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12. Psychic laboratory experiments

“I am attacked by two very opposite sects — the scientists and the know-nothings. Both laugh at me, calling me 'the frogs' dancing master'. Yet I know I have discovered one of the greatest forces in nature.”
Galvani, the discoverer of electricity

Laboratory experiments into psychic phenomena have been conducted for over a hundred years and continue to increase the voluminous objective evidence for the existence of the afterlife. Most impressive and persuasive results have been achieved in controlled experiments where maximum co-operation was achieved between intelligences from this dimension and the afterlife. It is proposed here to give details of only a few experiments.

One of the first of a long line of eminent scientists to undertake such investigations was Sir William Crookes who among other things investigated the mediumship of Daniel D. Home.

Sir William Crookes was one of the greatest scientists who ever lived. He was showered with honors from many countries — from England, from the United States, Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, South Africa, Holland, Mexico, Sweden. His contribution to science is unparalleled by any one single individual in his and in our modern times.

Sir William was a skeptic before he was specifically chosen by the English skeptics to investigate psychic phenomena with the intention of discrediting it (Crookes 1871). He was also a man of enormously high integrity, extremely high intelligence and unshakeable intellectual independence. He had stated that he would never let lobbying prevent him from telling the truth, the whole truth.

Accordingly, he thoroughly investigated psychic phenomena and although he obtained overwhelming evidence of the existence of unknown forces for most of his lifetime he remained cautiously skeptical about the afterlife. It was only when his wife materialized through a medium that he was convinced beyond any doubt whatsoever about survival.

Because of his independence of mind, strength of character and because he would not be subservient to the skeptical closed-minded scientists, Sir William was viciously attacked by those who had appointed him to investigate psychic phenomena.

One of the most disgusting attacks was the claim by Walter Mann that Sir William Crookes' investigation into materializations were fraudulently concocted because he was having an affair with one of the mediums he investigated—then a 15 year old girl. Of course, the person who made the claim did not have the courage, the fortitude and the conviction to make this claim when Crookes was alive. This cowardly English skeptic waited until Sir William Crookes' death before he used gutter level cowardly accusations to attack Sir William.

To this day, this unfortunate incident caused by an enormously jealous and envious nonentity has remained one of the most abhorrent examples of disgusting conduct in the history of English psychic investigation. Those who for material motivation have become the dupes of their materialist masters and are repeating Walter Mann's deliberate falsification against Sir William will one day retract their scurrilous, gutter level smear campaign.

Sir William Crookes did a great deal of psychic investigation with Daniel Dunglas Home. In one of their experiments Home, with the assistance of his invisible companions, demonstrated the ability to affect the weight of objects in Crookes' immediate presence. Dozens of highly credible witnesses independently gave testimony of Home's ability to levitate heavy pieces of furniture. Crookes showed in a laboratory situation that Home could affect the weight of a board resting on a balance scale merely by placing his fingers in a glass of water resting on the end of the board.

Crookes concluded that he had discovered a 'new force' to which he gave the name of 'Psychic'. He noted that this force or power was very variable and at times was entirely absent; it required painstaking and patient investigation. He was at pains to avoid speculating on the nature of this new force and appealed to his fellow scientists to come forward to assist him to investigate it (Crookes 1874:17).

In another carefully constructed experiment a musical instrument, an accordion purchased by Crookes, played by itself in Home's immediate presence. In these experiments Home's hands and feet were restrained and the accordion placed inside a wire cage through which an electrical current was passed. Crookes and two of the other witnesses present stated that they distinctly saw the accordion 'floating about on the inside of the cage with no visible support' (Crookes 1874:14).

Sir William's wife, Lady Crookes, was more willing to speak plainly about her observations. Here was a classic example where an intelligence from the afterlife was able to make himself half-seen. According to her she saw the accordion taken from Homes' hand by:

a cloudy appearance which soon seemed to condense into a distinct human form, clothed in a filmy drapery...It was semitransparent, and I could see the sitters through it all the time. Mr Home remained near the sliding doors. As the figure approached I felt an intense cold, getting stronger as it got nearer, and as it gave me the accordion I could not help screaming. The figure seemed to sink into the floor to the waist, leaving only the head and shoulder visible, still playing the accordion, which was then about a foot off the floor (quoted by Stemman 1975: 129).

No doubt, Sir William Crookes will remain as one of the greatest investigators of psychic phenomena who irretrievably established absolute objective proof for the existence of the afterlife.

More laboratory experiments

Dr Hereward Carrington is a most distinguished, highly credible and respected scientist and author who was Director of the American Psychical Institute. In many instances he personally investigated psychic phenomena. In his most impressive work, The World of Psychic Research (1973) he outlines a number of psychic laboratory experiments which clearly and in absolute terms prove how intelligences from the afterlife are in a position to make their presence and participation known.

The Dr Osti-Rudi Schneider physical psychic experiments.

Dr Eugene Osty, head of the Metaphysic Institute in Paris, proved under laboratory conditions that a young medium, Rudi Schneider, was able to produce genuine physical phenomena without fraud. This is how Carrington described the experiment:

Dr Osty placed the objects to be moved upon a small table. Across the top of the table he passed a beam of infra-red rays. These were, of course, invisible to the eyes of those present, but the apparatus was so designed that if any solid object was interposed in the path of the rays, cutting off as much as thirty per cent of them, a battery of cameras would be exposed, flashlights ignited and the pictures taken of the tabletop at that moment. This would happen if any material thing tried to move the objects — say a human hand. A series of photos would at once reveal the fraud.

