by Victor Zammit
Retired Lawyer of the Supreme Court of New South Wales,
and the High Court of Australia



BIGGEST HOAX IN U.S. HISTORY? The biggest baloney $1m offer in the U.S. -by the biggest closed minded skeptic in U.S. history! Read why the Americans are being fooled, why nobody can win the biggest baloney offer in history made by materialist, closed minded skeptic J. Zwinge Randi - JR. Why is it that gifted psychics are obtaining information with amazing odds of one in 3 trillion - and more! (see below) that their information is being obtained by chance and yet this JR is actively preventing a public testing of these gifted psychics? Yes, you are right, because the offer is absolute rubbish! Read more.


YES, we have to be patient with this LOSER and DEFEATIST skeptic 'Bigskunknik' - who miserably failed to disprove the afterlife evidence. (This also applies to whoever told him to attack Victor). His lawyers would advise that Victor's evidence is solid, scientific, substantive and impossible to disprove. But this 'bribed' closed minded skeptic - a real LOSER, DEFEATIST and a FAILURE shows that his sick, negative mind comes from the sewer. He tries to throw mud at those who are successful to prevent genuine searchers from accessing the critical information about the afterlife! ......WAKE UP LOSER, WE ARE IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY! A highly gifted medium told me that on crossing over this loser and defeatist - and those like him who wilfully mislead people about the afterlife - will not accept they have crossed over and their low vibrations of their etheric body will send them to the horrible darker region probably for thousands of years with a totally confused mind living in intense desperation! Ahhhhhhh!!

The 'EXPERIMENTER EFFECT.' The negatively minded skeptical experimenter will obtain negative results in psychic experiments notwithstanding other empiricists considered to be 'neutral' obtain positive results doing the same experiments. This is most relevant for those who genuinely want to test gifted psychics. See a most interesting example of the EXPERIMENTER EFFECT > Dr. Marilyn Schlitz neutral experimenter obtained positive results and Dr Richard Wiseman, who has a historical track record of finding against psychics - doing the same experiment as Dr Schlitz consistently obtained negative results - see the the University of Freiburg Studies and Mick O’Neil’s analysis of Wiseman’s experimental style - last time was seen on:


An English TV station is reported to have offered closed minded skeptic J Randi (JR) a free trip to the UK to test gifted psychic Chris Robinson LIVE on television. Randi, who boasted to the world for many years that he is offering one million dollars to anyone who can successfully demonstrate a psychic skill, is now rapidly becoming the most discredited person on earth and the biggest fool in the history of psychic phenomena. Why?

This closed minded skeptic JR chickened out - he REFUSED to appear on the Robert and Judy Show Channel 4 LIVE on TV in front of millions of viewers - for the viewers to judge for themselves if some psychic skill by Chris Robinson had been successfully demonstrated. Chris said he did not want to demonstrate anything in secret with just him and Randi alone. Chris Robinson stated "let the whole world judge if a psychic skill has been demonstrated!"

British Intelligence M15 - it is on record that the British spy agency M15 employed the gifted psychic Chris Robinson on part time basis purely on the basis of Chris' psychic skills! The spy agency successfully used Chris to arrest IRA terrorists.

Chris Robinson proved to be a gifted psychic in recent tests by Professor Schwartz of Arizona University, who has very high credentials with the highest credibility. No wonder Randi, like a scared rabbit has headed for the hills. More later.

"Put up or shut up" Chris stated, calling Randi's verbal sleight of hand a rubbish offer!


to the low-life defacer and defamer of my website: the matter is only a few weeks old. Investigations usually take months - sometimes a year or longer. Researching comparative precedents, collecting affidavits, researching the matter - all these take time. As a point of order, I do NOT threaten anyone. I inform what course of action is open to me in response to your provocations. As a 'journalist' you ought to know how critical it is to make a distinction between 'malicious' intent to cause injury (whether as a tort in defamation or as an independent tort) and 'lampooning' or genuine 'satire.' Inevitably, there will be existing legal precedents. In Australia your gratuitous conduct technically constitutes a transgression.

In The D. J. case the High Court of Australia said that even if someone in New Jersey originates defamation on the Net they will be liable in Sydney- even if the offending statement is not a transgression in New Jersey. Statutorily, I do have a few years to pursue the matter. The longer you leave the defaced website the greater the damages. I have several options to deal with the matter - and I do not have to keep you informed about my intentions about this. Real problem for you are my supporters on the East Coast who would want to take independent action without my approval for your stupid malicious conduct.

I told them to forget it- you're nothing - just a malicious piece of idiocy. Nonetheless, police officers will tell you that guys like you have been blasted for much less than what you did. All offenders will sooner or later pay the price - their negativity and their violence will boomerang- even if it takes many years - for willful transgression. I reiterate, it is not considered what you originated as 'lampooning' or ‘satirical’ and for the record, I have to request you again, remove the transgression material forthwith. Don't you have the intelligence, the maturity, the intellectual incisiveness, the vocuabulary to deal with the matter intelligently? A number of skeptics at higher level canvassed clearly stated they dissociate with your defacing of the website. Get a decent life!

