see index top right), the onus shifts on to the defendant skeptic to test the submitted evidence. It is inadmissible for skeptics to object saying, “oh, you can’t prove the negative!’ or “tooth fairies don’t exist’ or 'you can't prove there are green men on the moon.' GO TO RUMPOLE SKEPTICS, get enlightened to get it right! … Read more …

    VICTOR WILL NOT respond to anyone unless the one who is attacking shows he has the moral courage to sign his own name to any article attacking Victor. My view is that it is cowardice pushed to its extreme for anyone to attack me then hides behind somebody else's name. Remove your mask! Have the courage to tell us who you are and inform me of your home address otherwise I DON'T deal with COWARDS!


    or read the same text below

    Why? Because according to the conditions he himself set up, Zwinge Randi states that in the final testing of the psychics, ONLY he has the power to judge whether or not the applicant proved any aspect of the paranormal. HE IS BEING A JUDGE IN HIS OWN CAUSE!

    HE is making the offer, HE drafted the conditions, HE is the adjudicator, HE is the judge and HE is the jury about an outcome HE has a huge personal interest in. And HE is the one who said, "I will always have a way out of paying (any money to any applicant) ..."

    A blatant conflict of interest! What a great joke! He is violating one of the most important equitable principles we have in the Western world,"No one is to be a judge in his own cause." His challenge is absolutely meaningless, a farce and a con on the American people. Only the low level, hard core closed minded skeptics swallowed the pernicious propaganda hook, line and sinker!.

    Further, this skeptical debunker is on record (something he not only did he not denied, but tried to rationalize by stating words to the effect, "The paranormal does not exist ...") so read these words very carefully. This is what the debunking Zwinge Randi told Professor Dennis Rawlings, "I will always have a way out ..." way out of paying anything. THAT says it all!!! This guy from Florida has NO credibility of his alleged challenge at all!!! His alleged challenge is totally irrelevant and absolutely misleading - designed to fool, con and deceive the public. Further, no brilliant psychic has ever reached the final stage. And you wonder why? Gifted psychics do not accept that the skeptical debunker's challenge is genuine. When we have 100% proof for the validity of the paranormal and for the existence of the afterlife - we've seen documentaries and semi documentaries about the paranormal and the afterlife every week for years- and spirit contact, why then we do not have a winner? Zwinge Randi's alleged $1m offer has to be the greatest HOAX and the biggest JOKE in paranormal history.

    , this Zwinge has not added as a most fundamental condition on his website: that he matches my condition to have a statement on oath - about the availability of the million dollars - which is subject to statutory law where the penalty for lying on oath will be up to five years in prison. Why does he not have the same condition - the level headed person would conclude, he's all bulldust - he hasn't got the funding to match his offer.

  • QUESTION: Victor, a closed minded skeptic I know said there was no evidence that you were worked as an attorney before your retirement?

    Victor: Of course, you’ll hear anything from the uninformed negatively entrenched skeptics - they come up with so much rubbish because everytime I show by way of objective evidence there is an afterlife, it makes the materialst/closed minded skeptic look ridiculous! I worked as an attorney – in Sydney. Attorneys are also called ‘solicitors’ and ‘barristers.’ I only have space for just one case: I was involved in one of Australia’s most controversial criminal cases where a bank robber Dragosevich picked up a hostage in a bank – and after a fairly long police chase - shots fired - they were both killed by the police in a roadblock at Fivedock. The hostage's widow claimed it was the police who shot her innocent husband through colossal negligence and violation of a prescribed procedure in these matters. The police claimed it was the bank robber who shot the hostage. The State government, Mr Neville Wran, the State’s Premier – the equivalent of a Governor in the U.S., appointed me to represent the interests of the hostage's family. The case still remains one of the most controversial in the history of Australia’s criminal matters. It received wide media coverage over an extended period of time. Have a look at one of the reports in the mainstream contemporaneous newspaper THE SUN about the case - 'DR TO CHECK DEATH BULLET': Read more …