In the sittings that ensued objects were moved on numerous occasions, flashes were set off, and the plates developed. What did they show? Nothing — that is, nothing abnormal. They just showed the table top. But something had nevertheless been moving about over the table because the beam of infra-red rays had been interfered with and the objects had been displaced (Carrington 1973:54).

The first stage of the experiment was most successful with the medium obtaining the co-operation of an intelligence from the afterlife to move things around so that his presence was made known as evidenced by the battery of cameras flashing when the intelligence moved the items on the table.

The second stage was to locate and identify the presence of the intelligence. To do this the experimenter devised an apparatus, a galvanometer, by means of which it would be possible to register the oscillation or the vibration rate of the intelligence once the experiment commenced. As soon as the experiment commenced, the intelligence began to move things around indicating that he was present; then something quite spectacular happened — the galvanometer began to register the 'pulsation' of the invisible intelligence. As Carrington states:
It was somewhat like taking the pulse of an invisible being standing before them in space! ( Carrington 1973:54).

Corroborative evidence

For centuries clairvoyants have claimed that every living thing possesses an invisible body — an astral body or an etheric body — which duplicates our physical body and which contains our real 'mind' as distinct from our physical brain. Most interesting corroborative evidence for this claim was reported by Sheila Ostrander & Lyn Schroeder in their revolutionary book, PSI Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain (1973).

These authors state that experiments in Russia using sensitive electronic equipment are detecting that all living things — plants, animals and humans — not only have a physical body made of atoms and molecules but also a counterpart body of energy which the Russians are photographing and calling 'the biological plasma body'. Interestingly the Russians have corroborated the claim of clairvoyants that if a human being loses a finger or an arm or a leg the counterpart body remains whole — a kind of 'ghost' of the missing limb (Ostrander and Schroeder 1973: 223).

Measuring psychic temperature

Another most impressive experiment included in Carrington's book (1973) was the endeavor to produce objective, scientific evidence for the many claims made by mediums that a 'cold breeze' settles whenever they detect intelligences in the vicinity and when they are entering a trance. For a long time, the claim by mediums had to be subjectively accepted until science was used to show that the change in temperature could be objectively measured:

A thermometer ... was enclosed in a cage of wire netting, and fastened to a beam on the wall by means of screws. The clockwork was set going just before the seance commenced, and of course it began registering the heat of the room. In the seance that followed, a number of extraordinary physical phenomena were noted, among them complete liftings or levitations of the table. Coinciding with these manifestations, the thermometer showed instantaneous drops in temperature of ten, fifteen and up to twenty degrees Fahrenheit. And these drops only took a second or two to bring about, and they coincided exactly with the psychic phenomenon taking place elsewhere in the same room. Thus, science was able to measure another remarkable effect. (Carrington 1973: 57).

Carrington reports:

The object of the experiment was to prove conclusively that a new force unknown to science was being employed under conditions that permitted no conceivable form of fraud or trickery (1973: 57).

Psychological testing

In another series of laboratory experiments the experimenters moved away from physical to psychological testing. This involved the participation of one of the most successful American mediums ever, Mrs Garrett, who according to Carrington submitted herself to all kinds of scientific investigations. She was tested by leading universities and scientific groups in Europe and America.
Mrs Garrett as a medium stated that she had a regular control, a spirit or intelligence by the name of Urvani who would speak through her while she was in trance. The experimenters decided to use a word association test devised by Dr Carl Jung from Zurich to test whether Urvani was really a separate entity from Mrs Garrett. It was decided to give Mrs Garrett the test when she was NOT in trance and to give her control, Urvani, a word association test when Mrs Garrett WAS in trance.

Professional psychologists and psychiatrists attest that the subject cannot maintain fraud for any length of time using a word association test of 100 words where the response time to a word is measured in tenths of a second. Any inconsistency and hesitation is noticed immediately. This being so, it was arranged that Urvani would himself take the test and bring in another seven intelligences from the afterlife to also participate.

The results showed conclusively that the word associations of Mrs Garrett when not in trance and of Urvani and the seven other entities were all radically different and that it was NOT possible for the information transmitted to have come from one person, from one mind (Carrington 1973:59). These results correspond with the evidence that we survive physical death and that our personality, our mind, our character survive with us.

Voice machine analysis

The independence of the entities speaking through a medium was also given corroboration by a totally independent scientific investigation of a most gifted Australian medium, Shirley Bray. The voices of three intelligences which regularly manifest through her were tape recorded. These taped voices were then put through a very high tech voice machine, the same one which was used by the British police in the investigation of the serial killer, the Yorkshire Ripper.

The voice machine can measure variables such as pace, rhythm, accents etc. The machine showed that all taped voices from the medium Shirley Bray were those of totally different individuals. Scientists stated in unequivocal terms that because the machine registers the person's breathing pattern while speaking it would not have been possible for one person to produce the three voices on the tape. This is because the voice pattern-vibration for each individual is just like a fingerprint — different from person to person (Bray 1990:15).

EEG analysis

American Professor Charles H. Hapgood, reports in his excellent book, Voices of Spirit (1975) that he tested a medium to see if the electroencephalograph (EEG) of the medium Elwood Babbitt when out of trance would be different from when the medium's mind was allegedly taken over and controlled by intelligences from the afterlife.

Hapgood took EEGs of Babbitt while three different intelligences were allegedly in control of the medium. The EEGs of each of the three were found to be completely different from each other and from the EEG of Babbitt not in trance. An EEG expert, Dr Bridge, noticed that the EEG's were characteristic of people of different physical age and could not belong to the one person. Hapgood reproduces the EEG diagrams in his book (1975: 224-227).

These are only a few of a huge number of experiments which together comprise a substantial body of evidence.

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