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9. Einstein's E= Mc2 and materialization

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”
Professor Albert Einstein

Investigators call the appearance and disappearance of people and things 'materialization' and 'dematerialization'.

Evidence for materialization is substantive not only in England and the United States but in other countries, such as Brazil where materializations took place in daylight in the presence of hundreds of hard-core skeptics (See Chap. 10).
David Ash and Peter Hewitt's book, The Vortex, (1994) gives, among other things, one scientific explanation for materialization. They argue that Einstein's formula E=mc2 — energy equals mass to the speed of light, shows that mass 'm' is equivalent to energy 'E'.

This explains how materialization and dematerialization operate by matter being transformed into energy. When people try to argue that this equation is all theory but cannot be demonstrated they should be reminded that less than one ounce of matter was transformed into energy to destroy Hiroshima.

The vortex is the actual swirling of the atoms and molecules. Ash and Hewitt argue from Einstein's equation that since matter and light share a common movement, the actual speed of the swirling of the vortex, must be the speed of light. They claim that this is the only possible sense to be made of Einstein's equation and that it is because of the vortex swirling at the speed of light that you can read this page or see another person the trees and the sky and see everything else with physical eyes.

Ash and Hewitt ask: why should the speed of the movement of the vortex be limited to the speed of light? They argue that once the movement of the vortex exceeds the speed of light, then a person or thing will enter into superenergy, a new dimension, a new world. But in that new dimension the person or thing will be as solid as you and me in this dimension. The only thing is that the vortices will be swirling at a speed faster than on the earth plane.

The human eye on the earth plane (unless one is a truly gifted clairvoyant) will not be able to see anything in the new dimension because our eyes can only register seeing a person or thing when the vortex of the person or thing in this dimension is swirling at the speed of light. It also follows that the person or thing in superenergy will be able to penetrate a solid brick wall in this dimension. This is because the atoms and molecules of a brick wall are swirling more slowly at the speed of light.

One possible scientific explanation for materialization is that the vortices of the spirit's atoms are swirling faster than the speed of light and cannot be seen with our physical eyes. But certain energies cause the vortices of the atoms of the spirit body to be lowered to the speed of light. When this happens the spirit becomes visible to our physical eyes. On the other hand whenever the spirit wants to dematerialize the vortices of the spirit atoms increase and it can no longer be seen with our physical eyes and disappears into a different dimension. Ash and Hewitt call this materialization 'transubstantiation' to reflect the change in the substance but not the form of the vortex. Transubstantiation would not change the atomic or molecular structure of a body.

Through transubstantiation an intelligence, an etheric, a spirit in the afterlife or an object can materialize or dematerialize. But, Ash and Hewitt rightly point out that dematerialization is not dissolution. It is the accelerating and decelerating of the vortices of the atoms that explains the historical sightings out of nowhere and the disappearance of a person right in front of your eyes.

Ash and Hewitt give many examples of well documented materializations and dematerializations. Materialization is consistent with the argument that life continues after physical death. See the mediumship of Mirabelli (Chap. 10) where materialization took place in the presence of scientists and hundreds of others in daylight in Brazil.

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