    For those couple of people who informed me that some mentally imbalanced debunker - apparently a dummie from a closed-minded debunkers' group, attacked me using obscene and dirty methods: the attacker knows what he can do I can do too. He's a dummie skeptic, a nobody. I advise all to ignore the dummie and forget him altogether. Just leave the low-life alone. Do NOT give him any attention. He's a loser. He's a defeatist. He’s nothing, he’s a nobody, he's a non-entity. The record shows he's pushed cowardice to its extreme. Hugely frustrated because he does not have the intellect to rebut the afterlife evidence - so, he throws mud! I'm informed his name sounds like Skunknic. People tell me 'this mentally deficient imbecile' tries to get some attention for himself when he tries to attack me - one of those many who have value - and is regarded as a powerful entity– otherwise I’d be ignored by the leading debunkers. So I say, leave him alone, he is projecting the sewer he has in his own mind and uttering banalities you expect from a loser.Is this the best debunking the intellectual skeptics can do against my empirical afterlife evidence?

    "There is no afterlife ...why can't psychics go to Las Vegas to win ... what about the terrorists - 9/11? ...Read more…
    • The most ridiculous coward academic in the United States: An associate professor lowering university standards – at the University of Minnesota Morris: This Associate Professor shows he’s too cowardly to rebut the empirical evidence for the afterlife. His attempt to attack me also shows that this negative debunker does not have the intellect to rebut my admissible psi empirical evidence - nor does he have the fortitude to take on my challenge. Otherwise he would have rebutted the evidence. Read full article:

    A SEPARATE - $500.000 OFFER TO PUT UP OR SHUT UP! Half a million dollars is being offered by my sponsors to anyone to duplicate our materializations results and to show why the evidence cannot be admissible evidence in relation to proving the afterlife - not only to the debunkers and other materialists, but the offer is open to the most advanced scientists and anybody else in the world to-day including those anti-materializations 'spiritualits'. But if the applicant fails, a legal requirement is that the applicant will have to hand over half a million dollars to the Circle of the Silver Cord. After eighteen long months, no materialist genius, no scientist, no physicist, no biologist, no psychologist, no debunker has been able to rebut the most important afterlife evidence in human history. Got the motivation? Got the courage? Got the stomach for it? I'M WAITING FOR YOU!!!

    WHY HAS NO ONE BEATEN YOUR MATERIALIZASTION $500,000 OFFER VICTOR? This is because the Circle of the Silver Cord (COSC) has the most professional team in the history of materializations. The COSC has professionally qualified and highly experienced experts in fraud detection - (ex-intelligence and police officers), has a professionally qualified psychologist with expertise in Scientific Method and there is expertise in the legal admissibility of evidence. To my knowledge there has never been at any time in history a non-religious clinical materialization Circle which has so many professionals with relevant professional expertise and extensive relevant experience - more than fifteen months of regular weekly materializations. You understand why no materialist closed minded skeptic or anybody else will not take me on?


    Victor Zammit rebuts Zwinge Randi

    J (Zwinge) Randi Attacks Lawyer Victor Zammit Victor’s Rebuttal : Someone sent me Victor an email that James Zwinge Randi, (hereinafter JZR) had some fifteen articles attacking me. Why is JZR wrong and most unfair and unjust in his attempt to maliciously attack me? Why is he so hugely frustrated, why is he fuming with anger, why is he so venomously aggressive against me and psi experts and gifted mediums? Why does he bother with having the greatest hoax in paranormal history?

    1. Failure to beat my challenge. More than seven years ago JZR implied he was going to take me on regarding the ONE MILLION DOLLARS for anyone to show that my objective empirical evidence has no validity. That was over seven years ago, I AM STILL WAITING!! And anything which has not been rebutted will stay valid until it is rebutted. If empirical afterlife evidence cannot be rebutted it will stay valid – permanently. His refusal to even try on his claimed basis that, “You can’t prove the negative” is invalid, illegitimate, unacceptable and worthless – not consistent with the professional rules of debate see below.

