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18. Remote Viewing

“She went into a trance. And while she was in the trance, she gave us some latitude and longitude figures. We focused our satellite cameras on that point, and the lost plane was there.”
Former President Jimmy Carter

The psychic researcher Ingo Swan coined the term 'remote viewing' as a neutral scientific term to describe a process by which a viewer perceives information about a distant location using something other than the known five senses. Initially it referred only to situations in which a very disciplined research protocol was by the US Military but gradually the term has come into general use as the ability to perceive hidden or remote information by psychic means.

Although not direct evidence of the afterlife it is included here because its validation by extensive testing is evidence of “the sixth sense”, the same ability which psychic detectives and mediums call upon to go forward or back in time and to solve crimes.

Different to OBEs

Puthoff and Targ wrote in their classic paper "A Perceptual Channel for Information over Kilometer Distances'" (1976) that they were choosing the term 'remote viewing' as a neutral term free from prior associations and bias as to mechanisms contained in terms such as autoscopy (medical literature) exteriorization or dissociation (psychological literature) clairvoyance or out of body experience (parapsychology) or astral projection (occult literature). Other investigators prefer the neutral term ‘anomalous cognition’.

Researchers who intentionally practice both remote viewing and out of body experiences claim that there is a difference between the two kinds of experience. They say that in an out of body experience the viewer perceives as if physically present whereas in remote viewing the viewer is able to clairvoyantly tune into all sorts of information about the target which would not be physically observable.

As Joseph McMoneagle puts it in his book Remote Viewing Secrets (2000), the remote viewer sits in a room and describes perceptions of a target in another location. While s/he may accurately describe that other location there is never any doubt that s/he is in the room where his or her body is located. On the other hand, in the Out of Body Experience people actually perceive that they have traveled to that location and are present there in all ways except the presence of their physical bodies (McMoneagle 2000: 176-177).

Military research

For more than 20 years, the United States military had a budget of seventy million dollars a year for the purpose of psychic research with special emphasis on 'remote viewing'.

Stunning as it may sound to those who are unfamiliar with psychic phenomena, these and greater things have been done and are being done today in the United States, Russia, China. France has kept quiet about it but they do have the population and the advanced psychic knowledge to participate in remote viewing.

In his most interesting book, Remote Viewers—The Secret History of America's Psychic Spies, (1997) Jim Schnabel cites a number of highly credible sources, including an American president, about the reality of Remote Viewing applied for military objectives. Here are some of them making some stunning statements that by now have found their place in the history of psychic phenomena:

'I never liked to get into debates with the skeptics, because if you didn't believe that remote viewing was real, you hadn't done your homework.' Major General Edmund R Thompson, U.S. Army Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, 1977-81, Deputy Director for Management and Operations, DIA, 1982-84 (Schnabel 1997: cover).

'You can't be involved in this for any length of time and not be convinced there's something here.' Norm J., former senior CIA official who tasked remote viewers (Schnabel 1997: cover).

'There were times when they wanted to push buttons and drop bombs on the basis of our information.' Dr Hal Puthoff, a former manager of the remote-viewing program (Schnabel 1997: cover).

'She went into a trance. And while she was in the trance, she gave us some latitude and longitude figures. We focused our satellite cameras on that point, and the lost plane was there.' Former President Jimmy Carter, recalling a 1978 remote-viewing operation (Schnabel 1997: cover).

Stanford Research Institute in the United States was the venue where many of the original experiments were conducted. Physicist Hal Puthoff was the chief of the Remote Viewing Program there. Some of the personnel involved in this military astral projection, remote viewing program (according to Schnabel 1997) included:

• Admiral Stanfield Turner, Director of the CIA 1977-91

• Major General Ed Thompson, Assistant Chief of Staff for Army Intelligence. He had special knowledge that the Russians had advanced techniques in psychic phenomena which were used for military espionage in remote viewing and long distance telepathic hypnosis

• Sergeant Mel Riley (1978-90)

• Sergeant Lyn Buchanan, Major Ed Dames and Colonel John Alexander from U.S. Army Intelligence & Security Command

• gifted remote viewer Ingo Swann, who was Puthoff's first test OBE subject

• CIA scientist Richard Kennet who worked with Pat Price and Hal Puthoff

• Keith Harary, gifted remote viewer

• John McMahon, chief of the CIA's Office of Technical Service during 1974-76 and later the CIA's Deputy Director; he was a major supporter of remote viewing and became a remote viewer himself?he was convinced when he himself experienced stunning psychic phenomena

• Patrick Price highly gifted psychic, highly consistent with the remote viewing of Ingo Swann. Price through remote viewing accurately described 'details of a secret Pentagon facility in the hills of West Virginia village of Sugar Grove...' Among its secret functions were the interception of intercontinental telephone communications, and the control of U.S. spy satellites. Price was also deadly accurate in his remote viewing in penetrating Russian installation at Mount Narodnaya in the remote northern Ural Mountains. The CIA confirmed the accuracy of Price's remote viewing.

The official end of program

I am amazed how this necessarily secret project was allowed to go on in the United States military for so long without strong opposition from the materialists, institutionalized religion and the fundamentalists. Clearly, the military and spy agencies decided that the objectively proven remote viewing made invalid any objections based on subjective religious beliefs.

According to a number of sources the CIA, at the request of Congress, took over the remote viewing program and stopped its funding in 1995. The official reason given for this was an unfavorable review by two scientists. However according to Joseph McMoneagle's book Mind Trek (1997) these scientists were not shown 99% of the documented results of remote viewing, which were and are still classified, were forbidden to speak with any of the remote viewers or project managers and were not given any means to evaluate the operational effectiveness of the information they were shown (1997: 218-229).

Remote viewing goes commercial

Several of the remote viewers formerly involved in the military program are now employing their skills for private enterprise and can be contacted via the internet.

Since remote viewing has come out into the open it appears to be proving its effectiveness in the marketplace?at the time of writing (2001) Google returned are over 610,000 entries for remote viewing.

China's superpsychics

According to Tim Rifat (1999) The Russian and Chinese military and intelligence agencies are also known to be heavily involved in remote viewing.

The Chinese are claiming that they have superpsychics like Zhang Baosheng who reportedly can accelerate the molecular structure of their body to penetrate at will solid objects such as brick walls. They also claim they have highly gifted remote viewers. This means that the Chinese are certain to have highly gifted psychics who can read documents locked away in a solid safe (Dong and Raffill 1997)

Paul Dong and Thomas E Raffill in their book, China's Super Psychics, state:

China's vast population, encouraged by a government that assiduously promotes psychic research, has developed an unusually high percentage of practitioners with psychic abilities. It is estimated that China now has five thousand psychic children, three to five-hundred psychic adults, and more than thirty super psychics.

With absolute certainty, where there is advanced psychic phenomena, you will find evidence for the afterlife?the two are inevitably connected.

On the Internet

Joseph McMoneagle- A most comprehensive Internet site which contains links to a number of academic and scholarly journal articles and papers by leaders in the field of remote viewing is by

Dr Hal Puthoff’s paper “CIA-Initiated Remote Viewing At Stanford Research Institute” sets forth details of the integrated results of the program which he claims provide unequivocal evidence of a human capacity to access events remote in both space and time.


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