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5. Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC)

“For the first time in 8,000 years of recorded history, it can now be said with certainty that our mind, memory, personality and soul will survive physical death.”
George Meek

Since about 1980 psychic researchers have claimed that contact with people who have died has also been made via radio, over telephones, on television, on answering and fax machines and computers.

This more extended and recent voice contact is called Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) or Extended ITC or even Trans-dimensional Communication. It is highly evidential in that the contact is repeatable, is occurring in laboratories throughout the world, and is being subjected to close scientific scrutiny.

American research

According to Mark Macy, Convenor of the American Continuing Life Research Foundation and a leading researcher in this area:

The research laboratories in Europe are reporting extended, two-way communication with spirit colleagues almost daily, receiving wide-ranging information through telephone answering machines, radios and computer printouts.

They are receiving video images on their television sets showing people and places in the spirit worlds... As a result, for the first time in history, we are being shown direct physical evidence of what life is really like after we shed the physical body (Continuing Life Research, Contact, Volume 1 #96/01).

A thirteen minute phone call

During 1994 ITC experimenters in Luxembourg, Germany, Brazil, Sweden, China and Japan received paranormal telephone calls from Dr Konstantin Raudive (pictured at left) the famous pioneer researcher of EVP who died in 1976 (Kubris and Macy 1995: 14).

The report stated that these calls were tape recorded and analyzed by voice experts. The calls have continued since then and one two-way taped conversation in 1996 between Dr Konstantin Raudive and Mark Macy lasted for thirteen minutes (Continuing Life Research video—ITC Today 1997 ).

Challenging the ‘boggle threshold’

According to Mark Macy’s World ITC website scientists working for the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication (INIT) received from the afterlife:

• pictures of people and places in the afterlife on television that either appeared clearly on the screen and remained for at least several frames, or which built up steadily into a reasonably clear picture over multiple frames

• text and/or picture files from people in the afterlife which appeared in computer memory or were planted on disk or similar recordable media

• text and/or images of people and places in the afterlife by way of fax messages.

Such contacts, which were received by European experimenters over a 10-year period and by researchers worldwide from 1995 through 1997, are giving modern researchers a view of unprecedented clarity into life after death.

The evidence collected by this now extensive group of reliable witnesses—including reputable scientists, physicists, engineers, electronic technicians, doctors, professors, administrators, clergymen, successful businessmen—is undeniably convincing to those who systematically investigate the EVP and ITC. The consistency of the evidence from different parts of the world is overwhelming.

The Brazilian team

One of the leading researchers in this field today is Sonia Rinaldi (pictured left) who leads the biggest ITC-association in Brazil, with nearly 700 members. She recently announced new contacts received via computer, answering machine, telephone and video camera.

At public meetings in Brazil and in the United States large numbers of members and visitors were able to receive direct answers from loved ones in the spirit world.

Up to date information on her research can be read in English on her website ANT Associacao Nacional de Transcomunicadores

Her work is based on scientific control and her site contains scientific declarations issued by the most respected University in Brazil, USP?Universidade de São Paulo.

How it all started

In America the pioneers of this work were George Meek and William O'Neil who worked to establish Spiricom, a two-way communication system between this dimension and the afterlife, using more sophisticated equipment than that used in the EVP research. O'Neil was a gifted medium who was able to see and communicate with two scientists working from the afterlife. Using a modified side-band radio the voice of 'dead' scientists were captured on tape in intelligent and responsive conversations.

The reader is referred to a book written by John G. Fuller called The Ghost of 29 Megacycles (1981). This 351 page book describes in detail the very highly credible research of George Meek and the evidence he produced to show that life goes on after we die. It is very highly recommended to the serious seeker.

Radio Luxembourg experiments

In West Germany Hans-Otto Koenig, an electronics and acoustics expert, developed sophisticated electronic equipment using 'extremely low beat frequency oscillators, ultraviolet and infra-red lights.' On the 15th January, 1983 he was invited to appear on Europe's biggest radio station, Radio Luxembourg. At that time it had a listening audience of millions across Europe. Koenig was asked to give a live radio demonstration of his newly developed ultrasound technique of conversing two-way with those who had died.

Koenig installed his equipment under the watchful eyes of the Radio's own engineers and the presenter of the program, Herr Rainer Holbe. One of the Radio's staff asked if a voice could come through in direct response to his requests. Almost immediately a voice replied:

'We hear your voice' and 'Otto Koenig makes wireless with the dead' (Fuller 1981:339).