    2. JZR is allegedly a stage magician – JZR is NOT a scientist, he is not an empiricist, he is not a scholar or an intellectual or a researcher. He has NO formalized learning regarding experimentation. He never had any of his writings referred to by academic scientists or scholars. In fact his conduct shows him to be a conman, a mind-manipulator and someone who himself admits to being highly skilled in deception, trickery and conning. Read full report ....


    QUESTION OF THE WEEK: (received yesterday) why is it that a mentally queer guy debunker attacked you?

    Victor: They attack me through sheer extreme frustration that they have been unable to rebut my empirically elicited objective evidence for the existence of the afterlife. After EIGHT long years – no debunking closed minded skeptic, no scientist, no negative empiricist has been able to show that my expressly stated evidence is invalid. The objective afterlife evidence and the positive results of the gifted mediums are making these debunkers look absolutely stupid and utterly ridiculous! Information came to me that one of the materialist/debunkers – someone I’m informed is called ‘Skunknic’ (?) who blasphemed, and used gutter level language is acting as if he's actually ‘mentally sick.’ – I will not engage with mentally sick people – he needs psychiatric treatment urgently. I’ll rattle his cage if I want to hear from him!

    The 'EXPERIMENTER EFFECT.' The negatively minded skeptical experimenter will obtain negative results in psychic experiments notwithstanding other empiricists considered to be 'neutral' obtain positive results doing the same experiments. This is most relevant for those who genuinely want to test gifted psychics. See a most interesting example of the EXPERIMENTER EFFECT > Dr. Marilyn Schlitz neutral experimenter obtained positive results and Dr Richard Wiseman, who has a historical track record of finding against psychics - doing the same experiment as Dr Schlitz consistently obtained negative results - see the the University of Freiburg Studies and Mick O’Neil’s analysis of Wiseman’s experimental style - last time was seen on:

    Scientific skepticism

    " There is no more honourable word in the scientific lexicon that that of 'skeptic' -- one who sincerely seeks after truth and who has the courage to rebut scientific myths and false beliefs with empirical data and sound logic."So begins Richard Milton's excellent article On Skepticism..

    Victor Zammit: A Lawyer Rebuts Dr G.M. Woerlee, NDE DebunkerL Anti-afterlife debunker G.M. Woerlee from Holland attempts to debunk Near Death Experiences by way of his book, by what he writes on his website and by the lectures he has given to the skeptics. Initially: what do his works reveal? Read more …

    THE UNBELIEVER': "There will never be enough evidence for those who don't want to accept the evidence." How true! I came across someone who is either too uninformed or blatantly against materializations or blatantly mischievous - and someone who never ever participated in David Thompson's materializations - and who states that no spirit ever materialized - became solid - in David materialization. But all those who attended David's materialization will tell you that many times William, David's guide, materializes walks around the seance room even puts his hand on some people. He put his solid hand on my shoulder when I first attended David's materializations meeting. William is a very tall man with very heavy footsteps - probably wearing size 14 shoes. OK, I tell this mischievous unbeliever, would he be prepared to attend one session, opens his legs wide, stands in the front row, with his hands hehind, and allow William to give this unbeliever a kick between his legs as if William was going to kick a football to score a goal from some fifty meters away. This is a matter of telling this mischievous guy to put up or shut up!