"There is no afterlife ...why can't psychics go to Las Vegas to win ... what about the terrorists - 9/11? ...Read more…

It is very important to keep on asking questions, to doubt, to be open to new ideas, new concepts, newly discovered phenomenon - especially if any or all of these are empirically presented. Scientists and psychic researchers who accept the evidence for the afterlife and other evidence for psi not only apply 'critical thinking' but have to apply strict 'scientific method'

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: (received yesterday) why is it that a couple of debunkers have attacked you?
Victor: They attack me through sheer extreme frustration that they have been unable to rebut my empirically elicited objective evidence for the existence of the afterlife. After EIGHT long years – no debunking closed minded skeptic, no scientist, no negative empiricist has been able to show that my expressly stated evidence is invalid. The objective afterlife evidence and the positive results of the gifted mediums are making these debunkers look absolutely stupid and utterly superfluous! Information came to me that one of the materialist/debunkers – someone I’m informed is called ‘Skunknic’ (?) who blasphemed, and used gutter level language is actually ‘mentally sick.’ I’m informed he keeps calling himself, “idiot, moron, jackass, fool, buffoon, nitwit, hayseed, nincompoop, muck for brains, nitcompoop, jerk, airhead, blockhead, maroon, toon and twit.” – And they’re NOT his bad points - so I’m informed! I will not engage with mentally sick people – he needs psychiatric treatment. I’ll rattle his cage if I want to hear from him! Others can deal with him the way they know how. I will be dealing with the other academic materialists explaining in detail why empirically they are wrong and why they can never beat my challenge - see challenge - RIGHT COLUMN.



-- Victor Zammit, amended August 2003


One million dollars is offered to any closed minded skeptic who can rebut the existing evidence for the afterlife. Read more...

Closed-minded skeptics and other materialists: some of those whom are psychologists, ex-magicians, biologists, physicists and others, have miserably failed to technically rebut the expressly stated evidence for the existence of the afterlife.

By contrast, more scientists, more physicists, more psychologists and more people in the professions and others are conceding the empirical evidence for the afterlife is just irrefutable.

THE closed minded skeptic clock now:


The Miami materialist J Zwinge R Clock began in April 2001!! Since then this materialist, closed minded skeptic has refused to rebut my objective evidence for the afterlife. My evidence is EXPRESSLY STATED - 23 areas of evidence for the existence of the afterlife.

'I am a charlatan, a liar, a thief and a fake altogether' Zwinge Randi on himself! Need we say more?

I will be adding another TWO areas of objective evidence in the New Year - the modern 'new scientists' argument for the afterlife - QUANTUM MECHANICS and MATHEMATICS.


clock now :
5475 days

DEBUNKER MATERIALIST CLOSED MINDED SKEPTIC The Miami materialist James Randy clock began in March 2001!! Since then this materialist, closed minded skeptic debunker has been unable to rebut my objective evidence for the afterlife. My evidence is EXPRESSLY STATED - 23 areas of evidence for the existence of the afterlife. He's got his head deeply in the sand!

Attorney Victor Zammit explains why closed minded skeptics are irrational, illogical and unreasonably stubborn. After 22 years of dealing with all kinds of paranormal skeptics, I can relate to you there are at least nine important reasons why closed-minded skeptics tend to remain stubborn about their skeptical beliefs. Read more ...

Because no genius skeptic, no genius scientist or materialist has ever shown WHERE, WHEN, HOW and WHY the afterlife evidence is not valid. Further, no genius skeptical scientist or writer in world history has ever written a book explaining why there is no afterlife. But there are thousands of books, many by scientists explaining why the afterlife exists. See Bibliography of the book above in this column.
We, psychic investigators and empiricists, will pursue any avenue, we will follow every legitimate lead, we will question, research, reason, investigate all forms of energy, probe into phenomena hitherto unexamined or unexplained, explore and examine anything, anywhere, anytime to discover the truth – because truth - not faith will save us. (VictorZ)

DEPENDENT VARIABLE? When J Zwinge R who claims to have been a stage magician emailed me a couple of years ago he implied that he was qualified to do experiments and test psychics using empirical methods. I tested him by asking him what was a 'dependent variable' in empirical testing. He said he would reply to me. Two years later, I am still waiting for his answer!!!!!!

Scientific skepticism

" There is no more honourable word in the scientific lexicon that that of 'skeptic' -- one who sincerely seeks after truth and who has the courage to rebut scientific myths and false beliefs with empirical data and sound logic."

So begins Richard Milton's excellent article On Skepticism.

'The Ultimate Psychic Challenge' was filmed in London recently, early August, in 'London Television Studios.' Zwinge Randi, the notorious closed minded skeptic was caught cheating and trying to deceive and con the public that he was a medium. His performance to cheat, mislead and deceive was so bad, so embarrassing, the producers had to stop the show - this segment edited out, otherwise the show would be perceived as absolute rubbish. Zwinge Randi some are now claiming to be the biggest laughing stock in the history of psychic phenomena - read a report by one of the most incisive psi assessors in the world and who has the highest credibility MONTAGUE KEEN: read more...

In the laboratory, comparisons (meta-analysis) of 309 studies of precognition (telling the future) in the laboratory have demonstrated that the subjects showed their ability to see the future against odds of TEN MILLION BILLION BILLION to ONE that they could have done it by chance. This INEVITABLY means that the information did NOT come by chance and that psychic phenomenon of recognition is real, repeatable and testable! See Dean Radin’s CONSCIOUS UNIVERSE 114. I've asked the materialists to rebut these experiments - funny how materialists, closed minded skeptics CANNOT cope with 'scientific' proof or with those who have the skills to present empirical evidence for psi/afterlife evidence!


John Edward has really puzzled the closed minded skeptics. I am taping John Edward's CROSSING OVER everyday - it is being shown two and at times three times a day on FOXTEL - and some 600 television stations inside and outside the United States. I suggest that the debunkers obtain the services of a neutral, independent professional statistician and ask him/her what the mathematical probability is of John Edward obtaining the information he claims he is getting by chance. Then ask the statistician to take into consideration a cumulative month's viewing: the result? Unequivocally, trillions to one! Translated, this means John Edward IS getting his information from those who crossed over. This evidence is consistent with 23 other areas of evidence for the afterlife.



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