Other questions were asked. But then announcer Holbe, shaken by what he and everybody else had heard, stated:

I tell you, dear listeners of Radio Luxembourg, and I swear by the life of my children, that nothing has been manipulated. There are no tricks. It is a voice, and we do not know from where it comes (Fuller 1981:339).

The station issued an official statement afterwards that every step of the program was carefully supervised. The staff and engineers were convinced that the voices were paranormal (Fuller 1981:339).

Naturally enough, more intensive public work was done by Koenig. Other experiments were carried out with Radio Luxembourg with similar success (Fuller 1981:339). One particular voice came through, stating, 'I am Raudive'. The significance of this is that when Dr Raudive was himself alive he had written the book Breakthrough referred to earlier in which he had given full details about his own experiments with the EVP—more than 72,000 voices from those who had 'died' were recorded.

Black and white television pictures

In the 1980s researchers in various countries were able to receive pictures of their ‘dead’ loved ones on their television screens. In 1985 Klaus Schreiber in West Germany devised a way to get pictures on television tubes of persons who had died (see picture above). The tubes used 'an opto-electronic feedback system'. There was positive identification, in many cases by accompanying audio communication, including audio-video contact with deceased family members. Schreiber’s work was closely supervised by experienced investigators, Professor Senkowski and the formerly skeptical Rainer Holbe of Radio Luxembourg, both of whom knew Schreiber personally and were satisfied that his results were genuine (Holbe 1987; Fontana 2005:379).

At the same time in Luxembourg Maggy and Jules Harsch-Fischbach received images on a television screen after previously being told to expect them in an ITC audio communication. Present were investigators Professor and Mrs Senkowski, Professor Resch and George Meek. These images were the same quality as those recorded by Schreiber (Fontana 2005: 379).

Computer contact

A husband and wife couple working in Luxembourg between 1985 and 1988 with helpers from the afterlife, developed two electronic systems which became significantly more reliable and repeatable than the systems developed earlier. Jules and Maggie Harsch-Fischbach in 1987 claimed to have established computer contact which allowed submission of technical questions to beings in the afterlife with high speed print-out of the carefully considered replies. Also in 1987 they received TV picture sequences of good quality in the presence of experienced investigators (Locher and Harsch-Fischbach 1997).

By 1993 the research team in the afterlife was able to access the hard drives of computers and leave detailed, computer-scanned images as well as several pages of text. The computer-scanned images were far more detailed and less subject to distortion than the video images. Researchers in our dimension were able to direct questions to their counterparts in the afterlife dimension and receive answers by telephone, radio, TV, computer, or fax (Kubris and Macy 1995:14; Locher and Harsch-Fischbach 1997).

The first color television picture of a spirit entity was reported in October 1995 in association with a computer contact, when a German researcher, Aldof Homes, awoke with a compelling urge to try an experiment with his color TV set. Accustomed to receiving paranormal video images on his monochrome TV set, but only after being notified in advance by phone by his spirit colleagues, the researcher this time just turned on his color set and trained his camcorder on the picture tube. At that instant, an image of Swedish Friedrich Juergenson, the early EVP experimenter, deceased since 1987, appeared on the screen and remained there for 24 seconds.

Hearing a loud, cracking noise coming from the next room, the researcher ultimately got up to investigate after unsuccessfully attempting voice contact with the televised image on his set. Upon entering the next room, he discovered his computer had been switched on paranormally and on the screen he found a typed message to him ´ “This is Friedel from Sweden. I am sending you a self-portrait…” (Mark Macy

Marcello Bacci’s Voices

Today Marcello Bacci can be considered one of the leading researchers into Instrumental Transcommunication. For 35 years he has been receiving paranormal voices on a regular basis in his laboratory in Grosseto, Italy.

Bacci uses an old valve radio tuned to white noise in the short wave band. For many years, he has been holding sessions on Friday nights with parents who have lost deceased sons or daughters who claim to be able to hear the voices of their deceased children. Many books have already been written about his work, and Bacci today continues his research using his old valve radio.