    ON EVIDENCE; ‘PROVING THE NEGATIVE’: re - this week’s new video on youtube – SKEPTICS DEMOLISHED – objection number 3. That flamboyant guy from Florida Randi for years stated that, “no one can prove Victor Zammit’s afterlife evidence because ‘no one can prove the negative.’!! That is irrelevant in professional debate. Why? Because this closed minded skeptic is saying that he ‘cannot prove that the afterlife does not exist.’ That statement is immediately made INVALID when I presented some 23 areas of afterlife EVIDENCE for the existence of the afterlife. This skeptic does NOT have to prove anything – all he has to do is to rebut MY evidence- WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHY the evidence I presented is not right. Further, there is not only my evidence I presented, there are at least a thousand investigators around the world who produced their own afterlife evidence. Also there have been some of the most intelligent scientists and professionals who walked on this planet earth early last century (Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Barrett, Sir William Crookes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle et al) who AFTER they empirically investigated the afterlife, they conceded the afterlife evidence is absolutely irrefutable. So that the statement that no one can prove the afterlife does not exist (no one can prove the negative) is absolutely irrelevant, immaterial, inadmissible and invalid. Information reached me that closed minded guy from Florida does NO LONGER state ‘you can’t prove the negative’ in relation to the existence of the afterlife. Only some skeptics in Europe – in Italy, a few in Austria and a couple in Denmark have not woken up to professional debate to drop the absolute nonsense ‘you can’t prove the negative.’

    CLOSED MINDED JREF AND BRITISH SKEPTIC WISEMAN ATTACKED BY PROFESSIONAL DR J SIQUEIRA: Closed minded JREF and British psychologist attacked for their alleged cheating, deceit and for trying to negatively influence people that there is no afterlife and there is no paranormal. This is notwithstanding that no skeptics has NOT been able to rebut the objective and repeatable evidence for the afterlife and has NOT rebutted the huge scientific evidence for the paranormal. As I stated before, this closed minded skeptic guy Wiseman could have been sued for some $5 MILLION by Russian Natasha Demkina for negatively manipulating the experiment with her. On crossing over we are almost certain these cruel closed minded skeptics will end down in the dark afterlife realm for thousands of years continuing to deny there is an afterlife. Here are some close observations of these closed minded skeptics who are spreading darkness around the world:

    -- Victor Zammit, amended February 2008

    $1 MILLION

    One million dollars is offered to any closed minded skeptic who can rebut the existing evidence for the afterlife. Read more...

    Closed-minded skeptics and other materialists: some of those whom are psychologists, ex-magicians, biologists, physicists and others, have miserably failed to technically rebut the expressly stated evidence for the existence of the afterlife.

    By contrast, more scientists, more physicists, more psychologists and more people in the professions and others are conceding the empirical evidence for the afterlife is just irrefutable.

    ***Victor Zammit has the only $1 million challenge in the world guaranteed by way of a legal document on oath which is subject to up to five years imprisonment if the funding does not exist.

    The skeptic with the alleged one million dollar challenge has refused to match my guarantee! An interpretation of this is that he's fooling the public that he has the funding to support the challenge.


    THE closed minded skeptic clock now:


    The Miami materialist J Zwinge R Clock began in April 2001!! Since then this materialist, closed minded skeptic has refused to rebut my objective evidence for the afterlife. My evidence is EXPRESSLY STATED - 23 areas of evidence for the existence of the afterlife.



    shameful, disgusting skeptical fraud in
    history: some skeptics think this project - when a closed minded skeptic concocted to infiltrate two dummy skeptics into a psychic research project – was a great success. Absolute nonsense! These two infiltrators lied, cheated, pretended to be psychics when they were closed minded skeptics to fool, to mislead, to willfully misdirect the psychic experiment. You call that successful? – by lying and cheating and negatively manipulating the circumstances to prevent the truth from being discovered? It was a disgusting fraud - manipulated to fundamentally mislead the professional experimenters who were conducted a legitimate experiment about psychic phenomena. The Alpha Project will go down in history as the most shameful and most disgusting concocted fraud in history organized by the closed minded J Randi.

