A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife


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28. Closing statement: summing up the objective evidence

‘Very shortly we will be giving scientific explanation for every known psychic phenomenon’.
A promise made by the skeptics in 1900 A.D.—over 100 years ago.
We are still waiting

As at 2,006 A.D. closed-minded skeptics:

• have failed to scientifically rebut the argument for the existence of just one psychic phenomenon
• have failed to prove their assumption that life after death does not exist
• have failed to show that skepticism itself is not subject to complete invalidation.

Their successes?

• they have been able to retard—but not stop— knowledge of psychic phenomena
• because of vested interests and huge monetary profits, they have been able to find wealthy sponsors—orthodoxy and the materialists—to finance anti-psychic crusaders at universities and in the media
• they have been able to unfairly and savagely censor publication of information about successful investigation of psychic phenomena
• some have lied, cheated, used vicious propaganda and malicious tactics to try to unfairly denigrate, defame, discredit and destroy the characters of some of the greatest geniuses of science and literature this world has seen who investigated and accepted psychic phenomena
• they have been able to obtain allies in the conservative establishment to protect taxpayers' funding in dead-end jobs, dead-end university research projects, dead end materialist programs
• some have been able to infiltrate organized psychic research societies to deliberately neutralize any genuine psychic finding.

On the other hand, the genuine psychic researchers:

• have obtained repeatable physical scientific evidence for psychic phenomena and the afterlife
• have attained unprecedented success in the dissemination of information about psychic phenomena throughout the world particularly via the Internet
• are using high technology to show through EVP and ITC the existence of the afterlife and other psychic phenomena
• have made huge progress in Near Death Experiences showing that even when the brain is completely dead, the NDEr was able to recall instructions of the medical specialists operating on her.
•have been able to continuously refine the objective evidence for the afterlife, especially in the areas of EVP, ITC, laboratory induced phenomenon, the aura, poltergeists and in direct communication
• can attest that throughout the world more direct personal revelations from the afterlife are being made to millions about the existence of the afterlife.

There is an ongoing exponential growth in the acceptance of psychic phenomena and the afterlife. It is now estimated that at least 90% of all people on Earth accept the existence of some form of afterlife.

The evidence presented in the previous chapters including EVP, ITC, Computer Analysis of Voice Prints, the Psychic Laboratory Experiments, Mediums, Frederick Myers Correspondences, Proxy Sittings, Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, Apparitions, the Ouija Board, Xenoglossy, Poltergeists and Reincarnation shows conclusively that there is overwhelming proof for the existence of the afterlife.

All these phenomena can be explained by the participation of intelligences from the afterlife, or in the cases of the OBE and the NDE, by the fact that we do have an invisible etheric body within our physical body that becomes our true 'body' once we physically die.

The afterlife has nothing to do with religion or with beliefs or superstition. The afterlife is now scientifically established. Those who refuse to investigate or rebut the voluminous available objective evidence have no technical right or authority to deny its existence or to make any valid comments about it.

Analogy with a murder trial

When materialists and closed-minded skeptics refuse to accept the objective evidence for the afterlife I am reminded of a courtroom scene. Imagine that the police prosecutor in a case of murder has brought in one hundred witnesses. All of these witnesses are highly accredited scientists, doctors, lawyers, writers, psychiatrists, psychologists, physicists and many others. All of the witnesses state that they actually saw the accused pull the trigger and shoot the victim five times in the chest.

Then the defense lawyer stands up and argues the debunkers' argument:

• all the prosecution witnesses are hallucinating
• they were all hypnotized
• they are all in collusion with the prosecutor
• alternatively all of these witness are projecting their own guilt onto the accused
• these witnesses exteriorized their own extra energy collectively which really killed the victim
• (and if all else fails) it was super ESP.

Imposing a different standard of proof

From my experience I find that the closed-minded skeptics are applying to evidence for the “paranormal” a totally unrealistic standard which is different to the tests applied by the courts and by science in other areas such as the safety of medical treatments and drugs.

1. The impossible to pass test

Over the last one hundred and fifty years psychic history has shown that there is a core group of critics who will not accept that psychic phenomena can exist. These closed-minded materialists apply a test that will guarantee the psychic phenomena being investigated will not be accepted under any circumstances.

The test, also called the 'I will not believe in the afterlife even if you can prove it to me’ test, is applied by those materialists working for the establishment who investigate psychic phenomena. As “investigators” they become the prosecutors, judge and jury who make sure that those who are producing genuine psychic phenomena are accused of fraud or cheating.

2. Cartesian logic test

From the Catholic Jesuit, Rene Descartes, who today is ignored by nearly all the people in the world. The Cartesian test is, 'doubt anything which can be doubted’. The courts do not apply this test, the Churches do not apply this test and the materialists do not apply this test when testing their own beliefs.

3. Beyond reasonable doubt test

This is the test used by the courts to establish the guilt of a person charged with a criminal offence. The testimony of one reliable witness is enough to find someone guilty of murder.

4. On the balance of probabilities

This is another test used by the courts to establish the liability of parties in a non-criminal, civil matter. It is obviously a much less stringent test than the criminal test of beyond reasonable doubt. The Church sometimes uses this test for its own beliefs since theology is subjective, personal, and no one can test theology on the basis of beyond reasonable doubt. It is also the test usually used in medical research to test the safety of new drugs and in most areas of science.

5. Prima facie test

The 'on the face of it' test. This is a very weak test. Circumstantial evidence is permitted to pass this test. Courts use it in criminal committal proceedings—the court decides whether a prima facie case has been established for the matter to be sent to a full hearing. Indirect evidence, sometimes even hearsay evidence, will be allowed. This is the test being used by some disciplines, such as psychology. All introspective psychology is accepted on the basis that it can establish prima facie that it may be correct.

There are those in orthodoxy, material and religious, who for vested interests, fraudulently keep on applying test number one—the impossible to pass test to evidence for the afterlife while applying far lower levels of proof in the courts and in medical research.

Yet the evidence for the afterlife is objective, stunning in its consistency and volume, and taken as a whole amounts to technical, irrefutable proof. Materialists, debunkers and closed-minded skeptics have NOT given a credible alternative explanation for any of the above-demonstrated afterlife phenomena.

In the absence of a credible alternative explanation, society has no alternative but to accept that the afterlife exists and that we will all inevitably experience it.


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