Many researchers have visited Bacci’s laboratory to test the phenomenon of the Bacci voices. Physicist Prof. Salvatore Mario Festa, worked with Bacci analysing the voice weekly for six years. Here is part of a report he wrote for world ITC:

The phenomenon of the voices of Bacci is authentic, there is no trick of any sort! After approximately 30 minutes of waiting, during which Marcello moves the tuning knob between 7 and 9 MHz looking for a zone of white noise, the silence is broken by Marcello’s voice announcing that “he hears Them”. Immediately after a something sensational happens: in the zone of white noise above mentioned, all radio signals stop and one, predominant, noise takes over. This sound is similar to the noise of the wind. Marcello then talks to the radio and calls out “FRIENDS” we are here, can you please make yourselves heard? And them, who are waiting for nothing else, they do exactly that and with such determination! I am not going to run through what happened thereafter, because all the experts are well familiar with what happens: clear and convincing messages are heard, messages filled with esoteric content and answers more or less in line with the questions asked. What can be said about the voices of the “youngsters”, who always generate the most extraordinary emotions amongst those present? When the “youngsters” talk, a heart warming and all embracing atmosphere is created in the room.

Technical verifications have been carried out in order to verify the paranormal nature of the phenomenon over more than thirty years. Professional independent researchers, such as Daniele Gullà, Dr. Marabini, Paolo Presi among others have investigated the voices and analysed them using the most sophisticated electronic equipment.

The voices are received only when the experiment is personally performed by Bacci, which means that a certain level of mediumship in the experimenter is needed. A similar effect was noted in the experiments carried out in the 1980s by William O’Neill with the Spiricom device.

International Conferences on ITC

The First International Conference on "Current Research into Survival of Physical Death, with Special Reference to Instrumental Transcommunication", was held by the ITC Journal in Vigo, Spain in April 2004. The Proceedings are available in the form of a soft-covered book of 192 pages, and contain copies of all the 14 papers delivered at the Conference. The papers are in either English or Spanish (with one paper in French).

A second International Conference “Current Research into Survival of Physical Death with Special Reference to ITC”, was held in Vigo, Spain, on the 28th to the 30th April 2006. It featured presentations by a number of leading European and US authorities on ITC, such as Daniele Gullà, Dr. Sinesio Darnell, Hans-Otto König, Dr. Anabela Cardoso, Professor Ernst Senkowski, Professor Mario Festa, and Sylvia Hart-Wright. Also included were contributions on other aspects of research into survival from Professor David Fontana, Dr. Enrico Marabini, Mario Varvoglis, Dr. Alexander Trofimov, Dr. Walter von Lucadou, Jean Pierre Girard, and Dr. Peter Fenwick.

Can anyone make contact using ITC?

While there are literally tens of thousands of experimenters making contact through Electronic Voice Phenomena (using tape-recorders) there are only a handful of experimenters making contact through Instrumental Transcommunication. According to those working in the field, this is because ITC can only work with the co-operation of two teams of dedicated scientists, one on Earth and one on the spiritside.

Sonia Rinaldi writes in Associacao Nacional de Transcomunicadores
that her team worked unsuccessfully for three years until they were able to attract the energies of a group of scientists in the spirit world led by Dr. Roberto Landell de Moura, an early pioneer of radio. The European group work with a highly organized sending station in the spirit world called Timestream.

The importance of resonance

All of the experimenters working in ITC attest to the importance of harmony, unity, absence of ego and altruistic motive as well as a passionate desire for contact and a constant, favorable holding in thought of a deceased person with whom there is a strong emotional attachment.

Mark Macy has been a key figure in world ITC, documenting the results of the most prolific receivers of ITC contacts, organizing annual research seminars on both sides of the Atlantic and obtaining the first significant ITC contact in the United States. He claims to have experienced miracles in his lab, including color images of spirit beings on a reliable basis and steady improvement of radio contacts. His book Miracles in the Storm go to Books- gives details of this work.

On the Internet

A full report of the Bacci voices by internationally acclaimed scientists can be read online

For a full academic discussion of ITC see Dr Anabela Cardoso
“ITC Voices: Contact with Another Reality?” 2003. (Online)

Fontana, David “Voices of Timestream- Some thoughts on the first issue”

Breakthroughs in Technical Spirit Communication by
Parapsychologist Dr. Theo Locher CH-2555 Bruegg/Biel, Switzerland
And Experimenter Maggy Harsch-FischbachL-1027 Luxembourg
Translated to English by Hans Heckmann
Edited by Mark Macy

For details of the First and Second Conferences into Current Research into Survival of Physical Death, with Special Reference to Instrumental Transcommunication see and

John and Maryse Locke's EVP and ITC site

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