    SKEPTICS’ HOAXES (2) The ‘Carlos’ affair: in 1988 closed minded skeptic J Randi planned a hoax to deceive the Australian people. (picture: the longer the nose the bigger the lies) He was able to get some guy Jose Alverez to claim that
    he was channeling some spirit called ‘Carlos.’ What was not anticipated by the closed minded skeptic is that Australians generally are perhaps ten times more skeptical than any other race on earth. The journalists are perhaps a hundred times more skeptical than anybody else. Now this guy Randi thought he could deceive, fool and make idiots out of these highly skeptical Australians. What happened? After the show at the Opera House, this cheat Alvarez was cross-examined by tough Australian journalists – who literally tore him apart and uncovered his fraud. So much so, that this Alvarez's manager, during the interview threw a glass of water on tough investigative journalist George Negus because Alvarez could not withstand the tough questioning and RAN AWAY from the interview!! But the end result was a huge failure for the closed minded skeptics, for Randi, for Alvarez and for the cheats and conmen of this world.

    WHY SOME CLOSED-MINDED SKEPTICS WILL NEVER ACCEPT THE PARANORMAL AND THE AFTERLIFE EVIDENCE: Because of the attacks on highly gifted internationally recognized forensic psychic-mediums, I have written a short article to help them - and others - understand why 'closed-minded' skeptics are stubborn in not accepting the objective and repeatable evidence for the paranormal and the afterlife. I explain the following: Read artice ...
    1. 'Cognitive Dissonance',
    2. Cathexis,
    3. Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP),
    4. Environmental programming,
    5. Brain decoding existing prejudices
    6. Career advancement, money, power and status.

    7. THE 'SMORGASBORD' ARGUMENT. Read article ...

    Professor Stephen Hawking, the astronomer, is most notorious for using this 'SMORGASBORD' argument - picking and using only the information that substantiates his own negative prejudices. This closed -minded skeptical professor does not know that in a court-room situation his 'smorgasbord argument' would be torn to shreds. Why? Because he would be cross-examined on the critical, most vital evidence that he deletes - that fundamentally contradicts his deeply entrenched negative prejudices. This closed-skeptical scientist makes a huge error thinking that he is an expert in law as well. Wrong! A litigation lawyer has exclusive technical knowledge of what is relevant, what is evidentiary what is essential admissible evidence - certainly not an astronomer! Read article ...

    QUESTION: Hey Victor, why don’t you deface the website of that king of the skeptics guy from Florida who keeps on attacking you -they way some skeptic idiot defaced your website?

    Victor: one would have to be a complete imbecile to deface any website. I am well above that. I show where, when, how and why this king of the skeptics from Florida is wrong. When I came on the scene some 21 years ago, he wanted to know where is the afterlife evidence? Within an amazing short time I put my empirical evidence for public consumption then on the internet. Since that time no closed minded skeptic, no genius magician or genius reductionist-scientist, no materialist in that time has been able to show where, when, how and why the evidence I presented was not right. IN fact a number of scientists state that my afterlife evidence is solid and objective and repeatable – which means it can NEVER be rebutted. Defacing his website would mean I failed in my argument. The fact that no genius scientist or genius skeptic beat my challenge shows I am on the winning side. Defacing websites is only for losers and defeatists.

    COMMENTARY: TIME FOR THIS PSI-IGNORANT HARVARD PROFESSOR TO PUT UP OR SHUT UP! It is time to take on this uninformed psi-ignorant Harvard Prof Pinker in a serious way. I find it shocking that TIME magazine allowed descriptive – unsubstantiated writings in the endeavor to invalidate the existing irrefutable evidence for psi and the afterlife.

    I am more than happy to challenge this professionally uninformed Professor: I will donate half a million dollars to his department if he can show that what we are doing – communicating with afterlife entities in materialization experiments- is not coming from the afterlife dimension – from existing minds outside the physical brain.

    Also, he has to rebut the empirical psi evidence validating communicating with inter-dimensional entities.

    If he fails, he has to hand over to the Circle of the Silver Cord (seven open-minded skeptical investigators) half a million dollars for their empirical research. It is a matter of telling this reductionist professor who is inexorably lowering the standards of psychology at Harvard to put up or shut up.

    Notwithstanding there may be laws regarding ‘betting’ in some countries, we hereinabove are talking about ‘donations.’

    I am not at this stage calling this Professor Pinker an intellectual and a morally coward. We’ll see if he has the fortitude to respond!

    (The above was sent to the Prof et al 25th January 07).

    AN AFTERTHOUGHT: So this Harvard Professor, in a cowardly way writes to TIME magazine to knowingly denigrate, disparage and malign the brilliant paranormal work of those scientists – such as Sir Oliver Lodge, Sir William Barrett, Sir William Crookes and brilliant researcher/writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of the old school. He also denigrates the empirical work being done by the Circle of the Silver Cord. This professor exhibits professional ignorance about what is happening in the world to-day in empirically validated communication experiments with afterlife entities. He, like other closed minded skeptics, has NOT done any research at all and rudely spouts his negative prejudice to satisfy his own negative partiality. I call that professional negligence. Will he prove to be a coward or will he show he has the moral courage to stand up for what he wrote against the validity of the paranormal?


    DEPENDENT VARIABLE? When J Zwinge R who claims to have been a stage magician emailed me a couple of years ago he implied that he was qualified to do experiments and test psychics using empirical methods. I tested him by asking him what was a 'dependent variable' in empirical testing. He said he would reply to me. Seven years later, I am still waiting for his answer!!

    'The Ultimate Psychic Challenge' was filmed in London recently, early August, in 'London Television Studios.' Zwinge Randi, the notorious closed minded skeptic was caught cheating and trying to deceive and con the public that he was a medium. His performance to cheat, mislead and deceive was so bad, so embarrassing, the producers had to stop the show - this segment edited out, otherwise the show would be perceived as absolute rubbish. Zwinge Randi some are now claiming to be the biggest laughing stock in the history of psychic phenomena - read a report by one of the most incisive psi assessors in the world and who has the highest credibility MONTAGUE KEEN: read more...

    1. Before commencing to debunk, prepare your equipment. Equipment needed: one armchair.
    2. Put on the right face. Cultivate a condescending air that suggests that your personal opinions are backed by the full faith and credit of God. Employ vague, subjective, dismissive terms such as ‘ridiculous’ or "trivial" in a manner that suggests they have the full force of scientific authority.
    3. Portray science not as an open-ended process of discovery but as a holy war against unruly hordes of quackery- worshipping infidels. Since in war the ends justify the means, you may fudge, stretch or violate the scientific method, or even omit it entirely, in the name of defending the scientific method.
    4. Keep your arguments as abstract and theoretical as possible. This will "send the message" that accepted theory overrides any actual evidence that might challenge it--and that therefore no such evidence is worth examining.
    5.Reinforce the popular misconception that certain subjects are inherently unscientific. In other words, deliberately confuse the *process* of science with the *content* of science. (Someone may, of course, object that since science is a universal approach to truth-seeking it must be neutral to subject matter; hence, only the investigative *process* can be scientifically responsible or irresponsible. If that happens, dismiss such objections using a method employed successfully by generations of politicians: simply reassure everyone that "there is no contradiction here!"). By Daniel Drasin – he’s is a writer and media producer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.Full report: or

    THE 1,000 POUND STERLING CHALLENGE FARCE! Sometime ago some non-entity, he's not a professional, not an investigator, not a medium, not an empiricist, not qualified in any discipline - he's a van driver from England who tried to challenge me when I have a HALF A MILLION DOLLARS challenge to anyone who could show why the Circle of the Silver Cord, inter alia, is not genuine. His challenge was so silly and ridiculous I just gave his stupid 1,000 pounds sterling no time at all – it just fizzled out to nothing. But because the anti-materialization attacker imputed that the members of the Circle of the Silver Cord (COSC) and I are not qualified, for the purpose of informing any new comers to the materialization scene I decided to give information about how qualified the COSC – there are those who were professional law investigators - at least one of them had 20 years intelligence experience, a former police officers, two psychologists with formal qualifications in Scientific Method, a retired attorney with expertise in the admissibility of evidence, a tough journalist, one medium – and others – probably the most professional materialization investigation group in the history of empirical materializations. Read more about this uninformed skeptic ...

    BREAKING THE HOUDINI CODE: What evidence is there to show that Houdini transmitted the agreed code from the afterlife to his wife?

    Houdini was a crusader against fake mediums early last century – but vowed that if there is an afterlife, on crossing over he would transmit a message by way of a code to his wife Beatrice. And the agreed code did come through! There were a number of people present including reporters from “The Scientific American”, Houdini’s wife and other witnesses. Houdini’s code word related from the afterlife was BELIEVE – as you will read in the article, it was a rather complex message. And the code word from Houdini’s mother related from the afterlife was ‘FORGIVE’. Houdini’s wife Beatrice stated that no one else in the world knew about the code. She signed a formal statement to the effect that the code came from Houdini and was absolutely correct. Naturally the closed minded, aggressive skeptics went on a rampage, using violent tactics to claim that Beatrice was lying and the medium was fraudulent. But to no avail. Houdini’s wife Beatrice stood by what she experienced. ... Read more... (The latest: At the moment, there is a private committee in the United States trying to investigate his cause of death in the 1920's - even trying to exhume his body -- one of the skeptical debunkers claiming he was poisoned by the 'Spiritualists' - and even very naively trying to blame Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for his murder!!!!!)

    COMMENTARY: Closed minded investigator in England EXPOSED by Chris Carter! It is really sad to see these materialists using closed minded psychologist as a puppet to do the dirty work for materialism. He pops up on British television screens occasionally to push something ridiculous for the materialists. This stooge is using his professional qualifications to denigrate, demean and to try to destroy honest, paranormally gifted people - such as a young girl I mentioned years ago, then 17 year old Russian medical intuitive Natasha Demkina. Natasha could have sued him for at least $3 to $5 MILLION for trying to cause irreparable harm to her reputation. Even Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Josephson demonstrated that this negative psychologist was WRONG in his calculations and that Natasha's results could not have been acheived by chance. This was in spite of the fact that the design of the experimental protocols were deliberately and knowingly changed during the testing to bring about negative results. This closed minded skeptic also tries to rubbish the brilliant work of Dr Rupert Sheldrake ...
    Now author Chris Carter
    has brilliantly EXPOSED the dirty tricks of this closed-minded psychologust in his latest article in the Journal for Psychical Research “Heads I Lose, Tails You Win.” Read more ...

    WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE?: Idiocy pushed to its extreme by the uninformed? I do not debate the monkey – get the organ grinder whenever he gets enough courage to tell us who he is! There appears to be a low intelligence anti-materialization objector being used by some coward-in-hiding - who is totally out of his depth and who keeps on hammering and badgering about "where is the evidence Victor?" referring to David Thompson’s materializations. This anti-materialization objector who has never ever attended a David Thompson materialization and who appears to be very slow in understanding when we ALWAYS state:"We do NOT guarantee that ALL those who materialize are who they claim to be!" But, he challenges us about proving that those who come through are who they claim to be! We are professionals who investigated David Thompson on a weekly basis for fifteen months. We are university trained in the admissibility of evidence backed with practical experience in the Magistrates', District and the Supreme Courts; two of us investigating David have professional qualifications and professional experience in Scientific Method, and two are also professional psychologists. I am informed that this objector is a manual worker - and I have absolutely nothing against manual workers - except this guy is out of his depth!. So, if you read ‘Where is the Evidence Victor’ have pity on someone who is making a fool of himself and who is well and truly of his depth.

    VICTOR AT SPEAKERS CORNER: John Webster from the UK and Victor Zammit from Sydney, Australia, were the only two speakers in the history of the Speakers' Corner who consistently attracted huge, record crowds. For many years Victor dealt with all relevant topics - political, social, religious, revolutionary dialectics, women's role in society, the Churches, the New Age.. What you will see was taken over thirty five years ago - from 8mm hand camera - the time before DVD's and video were in existence. See for yourself"
    Victor Zammit speaking at Speakers Corner (New)


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